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Welcome to Unblu!

Unblu is a software suite that lets members of your organization, such as agents and relationship managers, engage with your clients, visitors to your website, and users of your mobile apps through a variety of online channels.

With Unblu, your organization can:

  • Leverage your mobile apps to communicate with your clients on a personal level.

  • Hold virtual meetings with one or more participants in a secure online environment.

  • Conduct long-running conversations and relationships with clients via text chat, audio, and video, through your website or through a dedicated mobile app.

  • Securely share documents with visitors and clients.

  • Co-browse with website visitors and mobile app users, seeing what they see on their screen, providing valuable context when helping them navigate your website or other online resources.

Unblu is designed specifically with the requirements of the finance industry in mind:

  • All communication channels are fully secured.

  • Unlike most screen-sharing and co-browsing solutions, users needn’t download any extra software. This increases security.

  • All data resides either on infrastructure run by your organization — on-premises or on an IaaS such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure — or in the Unblu Cloud, Unblu’s software as a service (SaaS) offering.

Unblu consists of a central server or cluster that handles the communication and collaboration between the various parties. The server can be installed on-premises, or you can use the Unblu Cloud.


Unblu provides the following product features:

  • Live chat, for situations where the relationship between visitor and agent is anonymous and conversations are relatively short. A typical use-case would be a help desk scenario.

  • Secure text messaging, to support long-running relationships between clients and relationship managers by maintaining a permanent and continuous conversation history.

  • Audio and video, for audio and video calls with up to six participants.

    You can use audio, video, and live chat simultaneously or switch between them.

  • Embedded co-browsing uses DOM capturing to let visitors share their view of your Unblu-enabled website with your agents. This provides agents with valuable context for conversations and thus enables them to provide more effective assistance.

  • Universal co-browsing lets conversation participants share their view of any website.

  • Document co-browsing allows conversation participants to view and edit PDF documents together that have been uploaded to the conversation.

    You can also integrate digital signature solutions like DocuSign to conclude agreements entirely online.

  • Mobile co-browsing lets you assist and advise users of your organization’s mobile apps. To do so, you integrate the Unblu mobile SDKs for Android and iOS into your apps.

  • Screen sharing lets your employees and clients share their entire desktop or an application such as Microsoft Excel.

  • Unblu’s conversation recording feature can store all aspects of a conversation—​text messages, calls, and co-browsing session—​securely, helping your organization comply with regulatory requirements.

Unblu’s features can be used in combination, allowing you to provide your users a richer, more effective experience. For example, a relationship manager may conduct a video call with a prospective client. When the time comes to sign a contract, they can launch a document co-browsing session to fill in the contract with the client and bring the conversation to a successful conclusion. The entire process can be recorded using conversation recording.

You can choose to license all of Unblu’s features or just a subset.

To find out about the basic concepts underpinning Unblu, read Fundamental Unblu concepts next.