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Assigning users to teams

This article describes how to add users to teams. Note that you must have admin user rights to complete this task.

  1. In the navigation sidebar, select Users to open the users overview:

    Users overview
    Figure 1. Users overview
  2. Click the name of the user you want to assign to a team. This opens the General tab of the user’s details.

    config users 3

    Use the Team select element to assign the user to a team and click Save.

  3. Now if you check the Users page you will see that the user has been added to the team.

    config users 2
  4. Repeat these steps until you’ve added all your users to the appropriate teams.

Team members don’t appear on the teams overview page. To see which users are members of a particular team, group the users overview by team:

config users 7

Alternatively, filter the users overview page by the name of the team you’re interested in.

See also

  • For more information on creating users, refer to Users in the Account Configuration interface guide.

  • For information on creating teams, refer to teams in the Account Configuration interface guide.