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Unblu installation and migration

The articles in this section focus on installing Unblu Spark.

Deploying Unblu Spark

The articles outline how to deploy Unblu Spark on a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster.

Database installation

Unblu Spark requires a relational database (RDBMS) to store persistent data. You can also add a blob store such as Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage to store documents.

The articles in this section describe how to set up and configure various aspects of the persistence mechanisms that Unblu Spark uses.

SecureFlow Manager

The SecureFlow Manager (SFM) is a component of Unblu Spark that is required for embedded co-browsing in deployments where agents don’t have access to static resources such as images that are served to visitors.

The Unblu Services team can help you determine whether your use case requires the SecureFlow Manager. If you do, the articles in this section are of interest to you.

Audio and video calls

The article below outlines the network requirements for the audio and video call features in Unblu Spark. For information on setting up audio and video calls, refer to the articles in Audio and video.

Hardening an Unblu installation

The article below gives you some suggestions for hardening an Unblu installation. Some of the suggestions only apply to on-premises deployments, others are also valid if you use the Unblu Cloud.



The articles on licensing and the Unblu release policy are relevant for every deployment of Unblu Spark. The other articles in this section discuss specific aspects of installing Unblu Spark that are only relevant in certain circumstances.