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Unblu 7 (latest)

This page contains the Android mobile SDK version 4 release notes. The release notes are broken down in sections to allow for easier consumption. Release notes are additive, which means that to cover all improvements between two defined release states, all individual release notes have to be considered.

The Android mobile SDK version 3 are published in the Unblu 6 documentation.

Android mobile SDK 4.3.2 release notes

Release date: 19 May 2022


  • MSDKAND-306 - Android crashing while opening Co-browsing

Android mobile SDK 4.3.1 release notes

Release date: 06 May 2022


  • MSDKAND-297 - App crashes when camera enabled by other participant

  • MSDKAND-298 - Attaching from camera causes error

  • MSDKAND-299 - Android SDK results in blank screen when app goes to background and is brought back to foreground

New feature/improvement

  • MSDKAND-285 - Add API for setting conversation recipient to an agent via the mobile SDKs

Android mobile SDK 4.2.5 release notes

Release date: 31 March 2022


  • MSDKAND-192 - Giving upload permissions crash—​Custom file chooser

  • MSDKAND-284 - Co-browsing grey screen

  • MSDKAND-287 - Mobile co-browsing stops working after app is closed and reopened

  • MSDKAND-291 - Agent is not able to upload files stored on their device

  • MSDKAND-294 - App crash when you click on the microphone attachment icon

Android mobile SDK 4.2.3 release notes

Release date: 18 February 2022


  • MSDKAND-275 - Android crashes randomly during user login using OAuth library which contains an activity without a layout after Unblu initialized

  • MSDKAND-276 - Impossible to upload files from visitor and agent SDK

  • MSDKAND-277 - Audio call UI: avatar too big, name of counterpart misplaced, and timer not displayed

  • MSDKAND-278 - Crash when clicking on push notification with force-closed app

Android mobile SDK 4.1.0 release notes

Release date: 26 January 2022


  • MSDKAND-262 - Call UI isn’t reopened correctly when clicking on the locked screen notification

  • MSDKAND-263 - Missing "android:exported" tags on manifest cause crash on Android 12

  • MSDKAND-265 - Fixed typo in NotificationApi

Android mobile SDK 4.0.4 release notes

Release date: 09 November 2021


  • MSDKAND-232 - Video call thumbnail does not disappear

  • MSDKAND-260 - CalledFromWrongThreadException after ending call

New feature/improvement

  • MSDKAND-195 - Add a dialog if a URL is blocked for security reasons

Android mobile SDK 4.0.3 Release Notes

Release date: 18 October 2021


  • MSDKAND-221 - Android 11 and Android SDK 2.9.1 causing crashing during mobile co-browsing

New Feature / Improvement

  • MSDKAND-250 - Rename MobileUnblucobrowsing to MobileUnbluCobrowsing

Android mobile SDK 4.0.2 Release Notes

Release date: 04 October 2021

This is the first public release of version 4 of the Android mobile SDK.