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Unblu 7 release notes

This page contains the Unblu release notes. The release notes are broken down in sections to allow for easier consumption. Release notes are additive, which means that to cover all improvements between two defined release states, all individual release notes have to be considered.

The release notes for the Android mobile SDK and the iOS mobile SDK are published separately.

Unblu 7.39.0 release notes

Release date: 30 November 2023

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  • UNBLU-13717 - Configuration validation can be bypassed in Account Configuration interface

  • UNBLU-13728 - Typo in com.unblu.msteams.enableTeamsBotPushNotitications

  • UNBLU-13741 - Greedy site integration isn’t loaded when visitor changes from anonymous to authenticated in active conversation

  • UNBLU-13784 - Embedded co-browsing session not resuming after page navigation

New features and improvements

Unblu 7.38.2 release notes

Release date: 16 November 2023

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New features and improvements

  • UNBLU-13152 - Publish JavaScript API to npm registry

  • UNBLU-13447 - Settings editor dependencies not displayed correctly

  • UNBLU-13504 - Optimize expiration job queries

  • UNBLU-13513 - Pass ID of conversation recording entity to Rendering Service as stream ID when starting recording

  • UNBLU-13659 - Allow multiple expected audiences in a JWT

  • UNBLU-13701 - Allow opening conversation history results in new tab

  • UNBLU-13721 - Distinguish between different legacy office types (.doc, .xls and so on) in file whitelist and blacklist

  • UNBLU-13731 - Add web-types support for embedded-app-component

  • UNBLU-13746 - utransfer: add owner type and ID to canned response IDs in output file

  • UNBLU-13017 - Persist call logs

  • UNBLU-13517 - Add call ID(s) to conversation recording

  • UNBLU-13530 - Add call log data model

  • UNBLU-13554 - Add call owner and call log webhooks

  • UNBLU-13666 - Provide quarantine blob store for file uploads


  • UNBLU-12386 - Canned response can be created with invalid 'ownerId'

  • UNBLU-13523 - If blur is enabled, camera preview doesn’t show after turning camera on and off

  • UNBLU-13581 - Call snapshots don’t work in Firefox

  • UNBLU-13635 - Unable to forward conversation from team queue to team member

  • UNBLU-13708 - Intercepted files still accessible via download Servlet

  • UNBLU-13714 - SecureFlow Manager password leaked into logs in error cases

  • UNBLU-13715 - HTTP 500 error response when calling /conversations/{conversationId}/stopRecording web API endpoint on conversation without recording source

  • UNBLU-13718 - Webhook and system entry paths not immutable

  • UNBLU-13720 - Credential handling fails when passed as part of URL

  • UNBLU-13722 - New message doesn’t trigger activation if user never had marked everything as read

  • UNBLU-13724 - Account ingress editor fails to work when configuration property dependency inheritance is not met

  • UNBLU-13727 - File previews not used in conversations

  • UNBLU-13735 - Embedded JavaScript API: remove ViewModeChangeListener wrongly typed

  • UNBLU-13738 - Liquibase error when starting Unblu with MySQL

  • UNBLU-13747 - Wrong auditEntity value in audit webhook event

  • UNBLU-13748 - Old window name state used after reinitializing Unblu

  • UNBLU-13749 - Unblu popup triggers ResizeObserver loop detection

  • UNBLU-13766 - Canned response with invalid ownerId can’t be deleted

  • UNBLU-13771 - LiveKit: Video stream appears and disappears if background blur enabled and camera turned off and on

Unblu 7.37.0 release notes

Release date: 20 October 2023

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  • UNBLU-13511 - Prevent cookie modification with GET parameter

  • UNBLU-13535 - Configuration of individual conversation via UI broken when LocationStrategy set to PATH

  • UNBLU-13617 - Suggestion source timeout limitations not respected in UI and web API

  • UNBLU-13639 - Improve regex input validation and evaluation on server and client side

  • UNBLU-13650 - Agent can still generate suggestions if suggestion source disabled during conversation

  • UNBLU-13662 - Issues with MS teams integration and multi-account setups

  • UNBLU-13686 - APNs push notifications don’t work with iOS notification service extension

  • UNBLU-13702 - Errors while uploading a file in a Conversation are ignored

  • UNBLU-13703 - must not have email validation

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-13144 - Set validation restrictions on existing configuration properties

  • UNBLU-13673 - Move LiveKit integration from Preview to Stable

  • UNBLU-13687 - Allow configuring HTTP request timeout for Unblu Conversational Bot auth proxy

  • UNBLU-13695 - utransfer: provide way to specify password of newly created users

  • UNBLU-13700 - utransfer: add option to modify suffix

  • UNBLU-13711 - Web API: add end information to the conversation offboarding and end webhook events

  • UNBLU-13680 - Add conversationId in file scanning events

Removed Feature

  • UNBLU-8966 - Remove support for concierge avatar and name in branding resources and configuration

Unblu 7.36.1 release notes

Release date: 09 October 2023

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  • UNBLU-10702 - Conversation message recipient overflow not hidden on mobile

  • UNBLU-11441 - Forwarding UI persists during preview after conversation accepted by another agent

  • UNBLU-12496 - Cursor not jumping to input fields after adding translation for localized entities

  • UNBLU-12603 - Configuration editor links computed incorrectly for path location strategy

  • UNBLU-12943 - "My teams" button in deputy menu sporting wrong icon, tooltip missing

  • UNBLU-12963 - Disable "Translations" button and icons in teams UI if team can’t be updated

  • UNBLU-13030 - Pin button displayed in web call UI when multiple participants in call

  • UNBLU-13039 - "Joined" timestamp before "created" timestamp in participant history data

  • UNBLU-13116 - Start URL truncated in conversation details

  • UNBLU-13127 - Update default value of com.unblu.ui.usermenu.uriHelp

  • UNBLU-13512 - Toast notification "Visitor requests admission" not displayed

  • UNBLU-13555 - Web API: limit and offset don’t work correctly with user search

  • UNBLU-13563 - invitations.revoke webhook doesn’t unqueue queued conversation

  • UNBLU-13587 - Reply action not updated reactively if configuration changes

  • UNBLU-13595 - Grafana proxy stops working after one day

  • UNBLU-13599 - Fix CSS capturing in shadow DOMs during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-13609 - Message custom action for PDFs not available for bots

  • UNBLU-13614 - Cleared radio button configuration property appears to be still selected

  • UNBLU-13619 - OpenAPI spec not generated correctly

  • UNBLU-13629 - Check if file upload enabled before creating file message in chat

  • UNBLU-13648 - utransfer export with --no-utransfer-user failing

  • UNBLU-13655 - Radio button in "new named area" fly-in page not working anymore

  • UNBLU-13656 - Agent can’t cancel co-browsing offer

  • UNBLU-13657 - Bot can’t send file without caption

  • UNBLU-13661 - Grafana analytics enabled by default

  • UNBLU-13663 - NoClassDefFoundError raised in utransfer

  • UNBLU-13670 - Chat suggestions not working

  • UNBLU-13671 - x-unblu-service-name and x-unblu-invocation-id headers not present on outbound requests

  • UNBLU-13672 - App not displayed to agent during mobile co-browsing

  • UNBLU-13674 - Incorrect default value of severityValueRestrictionBreached

  • UNBLU-13675 - Statuses of file messages displayed incorrectly for old conversations

  • UNBLU-13677 - Extend tooltip delay time for mobile devices

  • UNBLU-13678 - Mobile Chrome on Android: "More" button on files not reacting when pressed

  • UNBLU-13681 - User settings UI page freezes if property already configured at team level

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-10330 - Unify server-side code of visitor and agent session recorder

  • UNBLU-10351 - Improve precision of exceptions thrown

  • UNBLU-12959 - Set default value for certain mandatory entries instead of displaying "Select…​"

  • UNBLU-13162 - Configuration property validation follow-up tasks

  • UNBLU-13443 - Add CSS selectors to custom action creation widget

  • UNBLU-13590 - Pass conversation ID through LayerReducer into HeadlessBrowser Factories

  • UNBLU-13641 - Add search filter "by bot person ID" for bots/search Web API endpoint

  • UNBLU-13644 - Make outboundApiVersion mandatory when creating a suggestion source

  • UNBLU-13647 - utransfer: fail if --fromAccount used with an admin

  • UNBLU-12919 - Added "change awaited person" action to conversation action bar

  • UNBLU-12921 - Added awaited person type to conversation info

  • UNBLU-13417 - Server logic for replying to individual messages

  • UNBLU-13474 - Create Teams Agent Desk entry point

  • UNBLU-13478 - Database adaptions for teams notifications

  • UNBLU-13479 - Add new teams push notification sender

  • UNBLU-13567 - "Reply to individual message" UI action

  • UNBLU-13571 - Display individual message replies in message list

  • UNBLU-13572 - Scroll to original message on reply to message click and notification click

  • UNBLU-13592 - Chat suggestion: support case where no suggestions provided by suggestion source

  • UNBLU-13634 - Adapt bot notification messages to design

Unblu 7.35.2 release notes

Release date: 18 September 2023

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  • UNBLU-12602 - Blank page navigating to Account and Global Server Configuration interface when location strategy set to PATH

  • UNBLU-13103 - Keyboard input of remote control not identified as activity during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-13125 - Account settings: Placeholder text isn’t saved

  • UNBLU-13260 - Allow to read an entity through web API when blob file missing

  • UNBLU-13421 - "Recording in progess" icon displayed after call is aborted

  • UNBLU-13480 - Clicking new message notification doesn’t navigate back to message list while in a call

  • UNBLU-13508 - Universal co-browsing session freezes on iOS mobile Safari browser

  • UNBLU-13525 - CORS in Unblu allows certain origins that it shouldn’t

  • UNBLU-13526 - Manual recording impossible if initially forced to quit

  • UNBLU-13541 - Custom actions don’t appear in Visitor UI overflow during onboarding

  • UNBLU-13545 - LIMIT and OFFSET web API search filters don’t work correctly with some compound filters

  • UNBLU-13549 - Comment in JS code causes wrong return value

  • UNBLU-13552 - Outgoing call keeps ringing after being declined by counterpart

  • UNBLU-13561 - Application should shut down if initialisation error occurs

  • UNBLU-13595 - Grafana proxy stops working after 1 day

  • UNBLU-13612 - Unblu not starting in Tomcat

  • UNBLU-13613 - Previous tab is blank when an additional tab is opened in universal co-browsing session

  • UNBLU-13616 - Plus sign (+) ignored for header-based ID propagation

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-12760 - Improve Account Configuration interface

  • UNBLU-13473 - Chat suggestion Reducer and action follow up

  • UNBLU-13509 - Minor audit log UI fixes

  • UNBLU-13514 - Add conversation topic to email sent for new assignment request

  • UNBLU-13524 - Add conversation ID column to tracking items

  • UNBLU-13539 - Add possibility to change visitor nickname in Agent Desk

  • UNBLU-13559 - Add optional webhookApiVersion attribute to models

  • UNBLU-13585 - Allow configuring video simulcast for LiveKit

  • UNBLU-13400 - Chat suggestion backend

  • UNBLU-13402 - Chat suggestion frontend

  • UNBLU-13453 - Suggestion source admin UI

  • UNBLU-13483 - Create Grafana dashboard for ElasticSearch data source

  • UNBLU-13491 - New WEBHOOK entry path

Unblu 7.34.3 release notes

Release date: 23 August 2023

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  • UNBLU-13477 - Some ConversationData fields not populated for custom action webhook

  • UNBLU-13489 - Embedded co-browsing piles up transparent PNG images

  • UNBLU-13493 - Conversation history Delete button missing

  • UNBLU-13494 - Error loading content when creating new webhook

  • UNBLU-13503 - Failed HTTP requests to messenger/ws/goingaway

  • UNBLU-13505 - Popout closes after 5 seconds

  • UNBLU-13522 - Agent detection not working when encryption key changes

  • UNBLU-13534 - Can’t send message or open conversation as ghost in conversation created from external messenger

  • UNBLU-13538 - Visitor name replaced by ID after chat request made from iOS SDK

  • UNBLU-13544 - Can’t reject call from notification for anonymous users

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-13104 - Implement backchannel logout mechanism

  • UNBLU-13207 - Add dialog-state selector to VisitorIndividualUiComponent

  • UNBLU-13471 - Mobile SDK: add internal API function to explicitly retrieve person info

  • UNBLU-13490 - Provide ability to restrict new message notifications to those generated by human persons

  • UNBLU-13495 - Only activate autoEndOnCallEnd behavior if conversation has gone ACTIVE

  • UNBLU-13497 - Support deputy delegation for invitations and forwardings

  • UNBLU-13516 - Optimize audit log retention query

Unblu 7.33.1 release notes

Release date: 27 July 2023

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  • UNBLU-12066 - Document co-browsing on Android: not possible to complete PDF forms

  • UNBLU-12887 - Embedded co-browsing dies if idle for some time

  • UNBLU-12926 - Calls to invitations/forwardConversationToAgent endpoint remove original agent when forwarding is redeemed, not when they onboard

  • UNBLU-13136 - Change scope of com.unblu.visitordesk.waitingroom.waitingForActivationLabel from GLOBAL to ACCOUNT

  • UNBLU-13256 - Missing type field in body of web API example for /messageinterceptors/create endpoint

  • UNBLU-13340 - Autofocus set on input text field creates editable input field in embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-13348 - Last message in inbox may show hidden message

  • UNBLU-13352 - Calls don’t work with ACS as call service provider

  • UNBLU-13364 - Scrolling in universal co-browsing selects all text on screen

  • UNBLU-13397 - Make actionIcon mandatory when creating or updating custom actions over web API

  • UNBLU-13403 - Validation of custom action event trigger, endpoint URL, and MIME type regular expression fields not working correctly

  • UNBLU-13405 - Custom message action missing message data in some cases

  • UNBLU-13407 - LiveKit doesn’t work if AMD module loader used on a site integration page

  • UNBLU-13422 - Fix error codes for customactions/update endpoint

  • UNBLU-13424 - "Start recording" button missing in call UI

  • UNBLU-13426 - Erratic scrolling behavior with remote control during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-13429 - Error when agent declines conversation forwarded from preview mode

  • UNBLU-13440 - Tabbing through messages in chat doesn’t work

  • UNBLU-13448 - "Conversational bot settings" menu item always available in Account Configuration interface

  • UNBLU-13456 - Fix co-browsing trigger when multiple links defined in one message

  • UNBLU-13461 - Media access pop-up flickers if access has already been granted

  • UNBLU-13462 - Webview not initialized on Android SDK

  • UNBLU-13467 - Mobile soft keyboard loses focus when opening

  • UNBLU-13469 - Changing URL for universal co-browsingnot possible on mobile devices

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-13301 - Visual indication while requesting microphone and camera access

  • UNBLU-13328 - Conversational Bot: redirect to login if unauthenticated

  • UNBLU-13334 - Provide ability to connect to an Azure Flexible Server PostgreSQL DB using a Service Principal

  • UNBLU-13346 - Screen readers correctly recognize and read out conversation recording status

  • UNBLU-13379 - Custom action API for Mobile SDKs

  • UNBLU-13391 - More visual cues during call initiation

  • UNBLU-13394 - Additional rest endpoint for URL to download conversation recording

  • UNBLU-13399 - Forward proxy support for LiveKit

  • UNBLU-13413 - Removed unload handler where possible

  • UNBLU-13419 - Improvements to graceful shutdown

Unblu 7.32.0 release notes

Release date: 12 July 2023

If you deploy this version of Unblu in a non-cluster environment and use features that require the Rendering Service, you must change the value of the configuration property com.unblu.hbworker.headlessBrowserVersion to 3.0.18. Version 3.0.19 of the Rendering Service contains a bug that prevents it from working correctly and wasn’t released as planned.

We are working to resolve the issue.

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  • UNBLU-12789 - Floating video not draggable on touch devices

  • UNBLU-13155 - Layer controls with initial position set to "bottom" not visible on mobile during co-browsing session

  • UNBLU-13304 - Consecutive UI popin/popout requires timeout to work properly

  • UNBLU-13325 - Sync job fails for users with no first name

  • UNBLU-13349 - Error calculating next delay of exponential backoff for large values

  • UNBLU-13368 - Custom action admin UI shows CREATED conversation state even though this isn’t allowed on the backend

  • UNBLU-13378 - Unexpected error while collecting and performing tasks for graceful cluster shutdown

  • UNBLU-13380 - Popout window gets stuck on loading screen

  • UNBLU-13383 - Regular expression used to detect links in messages causes performance issues and high CPU utilisation

  • UNBLU-13384 - Auto popout on call request doesn’t display calls correctly

  • UNBLU-13393 - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error when calling web API endpoint /rest/v2/conversationhistory/findAllBy

  • UNBLU-13404 - Creating index for device info table fails on MySQL 8

  • UNBLU-13406 - Invitation email link incorrect

  • UNBLU-13408 - Browser notification permission requested even though banner was dismissed

  • UNBLU-13409 - Missing HTTP request tracing possiblities for WebSocket upgrade request

  • UNBLU-13410 - MS SQL database error when creating custom actions

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-12220 - Periodically update the initialization vector (IV) in AES

  • UNBLU-13149 - Web API endpoints to start and stop conversation recording

  • UNBLU-13338 - Control website scrolling behavior while pointer is in visitor UI

  • UNBLU-13343 - Allow manual configuration of LiveKit screen sharing simulcast layer

  • UNBLU-13354 - Enable "Send system message" for custom actions by default

  • UNBLU-13361 - Adjust retention and garbage collection job defaults

  • UNBLU-13373 - Expand scope of various queue configuration properties from ACCOUNT to AGENT

  • UNBLU-13374 - utransfer: improve error message when multiple existing entities are found

  • UNBLU-13381 - Add missing graceful shutdown functionality

  • UNBLU-9970 - Custom actions: entity models and web API

  • UNBLU-12098 - Custom actions conversation frontend

  • UNBLU-12099 - Custom actions Admin Frontend

  • UNBLU-12100 - Custom actions JS API trigger

  • UNBLU-12101 - Custom actions webhook trigger

  • UNBLU-12998 - utransfer: add custom action API support

  • UNBLU-13009 - Custom actions: conversation backend logic

  • UNBLU-13010 - Custom actions: visual model

  • UNBLU-13016 - Conversation UI to start and stop conversation recording

  • UNBLU-13133 - Custom actions: invocation logic

  • UNBLU-13200 - Allow adding Agent Desk to home screen as Progressive Web App (PWA)

  • UNBLU-13238 - Support using APNs directly for normal notifications

  • UNBLU-13267 - Backend logic to manually start and stop audio/video recording

  • UNBLU-13271 - Speed up detection of closing popout window

Unblu 7.31.2-hotfix.0 release notes

Release date: 10 July 2023

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  • UNBLU-13407 - LiveKit doesn’t work if JavaScript asynchroous module definition (AMD) is used on a site integration page

Unblu 7.31.2 release notes

Release date: 30 June 2023

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  • UNBLU-10055 - Conversation template order incorrect when sorted by type

  • UNBLU-10324 - Tabbing through "Share websites" & "Share screen" not possible in Engagement UI

  • UNBLU-13095 - Filter icon appears when there are no filters in the inbox

  • UNBLU-13163 - Custom date picker option always uses default values instead of currently selected dates

  • UNBLU-13164 - Images can’t be rendered during embedded co-browsing session

  • UNBLU-13204 - Dynamic CSP adjusting based on configured call service provider

  • UNBLU-13213 - Leave and end conversation dialogs not shown if conversation closed outside the conversation window

  • UNBLU-13216 - Upload button shouldn’t be displayed on ended conversations or if user doesn’t have upload permissions

  • UNBLU-13219 - Icons in chat view misaligned

  • UNBLU-13237 - Visitor UI messages rendered every time a new message is sent

  • UNBLU-13259 - No client-side name validation for message interceptors

  • UNBLU-13311 - Out of memory errors during request processing

  • UNBLU-13320 - Web API: conversations/search by field END_REASON doesn’t work with NOT_IN

  • UNBLU-13321 - Web API: conversationhistory/search by field AWAITED_PERSON_TYPE_CHANGE_TIMESTAMP doesn’t work

  • UNBLU-13322 - Web API: person/searchByState by field PAUSE_NOTIFICATIONS_END_TIMESTAMP doesn’t work

  • UNBLU-13324 - Web API: webhookcalllogs/search by field REGISTRATION_ID or REQUEST_ID doesn’t work

  • UNBLU-13389 - Calls not possible due to Tflite module and missing CSP header definition

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-13074 - Add Bot Dialog Builder to user settings menu in Agent Desk, Account Configuration interface, and Global Server Configuration interface

  • UNBLU-13082 - Use Java 17 to run Collaboration Server in cluster setup

  • UNBLU-13142 - Run with Java 17 without the "--add-opens" flag

  • UNBLU-13191 - Improve graceful shutdown

  • UNBLU-13246 - Add configuration property to retain original conversation recipient when forwarding conversations

  • UNBLU-13248 - Accessibility improvements for screen readers

  • UNBLU-13257 - Make Liquibase generate longer primary key names with Oracle

  • UNBLU-13273 - Bot typing indicator

  • UNBLU-13294 - Disable HTTP TRACE method

  • UNBLU-13296 - Prevent backup file disclosure

  • UNBLU-13297 - Add nosniff directive to x-content-type-options HTTP response header for all responses

  • UNBLU-13299 - Don’t add CSP unsafe-eval source expression in production mode

  • UNBLU-13330 - Validate XMD value

  • UNBLU-12907 - Conversational Bot: authentication proxy

  • UNBLU-12998 - utransfer: Add custom action API support

Unblu 7.30.3 release notes

Release date: 06 June 2023

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  • UNBLU-13249 - Chat input field missing during onboarding with external bot

  • UNBLU-13265 - com.unblu.conversation.message_interceptor.messageInterceptorIds isn’t set when importing conversation template with utransfer

  • UNBLU-13278 - Account filter missing in audit log search action

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-13257 - Make Liquibase generate longer primary key names with Oracle DB

Unblu 7.30.1 release notes

Release date: 02 June 2023

There’s a known issue where users with access to the audit log can view the logs of administrative activities on other Unblu accounts. Since these activities may contain personally identifiable information (PII), this bug poses a data leakage risk.

We strongly recommend that you skip this release and install release 7.30.3 instead.

There’s a known issue when your onboarding process uses an external bot and you’ve set the configuration property com.unblu.conversation.message.allowChatDuringOnboarding to allow visitors to enter chat messages during the onboarding. Under these circumstances, the chat input field may not be displayed. Once the visitor refreshes the page, the chat input field is displayed as expected.

The issue has been resolved in Unblu 7.30.3.

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  • UNBLU-11143 - "Customize shortcuts" dialog updates too many configurations

  • UNBLU-12992 - Revoke all forwardings when pushing a conversation back to queue

  • UNBLU-13077 - Webhook queue event assignment_request.redeemed: assigneePersonId is null

  • UNBLU-13085 - Fix agent’s view of visitor’s screen during co-browsing when switched to landscape mode (iOS)

  • UNBLU-13097 - Person presence record retention throws error on save if enabling preview is disabled

  • UNBLU-13137 - utransfer with admin role fails to export and import retention interval

  • UNBLU-13151 - Web API: Admin shouldn’t be allowed to enable retention intervals

  • UNBLU-13153 - Call timer starts before participants are actually connected to call service provider

  • UNBLU-13171 - Call type icon very small and not centered

  • UNBLU-13175 - No such session - Visual isn’t always displayed

  • UNBLU-13176 - Extra master visual for visitor created during co-browsing/calls

  • UNBLU-13178 - Add class x-unblu-msg-state-icon on message icon again

  • UNBLU-13185 - Fix garbage collection logical entities selection

  • UNBLU-13187 - Fix Azure SPN token expiration

  • UNBLU-13190 - Don’t fire PersonModificationEvents when agent uses conversation link

  • UNBLU-13197 - External link symbol isn’t displayed in the chat anymore

  • UNBLU-13198 - Fix audit log expiration with many expired entries

  • UNBLU-13201 - Scheduled conversation started icon not positioned correctly

  • UNBLU-13218 - utransfer export with --idConversion=COUNTER not working when there are translations

  • UNBLU-13224 - OptimisticLockingException when modifying an external interceptor multiple times

  • UNBLU-13228 - Person expiration job fails because of linked conversation admissions

  • UNBLU-13247 - Oracle DB Liquibase changelog error: "existing constraint"

  • UNBLU-13253 - Launcher button not displayed correctly on Firefox when Unblu loads lazily

  • UNBLU-13258 - modifyMessage shouldn’t be visible

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-13107 - Configuration property to disable the typing indicators

  • UNBLU-13114 - Capture initial engagement URL for PIN-based co-browsing

  • UNBLU-13150 - Allow specifying API key used for recording

  • UNBLU-13157 - Show local time in webhook call log

  • UNBLU-13172 - Support AAD OAuth 2.0 authentication

  • UNBLU-13174 - Update Postgres JDBC driver

  • UNBLU-13179 - MSSQL: Add @Column annotation to all DB entities

  • UNBLU-13199 - Implement deleted entries metrics counter in expiration jobs

  • UNBLU-13210 - Provide visual cues during the call initiation phase

  • UNBLU-13214 - Hide interceptor’s order from API

  • UNBLU-12377 - Message interceptor API

  • UNBLU-13065 - Mobile SDK: Create service worker adding authorization header to each request

  • UNBLU-13110 - Message interceptor configuration UI

  • UNBLU-13111 - Message interceptor intercepted messages UI

  • UNBLU-13195 - Message visibility in exported logs and web API

  • UNBLU-13196 - Replace InternalMessageInterceptor.preventSendingMessages

  • UNBLU-13203 - Client-side message interceptor validation

  • UNBLU-13205 - Add support for message interceptors in utransfer

  • UNBLU-13217 - Skip manually disabled interceptors from conversations

Unblu 7.29.0 release notes

Release date: 09 May 2023

There’s a known issue where users with access to the audit log can view the logs of administrative activities on other Unblu accounts. Since these activities may contain personally identifiable information (PII), this bug poses a data leakage risk.

We strongly recommend that you skip this release and install release 7.30.3 instead.

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  • UNBLU-7171 - When the desired port is unavailable, Jetty doesn’t run but startup process continues

  • UNBLU-10232 - Cancel and Apply buttons not always visible in popup menu filters with manym entries

  • UNBLU-11321 - Issues with loading in agent and visitor SDKs

  • UNBLU-12747 - Space in multiple-choice placeholders title causes canned responses usage failure

  • UNBLU-12803 - Microphone and camera of third person joining call is on even if turned off

  • UNBLU-12932 - Queue filter: Named area "All items" missing in the dropdown

  • UNBLU-12982 - Console error "Image not displayed, already disposed" when opening inbox

  • UNBLU-13005 - Calls can’t be answered if screen sharing ongoing while call is ringing

  • UNBLU-13117 - Audit log fails to show details for entries created with impersonated user

  • UNBLU-13119 - Document co-browsing: document input field loses focus when user starts to type in chat

  • UNBLU-13128 - Transforming visitors from virtual to physical user leaves them in a broken state

  • UNBLU-13138 - Make aria-label for account avatar configurable

  • UNBLU-13140 - Launcher button displayed despite launcherButtonDisplayMode being set to NEVER

  • UNBLU-13143 - Floating Visitor UI on mobile shows launcher button when it shouldn’t

  • UNBLU-13145 - Convert Markdown messages to simple text if sender isn’t allowed to send Markdown messages

  • UNBLU-13146 - Desktop notification action displayed on Agent Desk settings pages

  • UNBLU-13168 - Chatbot: quick replies sometimes don’t appear

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-9540 - Validate configuration values

  • UNBLU-11919 - Filter non-visible chat messages on back-end, not front-end

  • UNBLU-12985 - Replace custom Query API implementation with standard Criteria Query API

  • UNBLU-13006 - Add selectors to "Leave conversation?" confirmation dialog

  • UNBLU-13131 - Improve accessibility of visitor PIN entry box for screen readers

  • UNBLU-13165 - Add tracing logs for error handling

  • UNBLU-13170 - Parallel deletion in person expiration job

  • UNBLU-13053 - Add option to use images as icons

Unblu 7.28.2 release notes

Release date: 26 April 2023

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1.22.1 `




  • UNBLU-13140 - Launcher button displayed even though launcherButtonDisplayMode is set to NEVER

Unblu 7.28.1 release notes

Release date: 18 April 2023

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-6938 - Participant can select text and move it on top of the conversation window in embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-11840 - Change webhook call log to have multiple columns for the payload, too

  • UNBLU-12195 - Keyboard input of remote control in universal co-browsing isn’t identified as activity

  • UNBLU-12930 - Message can’t be selected in visitor chat UI

  • UNBLU-12989 - ID propagation: Once virtual users are stored into DB, they can access the system even if VirtualUserMode` is set to DENY

  • UNBLU-13015 - DeviceInfoRetentionExpirationJob times out

  • UNBLU-13044 - Missing awaitedPersonType and awaitedPersonTypeChangeTimestamp in conversation state webhooks

  • UNBLU-13045 - Configuration property WhiteboardMain.pageTitle not used

  • UNBLU-13049 - DeviceInfo: web push registration can’t be cleaned up

  • UNBLU-13073 - Technical name of named area is incorrect

  • UNBLU-13080 - setAwaitedPersonType web API call fails if secondary agent permissions missing

  • UNBLU-13084 - utransfer issue when updating account, record retention, and account configuration properties

  • UNBLU-13098 - utransfer overrides avatar on each import

  • UNBLU-13099 - Embedded co-browsing stops after visitor logs in during co-browsing session

  • UNBLU-13101 - Race condition with public link for visitor session

  • UNBLU-13106 - Adding unbluEditingHint="block" to <select> as top element doesn’t prevent agent access to the element during remote control

  • UNBLU-13120 - Virtual users transformed to physical users can’t connect to Unblu anymore

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-12711 - Web API: add services to read Visitor Desk URLs for conversations

  • UNBLU-12888 - Make Unblu UI full screen on maximize

  • UNBLU-12899 - Add CSS selector for status message buttons and label

  • UNBLU-12929 - Allow enabling "minimize" button in mobile SDK conversation action bar

  • UNBLU-12967 - Paste images in chat directly from clipboard

  • UNBLU-12978 - Conversation history: make it possible to prevent registered users from opening conversations as GHOST

  • UNBLU-12997 - Shorten labels of awaited person type configuration properties

  • UNBLU-13029 - Add CSS selector on "Close conversation" button

  • UNBLU-13043 - Allow using group conversation avatars for conversations with more than two participants

  • UNBLU-13047 - Add blur support for LiveKit

  • UNBLU-13048 - Add snapshot support for LiveKit

  • UNBLU-13064 - Allow conversion of virtual users to physical users via WebAPI and UI

  • UNBLU-13086 - Move video background blurring into the media device settings

  • UNBLU-13088 - Change icon for the "ended scheduled conversation" screen

  • UNBLU-13092 - Allow different file upload settings (whitelists and blacklists) for agents and visitors

  • UNBLU-13100 - Align call UI toggle buttons with style guide

  • UNBLU-13102 - Add account ingress support to utransfer

  • UNBLU-13109 - Adjust leader selection jobs immediately when their interval configration changes

  • UNBLU-13122 - Change log level of job execution to DEBUG

Unblu 7.27.3 release notes

Release date: 30 March 2023

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  • UNBLU-13070 - Handle canned responses without language

  • UNBLU-13075 - Fixed error during garbage collection

Unblu 7.27.2 release notes

Release date: 24 March 2023

Prior to Unblu 7.27.2, the JS API call ui.openPinEntryUi() automatically opened the Unblu window if it was collapsed. This behavior was the result of a bug which has been fixed in this release.

Code that relies on ui.openPinEntryUi() to open the Unblu window if it’s collapsed no longer works as it did before the bugfix. You must now use a call to ui.openIndividualUi() to display the Unblu window.

For more information, refer to the Visitor JS API documentation for ui.openPinEntryUi() and ui.openIndividualUi().

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-11723 - "Pop in" and "pop out" labels and icon aren’t correct

  • UNBLU-12469 - Unblu doesn’t delete all transactional data when deleting an account

  • UNBLU-12482 - Trash and kebab menu icons not aligned correctly in external messenger overview

  • UNBLU-12503 - Date/time formatting problem in audit log and webhook log entry lists

  • UNBLU-12523 - User name in user page title not changed after updating

  • UNBLU-12782 - Garbage collection deadlock on initial data setup in SQL Server

  • UNBLU-12786 - Prevent maximum value validation exception during retention config migration

  • UNBLU-12807 - Optimize database query for selects in garbage collection jobs

  • UNBLU-12846 - Launcher button state ARIA labels and visible labels are interdependent

  • UNBLU-12897 - User list in Account Configuration isn’t refreshed after team deleted by garbage collection job

  • UNBLU-12913 - Inconsistency regarding uniqueness of channelId and sourceId

  • UNBLU-12976 - Unique constraint violated during INSERT into auth_authentication_session

  • UNBLU-12993 - Incorrect content received with JS API getConversations() method

  • UNBLU-12994 - JS API method getConversations() should force upgrade to "greedy"

  • UNBLU-12996 - LDAP sync job fails after a change to a user’s sourceId

  • UNBLU-13018 - Canned responses filter doesn’t display canned responses if the conversation has a different country from the canned response in the locale

  • UNBLU-13025 - Visitor JS API openOverviewUI() method opens the UI when it shouldn’t

  • UNBLU-13027 - LiveKit: If screen sharing audio is shared, participants can still hear others talking after leaving the call

  • UNBLU-13036 - The order of the participation list returned in the conversation history is not sorted

  • UNBLU-13040 - Couldn’t find class for type hint error when opening a conversation with the associated OPEN_IN_AGENT_DESK link

  • UNBLU-13041 - No navigation to conversation when agent joins through the admission request UI

  • UNBLU-13050 - Empty webhook registration table causes dialog bot errors

  • UNBLU-13055 - Migration of auditLogRetention value not correct

  • UNBLU-13057 - Don’t delete Avatars when updating entities referencing them

  • UNBLU-13067 - Global Server Configuration interface: "Search user", "Audit", and "Session tracking" sidebar menu items not working

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-10724 - Use Liquibase SessionLock library

  • UNBLU-12581 - utransfer support for garbage collection settings

  • UNBLU-12661 - Refactor record retention model, config files, and scopes

  • UNBLU-12712 - Change icon and text behavior of launcher button

  • UNBLU-12841 - Optimize garbage collection for account orphan data expiration job

  • UNBLU-12845 - Add ability to auto-start scheduled conversations

  • UNBLU-12969 - Adapt LiveKit connection flow for mobile SDKs

  • UNBLU-13028 - Make name of displayed individual UI component available from JS API

  • UNBLU-13032 - Make the person presence retention job a PREVIEW feature

  • UNBLU-13037 - Add the left reason and the left comment to the participation history data

  • UNBLU-13052 - Change "Foreign key value" log entry to debug level

  • UNBLU-7018 - Record retention policies

  • UNBLU-12117 - Create physical repository layer

  • UNBLU-12118 - Create garbage collection jobs

  • UNBLU-12119 - Create web API and unit tests for garbage collection

  • UNBLU-12378 - UI: Add ability to undo the deletion of logically deleted entities such as accounts and teams

  • UNBLU-12904 - Optimize how configuration properties are inserted and updated

  • UNBLU-12983 - Use proper Event constructors for triggering JS events

Unblu 7.26.2 release notes

Release date: 08 March 2023

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  • UNBLU-10274 - Allow update of configuration/text/metadata with expand even when updating the attributes isn’t possible

  • UNBLU-11159 - Log output may be lost if there’s an error when starting the Collaboration Server

  • UNBLU-12045 - Explicitly create a person for the conversation recording client

  • UNBLU-12787 - Canned responses should be visible for all conversation locales that correspond to the canned responses' language

  • UNBLU-12801 - Web API: account ID isn’t implicitly retrieved by deputyrelationships/writeagentdeputies

  • UNBLU-12824 - Remove "Assign to agent" button for hidden participants

  • UNBLU-12910 - Stream disconnect for one participant detroys the stream for other participants

  • UNBLU-12954 - Don’t render Markdown structured links as links in SIMPLE_TEXT messages

  • UNBLU-12956 - Can’t create a canned response for default team in the UI because of the scope field

  • UNBLU-12962 - OK button not visible when asking client to allow embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-12965 - NPE when web push notification health check event fails

  • UNBLU-12968 - Vonage-based calls stay in loading mode after successful reconnect

  • UNBLU-12988 - LiveKit-based calls lose connection when stopping screen sharing

  • UNBLU-12990 - LiveKit-based calls don’t play back audio in audio calls

  • UNBLU-12995 - LiveKit: If a conversation has screen sharing and a call active, participants hear the audio from the call even if they didn’t join it

  • UNBLU-13011 - New text properties for "hang up call options" only accessible by superadmin

  • UNBLU-13020 - LiveKit: Screen sharing doesn’t work if the license doesn’t include audio and video

  • UNBLU-13021 - Calls initiated from mobile devices fail

  • UNBLU-13022 - Attribute 'id' in the Avatar entity to update mustn’t be null

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-10516 - Check activate methods that access configuration properties

  • UNBLU-12748 - Refactor update behavior of StorageService layer

  • UNBLU-12813 - Improved authentication proxy support

  • UNBLU-12850 - Provide webhook event called only when conversation lifecycle changes

  • UNBLU-12903 - Add a database index on umm_person_presence.joined_timestamp

  • UNBLU-12927 - Implement a new logic to store session state somewhere else instead of

  • UNBLU-12928 - Additional hang up call options

  • UNBLU-12961 - Export conversation history as Excel file

  • UNBLU-13007 - Hide empty left menu items for impersonated superadmins and technical admins in the Account Configuration UI

  • UNBLU-12063 - Support screen sharing using LiveKit

  • UNBLU-12805 - Add configuration property to trigger a MouseDown event with the click upon remote control click event

  • UNBLU-12881 - Provide webhook for when conversation participation changes

  • UNBLU-12915 - Add awaited person type to conversation model

  • UNBLU-12917 - Awaited person type web API, webhook and configuration properties

  • UNBLU-12918 - Add awaited person type automations

  • UNBLU-12920 - Add triggers when awaited person type changes

  • UNBLU-12922 - Add awaitedPerson search filter to conversation and conversationhistory web API services

Unblu 7.25.0 release notes

Release date: 09 February 2023

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-11170 - Unread messages and Jump to latest banners not fully visible

  • UNBLU-11533 - Validate redirect location after signing in

  • UNBLU-12183 - Account name doesn’t fit in Agent Desk sidebar

  • UNBLU-12232 - Too many person presences created for the same person

  • UNBLU-12765 - Leader election-based job stops running: implement a watchdog

  • UNBLU-12806 - Embedded Visitor UI: conversations load indefinitely after multiple clicks on conversation list items

  • UNBLU-12823 - Invalid authentication configuration breaks entire installation when using account ingress

  • UNBLU-12832 - Closing icon on call notification isn’t visible due to wrong color

  • UNBLU-12836 - Secondary agent is asked to reassign conversation when leaving

  • UNBLU-12847 - Can’t re-queue conversation from the UNASSIGNED state using the requeueConversation API

  • UNBLU-12849 - Invitation dialog shows team ID instead of name for certain teams

  • UNBLU-12865 - Markdown underline functionality is still taking effect even when using SIMPLE_TEXT

  • UNBLU-12868 - AgentSessionRecorder touches activation time on session thread

  • UNBLU-12889 - Account ingress UI bugs

  • UNBLU-12890 - Can’t delete a conversation when a canned response was used

  • UNBLU-12893 - Allowing for array value in aud claim during validation in com.unblu.authentication.jwt.internal.expectedAudience

  • UNBLU-12895 - Engagement options in Embedded Visitor UI engagement dropdown aren’t properly updated when the agent availability changes

  • UNBLU-12911 - Attempting to create an Azure blob container programmatically doesn’t work due to access restrictions

  • UNBLU-12924 - Link to accept invitation in the Single Conversation Desk doesn’t work

  • UNBLU-12931 - Dismiss and Undo buttons overlap in toast message

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-10439 - ParticipantPersonIdConversationSearchFilter using SQL JOIN

  • UNBLU-12617 - Support 5000 agents for the conversation history agent filter

  • UNBLU-12737 - Add conversation participant overflow to conversation action bar

  • UNBLU-12753 - Configuration properties to allow calls only if participants are available

  • UNBLU-12795 - Reduce gap between Edit and Copy buttons in scheduled conversations list

  • UNBLU-12869 - Reduce scope of personActivationTimestamp cluster lock

  • UNBLU-12874 - Improve the Collaboration Server functionality when collecting thread dumps automatically upon breaching pre-configured Jetty threads threshold

  • UNBLU-12883 - Add configuration to allow specific conversation participants to see message status

  • UNBLU-12884 - Allow empty teams to appear in the forwarding list

  • UNBLU-12905 - Expose the default team (None: Main Account Team) in UI

  • UNBLU-12684 - Auto-answer the call when accepting inbound call request conversations

Removed Feature

  • UNBLU-10152 - Remove offline reducer infrastructure

Unblu 7.24.1 release notes

Release date: 23 January 2023

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  • UNBLU-10491 - Agent can reopen visitor’s browser tab without their consent if it was closed because of inactivity

  • UNBLU-11442 - No hash in audit log for updated user password

  • UNBLU-12033 - Infinite loop of repeated messages in server log after request if fatal error occurs before or while checking agent availability

  • UNBLU-12589 - Some JavaScript entry points contain code that shouldn’t be loaded

  • UNBLU-12668 - Support download of large blobs

  • UNBLU-12756 - Authentication-based JavaScript API doesn’t work unless Unblu is reconfigured.

  • UNBLU-12763 - Some properties for mobile co-browsing indicator have no effect

  • UNBLU-12814 - Visitor’s answer to concierge’s question regarding conversation log is sent to bot as a BotDialogMessageEvent

  • UNBLU-12819 - Improve error reporting flow for LiveKit errors

  • UNBLU-12829 - Properly display call service provider connection state and allow reconnect on connection loss

  • UNBLU-12837 - Default whiteboard template doesn’t exist for existing account

  • UNBLU-12866 - Card messages with images not rendered properly in new versions of Chrome

  • UNBLU-12878 - Account ingress administration details title isn’t displayed until origin and IP range are set

  • UNBLU-12879 - Collaboration Server should ignore "Lost Connection" feature on Android SDK

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11929 - Add configuration to enable Vonage client SDK IP whitelist feature

  • UNBLU-12826 - Whiteboard UX improvements

  • UNBLU-12834 - Add counterpart person to bot.dialog.closed webhook

  • UNBLU-12852 - Make display media constraints for screen sharing configurable

  • UNBLU-12864 - utransfer JSON exports are sorted in alphabetical order

  • UNBLU-12679 - Account ingress administration UI

Unblu 7.23.2-hotfix.1 release notes

Release date: 15 March 2023

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  • UNBLU-12976 - Unique constraint violation on INSERT INTO auth_authentication_session

  • UNBLU-12996 - LDAP sync job fails after modifying a given user’s source ID

Unblu 7.23.2-hotfix.0 release notes

Release date: 23 February 2023

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New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-12869 - Reduce scope of personActivationTimestamp cluster lock

  • UNBLU-12874 - Improve the Collaboration Server functionality that collects thread dumps automatically upon breaching the pre-configured Jetty threads threshold

Unblu 7.23.2 release notes

Release date: 23 December 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-12396 - Inconsistent behavior when assigned agent revokes invitation for agent who is part of a team

  • UNBLU-12578 - Conversation template translations not working for languages like zh-Hant-SG because of too many characters

  • UNBLU-12706 - Visitor Desk should take browser language into account

  • UNBLU-12716 - unblu_call_activeCallTime_seconds_sum matrix provides incorrect values when call not answered, results in timeout

  • UNBLU-12717 - Accepting a call is delayed on iOS SDK

  • UNBLU-12736 - Fix button label

  • UNBLU-12741 - Source URL in conversation info overview has the class and text swapped

  • UNBLU-12755 - Prevent image decompression bombs

  • UNBLU-12773 - Calls to /accounts/disableAccountIngress (and enableAccountIngress) without body result in error with code 500

  • UNBLU-12780 - Unexpected error when redeeming invitation with private link

  • UNBLU-12781 - Jersey client doesn’t support POST requests without body

  • UNBLU-12785 - Add ".voip" automatically when configuration is adapted later

  • UNBLU-12793 - "Assign conversation to me" action doesn’t update when assigned agent changes

  • UNBLU-12802 - Boarding participations lock not removed when conversation session can’t be activated

  • UNBLU-12808 - Style elements not processed or updated when either style of same element is updated or new elements are added

  • UNBLU-12809 - Avatars square instead of round on Chrome v108

  • UNBLU-12822 - Agent can’t see collaboration layers, visitor can

  • UNBLU-12833 - "Invite an agent" and "Forward to agent" actions broken in Single Agent Desk

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-12095 - Add metric for slow database queries

  • UNBLU-12698 - Make chat "Send" button configurable independently from other buttons

  • UNBLU-12732 - Allow setting conversation language when creating scheduled conversation

  • UNBLU-12759 - Web API: change constraints on deleting conversations for REGISTERED_USER

  • UNBLU-12761 - Add indexes for date_deleted fields

  • UNBLU-12784 - Add web API endpoint to read invitations

  • UNBLU-12828 - Add configuration property to enable preview features

  • UNBLU-12063 - Support screen sharing using LiveKit

  • UNBLU-12246 - Define new layer type and engagement types for whiteboard

  • UNBLU-12247 - Create whiteboard project/site

  • UNBLU-12248 - Implement layer component for whiteboard

  • UNBLU-12249 - Implement layer recorder for whiteboard

  • UNBLU-12319 - Create custom entrypoint for whiteboard

  • UNBLU-12322 - Support export of whiteboard

  • UNBLU-12345 - Add Azure Communication Services (ACS) and LiveKit as call service providers

  • UNBLU-12783 - Add whiteboard request to JavaScript API

Unblu 7.22.2 release notes

Release date: 06 December 2022

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  • UNBLU-12475 - Clicking more…​ when named areas exceed a certain number during onboarding doesn’t work correctly on mobile apps

  • UNBLU-12480 - On the visitor side, screen sharing should only be initialized on the page where screen sharing was started

  • UNBLU-12542 - Actions on lists in Agent Desk don’t align vertically

  • UNBLU-12551 - Web API: /invitations/forwardConversationToAgent doesn’t reject forwarding to a participating agent

  • UNBLU-12636 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException if x-forwarded-host or host headers return an empty string

  • UNBLU-12677 - Redeeming a PIN via a Visitor Desk URL sets the active conversation for other Unblu visitor sessions of the same client

  • UNBLU-12702 - Conversation audit entry written when only modification timestamp changes

  • UNBLU-12703 - Field to enter new user’s username is pre-filled with the username of person creating the user

  • UNBLU-12708 - Desktop notifications don’t always close for agents not joining the conversation

  • UNBLU-12709 - Mobile co-browsing indicator and green frame missing

  • UNBLU-12718 - /conversations/{conversationId}/setAssigneePerson resets conversation recipients

  • UNBLU-12720 - Remove bad device pushkit tokens

  • UNBLU-12723 - IllegalArgumentException when a device has only a PushKit token but no push token

  • UNBLU-12738 - namedArea and pushToken on the MobileDeviceCoreModule don’t allow null values and throw errors

  • UNBLU-12740 - Configuration property validation errors don’t display correct error message

  • UNBLU-12757 - Errors in S3 blob cause calls to /persons/createOrUpdateBot to fail

  • UNBLU-12758 - Visitor can’t join a scheduled conversation due to an internal error

  • UNBLU-12764 - Rejoining and then reopening a disconnected conversation still open in the Agent Desk fails

  • UNBLU-12774 - Deleting an account fails when canned response usages are present

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11528 - Improved handling of "false" deserialization issues after Unblu update

  • UNBLU-12105 - Airlock ICAP SFM: updated API key fallback behavior

  • UNBLU-12194 - Ordering of languages in "Translations" should be alphabetical based on displayed text

  • UNBLU-12321 - New error message when Airlock is disabled

  • UNBLU-12502 - Change date and time of a scheduled conversation from Agent Desk

  • UNBLU-12619 - Removed field "API key" from API key creation modal page

  • UNBLU-12648 - Improved the possibility of secondary agents to set the assigned agent

  • UNBLU-12667 - Improved logs of Curator’s CreateBuilderImpl

  • UNBLU-12675 - Add CSS selectors to conversation participant buttons

  • UNBLU-12690 - Mark deprecated properties

  • UNBLU-12695 - Made chat input caret color configurable

  • UNBLU-12704 - Kafka: use proper topic definition for simple invalidation groups

  • UNBLU-12707 - Reduced number of conversation overview invalidations

  • UNBLU-12715 - Independent color selection for network problem toasts

  • UNBLU-12722 - Made "Active" and "Archived" buttons take up full width and spread out evenly

  • UNBLU-12730 - Web API endpoints for account ingress

  • UNBLU-12731 - Improved blob caching

  • UNBLU-12735 - Added options to specify the color of banner icons

  • UNBLU-12743 - Added ".voip" automatically to APNs app bundle ID if needed

  • UNBLU-12744 - JavaScript initially always triggers a callUiOpenChanged event with the value false

  • UNBLU-10153 - Slow connection reducer infrastructure

  • UNBLU-12160 - Google Cloud authentication in Vault integration

  • UNBLU-12570 - Canned responses statistics and metrics

  • UNBLU-12638 - Mobile co-browsing indicator properties

  • UNBLU-12678 - Drop global uniqueness constraint for usernames in favor of account level uniqueness

  • UNBLU-12710 - Improved client deserialization for Maps with primitive value types

Unblu 7.21.1-hotfix.0 release notes

Release date: 16 December 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-12808 - Failure to process and update style elements when either the style of same element is updated or new elements are added

Unblu 7.21.1 release notes

Release date: 14 November 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-12583 - Deadlock errors in MS SQL Server on parallel accounts creation

  • UNBLU-12600 - "Forwarded to: X" label in agent inbox displays "null" on small screens

  • UNBLU-12612 - Agents can’t apply a specific time range on the conversation history page after entering an invalid date

  • UNBLU-12622 - Configuring the log level doesn’t work when "server" is missing

  • UNBLU-12627 - Desktop notification doesn’t close when the agent who received the notification joins the conversation

  • UNBLU-12654 - Updated state of checkboxes in the shadow DOM aren’t rendered for agents

  • UNBLU-12655 - Remote control interaction with shadow root elements during embedded cobrowsing

  • UNBLU-12660 - is ignored

  • UNBLU-12669 - APNs key changes aren’t updated until at least one other APNs parameter is changed

  • UNBLU-12671 - When multiple messages are in an agent’s queue, clicking Join on the desktop notification joins all of them

  • UNBLU-12682 - The recipient is never displayed in the conversation info overview

  • UNBLU-12686 - Searching for OPEN invitations with the web API also returns EXPIRED invitations

  • UNBLU-12693 - Kafka "send" is done synchronously until an acknowledge occurs

  • UNBLU-12696 - Settings pages can’t be accessed

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-10761 - Improved error handling during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-11899 - Blob store isn’t always cached

  • UNBLU-12553 - Added missing metrics for webhooks

  • UNBLU-12555 - Concierge ends conversation instead of aborting visitor onboarding when no agent is available

  • UNBLU-12633 - Allow changing the border color of a text box while the user is typing

  • UNBLU-12657 - Clarify success response for web API endpoint /users/doesUserLoginExist

  • UNBLU-12658 - Clarify the source ID field for the web API endpoint /persons/getBySource

  • UNBLU-12659 - Added URL of the service to the user account creation email

  • UNBLU-12676 - Added Kafka data metric and segment size configuration

  • UNBLU-12681 - Added production-ready database connection pool defaults

  • UNBLU-12508 - Internal messages backend

  • UNBLU-12513 - Internal messages frontend

Unblu 7.20.0-hotfix.0 release notes

Release date: 18 November 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-12718 - Using setAssigneePerson resets conversation recipients

Unblu 7.20.0 release notes

Release date: 20 October 2022

There is a known issue where running version 3.0.15 of the Rendering Service with version 7.19.1 or 7.20.0 of the Collaboration Server can result in resource starvation and a significant increase in the number of logs.

Until this is issue is resolved, you should run versions 7.19.1 and 7.20.0 of the Collaboration Server with version 3.0.14 of the Rendering Service.

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-11901 - Improve handling of invalid nested OPTION elements during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-12284 - Agent Close conversation button unresponsive after unsuccessful onboarding

  • UNBLU-12592 - Team propagation not working for virtual user the first time

  • UNBLU-12615 - Scheduled timestamp search feature missing from ConversationHistoryQuery

  • UNBLU-12623 - Wrong error message in the login dialog

  • UNBLU-12626 - Local desktop notification action on incoming chat request being performed in background

  • UNBLU-12637 - Hidden bots displayed to agents

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-12152 - Invite hidden agents to join a conversation

  • UNBLU-12440 - Add visitor SSO functionality to JavaScript API

  • UNBLU-12545 - Show hidden agents in the conversation action bar and allow their visibility to be changed

  • UNBLU-12546 - Add hidden participation indicator to conversations

  • UNBLU-12548 - Add possibility to define 2 apps for APNs

  • UNBLU-12569 - Allow attaching files while writing chat messages

  • UNBLU-12594 - Change the status code of requests with HTTP HEAD method from 500 to 405

  • UNBLU-12613 - Update Kafka to 3.2.3

  • UNBLU-12639 - Don’t use chunked transfer encoding while delivering webhooks

Unblu 7.19.1 release notes

Release date: 05 October 2022

There is a known issue where running version 3.0.15 of the Rendering Service with version 7.19.1 or 7.20.0 of the Collaboration Server can result in resource starvation and a significant increase in the number of logs.

Until this is issue is resolved, you should run versions 7.19.1 and 7.20.0 of the Collaboration Server with version 3.0.14 of the Rendering Service.

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-9513 - iOS/macOS - Floating Visitor UI closes on navigation

  • UNBLU-11608 - Fix CSP on reset impersonation error page

  • UNBLU-11777 - Incorrect ratio rendering seen in chat window from external bot

  • UNBLU-12076 - Agent online state not displayed in agent monitor when notifications are paused

  • UNBLU-12235 - Logged out agent continues to reconnect instead of displaying the logged out dialog

  • UNBLU-12302 - Launcher button notification count always displayed briefly for new messages

  • UNBLU-12362 - Size of universal co-browsing window adjusts to the agent’s screen instead of the visitor’s screen

  • UNBLU-12426 - The team list in the Account Configuration interface) displays the name from the translation as the team’s name

  • UNBLU-12428 - Missing margin on Chat Image View close button

  • UNBLU-12456 - Supervisor needs invitation from agent to rejoin a conversation as a secondary participant.

  • UNBLU-12490 - Agent inbox filters are misaligned

  • UNBLU-12517 - utransfer: export with --skip removes some configuration properties

  • UNBLU-12521 - Fix image srcset attribute handling in embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-12522 - Webhook events not persisted anymore after DB connection error

  • UNBLU-12525 - Tooltip changes size and position after hovering over UI element for a second time

  • UNBLU-12527 - Wrong scope for some "com.unblu.synctool.ldap.*" configuration properties

  • UNBLU-12532 - Password reset link is wrong in email

  • UNBLU-12536 - Unblu mustn’t log session ID in duplicate cookie warning

  • UNBLU-12590 - Mark mode doesn’t work on Firefox and Safari

  • UNBLU-12591 - Source maps still loaded for the chunks for Site Integration

  • UNBLU-12595 - Unblu won’t start due to too many parameters on incoming request for CreateMissingPersonsCustomTask

  • UNBLU-12596 - Update CSP to properly support video background blur

  • UNBLU-12597 - Pop-out window keeps spinning when visitor clicks on Show Chat button

  • UNBLU-12598 - Impossible to run an environment when SourceMap is disabled

  • UNBLU-12605 - AuthInfo ID propagation data for USER_DB agents isn’t updated in person presence

  • UNBLU-12607 - Visitor admission screen visible briefly before redirect to Agent Desk with public link

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11761 - Person not available after being created in UI (remove lazy creation for DB users)

  • UNBLU-12307 - Inbox: Add information that a conversation is forwarded

  • UNBLU-12433 - Configuration to hide agent online status indicator from visitor UI

  • UNBLU-12441 - Make alignment of subtitles on visitor’s initial engagement page configurable

  • UNBLU-12489 - Enable conversation info button for all conversations by default

  • UNBLU-12499 - Allow the ability to propagate auth info into Unblu for externally managed users

  • UNBLU-12501 - Add actions on the Desktop Notifications

  • UNBLU-12504 - Update Kafka to 3.2.1

  • UNBLU-12505 - Set person to archived for deleted virtual users

  • UNBLU-12556 - DB connection error handling: Mark the Collaboration Server node as unhealthy in case of connection issues

  • UNBLU-12571 - Copy change on the forwarding fly-in window

  • UNBLU-12430 - Add Azure BLOB Storage

  • UNBLU-12442 - Add search filter of scheduled timestamp to the conversation history search web API

  • UNBLU-12500 - Add support for path location strategy to Agent Desk and Single Conversation Desk

Unblu 7.18.4-hotfix.1 release notes

Release date: 23 January 2023

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  • UNBLU-12868 - Agent session recorder touches activation time on session thread

  • UNBLU-12891 - Change Jetty log level from INFO to DEBUG

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-12869 - Reduce scope of person activation timestamp cluster lock

  • UNBLU-12874 - Automatically collect thread dumps when pre-configured Jetty threads threshold is breached

Unblu 7.18.4 release notes

Release date: 29 September 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-12591 - Source maps still loaded for the chunks for site integration

Unblu 7.18.3 release notes

Release date: 23 September 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-12552 - Conversations not open in the Embedded Visitor UI

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-12185 - Allow setting the counterpart’s maximum chat input length per bot dialog

  • UNBLU-12497 - Add configuration to specify whether sourcemap links should be integrated in JS files

Unblu 7.18.2 release notes

Release date: 09 September 2022

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-12044 - Use proper user ID for conversation recording person

  • UNBLU-12093 - Conversation history filter parameters combined with "or" instead of "and"

  • UNBLU-12137 - LDAP sync schedule changes not applied if changed from UI

  • UNBLU-12355 - Synctool not overwriting "virtual" flag

  • UNBLU-12367 - loginWithSecureToken sometimes doesn’t set cookie in response

  • UNBLU-12379 - Improve error message when email address and username must match

  • UNBLU-12409 - Toast and browser push notifications display technical name instead of localized name for named areas

  • UNBLU-12415 - Propagating account with account-name doesn’t work when account ingress is enabled

  • UNBLU-12454 - Corrected default value of com.unblu.ui.usermenu.uriHelp

  • UNBLU-12466 - Message list displays wrong text if no messages in conversation and still waiting for an onboarding bot to connect

  • UNBLU-12473 - Cross-origin iframe not rendered in Agent Desk during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-12476 - "To time" filter parameter of conversation history doesn’t include whole minute

  • UNBLU-12487 - Agents can’t access queue due to MSSQL database error

  • UNBLU-12488 - Buttons to take a photo/video not as designed

  • UNBLU-12494 - Chat queue not filtered correctly

  • UNBLU-12507 - Unique constraint violation of device info PushKit token

  • UNBLU-12518 - Conversation loading forever on mobile SDK

  • UNBLU-12526 - Visitor SDKs: camera and microphone always displayed as disabled during a call

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-8031 - New Kafka producer metrics

  • UNBLU-12237 - Don’t show incoming call UI for PushKit-enabled devices (iOS)

  • UNBLU-12256 - New business metrics

  • UNBLU-12385 - Define API key for Visitor Desk links on a per-conversation basis

  • UNBLU-12411 - Allow agent to change assigned agent before starting a scheduled conversation

  • UNBLU-12412 - Allow storing customer public key for visitor SSO using internal configurations

  • UNBLU-12419 - Add ability to manually select camera, microphone, and speakers for calls

  • UNBLU-12448 - Expose ZooKeeper metrics for prometheus

  • UNBLU-12465 - Extend public link agent detection with configurable custom endpoint

  • UNBLU-12483 - Support CSS from HTML page embedded within another HTML page

  • UNBLU-12486 - Enable background blur by default

  • UNBLU-12498 - Different "End conversation confirmation" text for agents and visitors

  • UNBLU-10507 - Pure data encrypted push notifications for mobile

  • UNBLU-12168 - Add version of notification API to mobile push tokens and return shared secret

  • UNBLU-12169 - Add PushKit support to mobile push notification sender

  • UNBLU-12271 - Add Android channel ID to encrypted notification sender

  • UNBLU-12288 - Configurable UI color for incoming call screen on Android

  • UNBLU-12297 - Add additional metadata to inbound call notifications

  • UNBLU-12353 - New text properties for "incoming call" screen on Android

Unblu 7.17.4 release notes

Release date: 25 August 2022

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  • UNBLU-3785 - Client-side default values generated incorrectly

  • UNBLU-12016 - Agent can’t unmute mic after disconnecting and reconnecting to Citrix

  • UNBLU-12214 - Superadmins can’t change keyboard shortcuts with the UI dialog

  • UNBLU-12344 - Direct messages recipient not displayed in message headers for all participants by default

  • UNBLU-12373 - JS API: joinConversation returns an exception that shouldn’t have been propagated to it

  • UNBLU-12400 - Bulk conversation deletions lead to an internal server error

  • UNBLU-12405 - Embedded co-browsing fails to render when navigating to a page with an empty CSS file

  • UNBLU-12420 - utransfer: skipping domains doesn’t disregard dependent configuration property conciergeVisitorOnboardingPrimaryNamedAreas

  • UNBLU-12422 - Universal co-browsing: click indicator positioned incorrectly on mobile devices

  • UNBLU-12424 - Leader candidates and elected metrics show NaN values

  • UNBLU-12437 - Agent can’t access a video call from a scheduled conversation

  • UNBLU-12439 - ModalContext screen blocks screen sharing request dialog on Safari

  • UNBLU-12449 - Calls not possible when camera is absent or camera permissions are denied

  • UNBLU-12452 - Message input regressions

  • UNBLU-12470 - Agent monitor shows archived persons

  • UNBLU-12474 - Mobile Safari on iOS: "Mute" button switches on and off when changing call mode

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11684 - More descriptive error message when includes a username and password but isn’t defined

  • UNBLU-12049 - Let Unblu start up despite entity import errors

  • UNBLU-12222 - Repository and storage layer clean-up

  • UNBLU-12277 - Indicate remaining allowed chat input text in UI

  • UNBLU-12370 - Improve error messages when video call fails to start

  • UNBLU-12432 - Support 5000 agents in agent forwarding and inviting UIs

  • UNBLU-7689 - Implement visual unordered lists (Buckets)

  • UNBLU-12398 - Mandatory bots in a conversation

  • UNBLU-12416 - Add new color properties to complete Android file chooser UI

Unblu 7.16.1 release notes

Release date: 03 August 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-11181 - Only poll agent availability when necessary

  • UNBLU-11455 - Add a WARNING to the com.unblu.zookeeper.client.rootNodePath description

  • UNBLU-11955 - Visitor Desk screen sharing preview isn’t displayed

  • UNBLU-12002 - Fix DB error for race condition in authentication session insert/update

  • UNBLU-12052 - Recording banner displayed outside of the conversation

  • UNBLU-12089 - Embeddable UI not displayed correctly after embedded co-browsing session

  • UNBLU-12146 - Custom templates lack a fallback value for technical descriptions, so they don’t have a label in the plus icon menu

  • UNBLU-12193 - Webpack: logging.rootLevel=INFO doesn’t log additional entries

  • UNBLU-12207 - Button groups border lines shouldn’t display double lines between them

  • UNBLU-12253 - utransfer doesn’t handle configuration properties correctly when entities are skipped

  • UNBLU-12264 - Registered users get technical name instead of localized name for named areas

  • UNBLU-12265 - Resolving account name fails if account name is a valid WebUUID

  • UNBLU-12276 - Maintain the position of layer controls on navigation

  • UNBLU-12278 - Conversation history ghost view "Join" button fails after conversation has ended

  • UNBLU-12295 - Conversation history: latest conversation isn’t always shown

  • UNBLU-12299 - Missing timestamp validation on Unblu server before passing to DB

  • UNBLU-12308 - Deserialisation error in the audit log feature

  • UNBLU-12316 - Agent PIN dialog is misaligned with longer pinTitle

  • UNBLU-12317 - Call not automatically accepted when clicking "Accept" on web push notification

  • UNBLU-12336 - NPE causes error "Invalid public and/or private VAPID key!"

  • UNBLU-12346 - "Remove participant" button in the person’s menu should be listed last

  • UNBLU-12348 - Change color of the status on the avatar for light background

  • UNBLU-12354 - Only load the video blur library if the feature is supported by the browser

  • UNBLU-12361 - After reload during co-browsing, the right side of agent’s screen remains white

  • UNBLU-12365 - Embedded co-browsing not updating image element attributes after load

  • UNBLU-12366 - Wrong icons displayed in new deputy menu

  • UNBLU-12372 - Webhook error log when following redirect

  • UNBLU-12383 - Several exceptions can’t be deserialized on client side

  • UNBLU-12387 - Order of items changes in popup menu

  • UNBLU-12389 - "My deputies" filter should appear as a filter only when the deputy delegation feature is enabled

  • UNBLU-12402 - Messages from visitor to agent aren’t marked as read even though the agent has the conversation open

  • UNBLU-12407 - Ghost can’t open a timed-out conversation in ONBOARDING state

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-9934 - Allow selection of external bot in conversation template

  • UNBLU-11752 - Filtering queue shouldn’t affect agent-specific conversation requests

  • UNBLU-12136 - Follow-up agent invitation and forwarding UX improvements

  • UNBLU-12230 - Update OSGi library

  • UNBLU-12281 - System messages and popup notifications should display localized name instead of technical name

  • UNBLU-12340 - Always provide secret key to Rendering Service

  • UNBLU-12342 - Support anonymous visitors with UnbluAuthenticationToken

  • UNBLU-12357 - Change default conversation history sort order to newest first

  • UNBLU-12380 - Agent Desk: Show banner to assignee if conversation is forwarded

  • UNBLU-12397 - Add touch event support to MouseEventCapturer

  • UNBLU-12399 - Improved fairness of automatic request dispatching in very slow networks

  • UNBLU-12161 - Kubernetes authentication in Vault integration

  • UNBLU-12259 - Support bundle resource loading from Rendering Service

  • UNBLU-12268 - support conversation configuration loading from Rendering Service

  • UNBLU-12353 - Add new text properties to IncomingCallUiStub for "Incoming call" screen on Android

  • UNBLU-12371 - Refactor MobileDeviceNotificationService to support incoming call notifications

  • UNBLU-12381 - Add text properties for Android file chooser UI

  • UNBLU-12416 - Add new color properties to complete Android file chooser UI

Unblu 7.15.5-hotfix.1 release notes

Release date: 13 September 2022

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  • UNBLU-12402 - Messages from visitors to agents aren’t marked as read even though the agents have the conversation open

  • UNBLU-12424 - Leader candidates and elected metrics show NaN

  • UNBLU-12522 - Webhook events not persisted anymore after a database connection error

Unblu 7.15.5 release notes

Release date: 15 July 2022

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  • UNBLU-12310 - User change failing during login

  • UNBLU-12313 - Generating an embedded co-browsing PIN is slow

  • UNBLU-12324 - Error when modifying an avatar on SQL Server

  • UNBLU-12327 - NotFoundException couldn’t find class for hint

  • UNBLU-12334 - Can’t create a second new conversation in IN_CONVERSATION mode

  • UNBLU-12363 - Conversation UI freezes after PIN generation and the invitation isn’t created

Unblu 7.15.3 release notes

Release date: 08 July 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-9746 - Two scroll bars in chat entry field when using Firefox 78

  • UNBLU-11916 - Error when updating canned response with placeholder

  • UNBLU-11963 - Changes to agent’s name aren’t reflected in the Agent Desk user menu avatar or user menu

  • UNBLU-12188 - Leave conversation and Start buttons briefly visible when a conversation is opened from the inbox

  • UNBLU-12192 - Bulk conversation deletions via web API lead to internal server error

  • UNBLU-12231 - When a participant is removed from a conversation with unread messages, their unread message count never reaches zero

  • UNBLU-12250 - Changes in permissions aren’t reactively applied to messages in a conversation

  • UNBLU-12257 - Notification badge displayed in "Secondary conversations" despite no unread messages

  • UNBLU-12260 - Bug in LOWER_THAN_OR_NULL search API operator

  • UNBLU-12261 - Upcoming scheduled conversation page: "Copy invitation link" redirects agent to conversation

  • UNBLU-12262 - com.unblu.conversation.user.revoke.revokeEnableLayersControl prevents users from providing layers

  • UNBLU-12267 - Canned responses aren’t shown in UI if there are more than 1000 of them (on Oracle)

  • UNBLU-12283 - Collaboration layer icons missing in conversation collaboration menu

  • UNBLU-12287 - Audio call stops when agent changes conversation

  • UNBLU-12300 - Visitor session thread leak

  • UNBLU-12301 - Client connection to server lost and unrecoverable

New feature/improvement

Unblu 7.15.1 release notes

Release date: 16 June 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-6563 - Remove link to named areas in the domain editor for newly created domains

  • UNBLU-10060 - Fix NullPointerException for entity updates when nonexistent ID is provided

  • UNBLU-11779 - auth_info field is missing for users who start a conversation when unauthenticated and are authenticated later

  • UNBLU-11971 - Calculated average rating and rating scale wrong in conversation history

  • UNBLU-12082 - Safari Individual UI broken layout issue

  • UNBLU-12162 - Conversation not re-queued when agent who accepts request doesn’t onboard successfully

  • UNBLU-12184 - Visitor session not fully initialized when there are unread messages for them

  • UNBLU-12201 - MobileDeviceRecorder returns a link to the tile before it has time to save it

  • UNBLU-12202 - The chat queue loads too slowly if you have 2-3k entries and if several hundred conversations have just been created

  • UNBLU-12208 - Attachment button not configurable

  • UNBLU-12216 - Visitor can’t access conversation via the public link if a private link was generated and neither redeemed nor revoked first

  • UNBLU-12217 - Accepting concierge terms and conditions by visitor results in "unread message" notification on the agent side

  • UNBLU-12228 - Camera sometimes still in use after video call

  • UNBLU-12229 - push_notification.read_message webhook not triggered when restoring a conversation after conversation session ended

  • UNBLU-12239 - [security relevant] DeviceInfo.pushNotificationSharedSecret exposed via web API

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11970 - Make types of client invitation configurable

  • UNBLU-12040 - Improve visitor invitation UX flow

  • UNBLU-12155 - Refactor conversation info in conversation history and current conversation

  • UNBLU-12158 - Web API endpoint to retrieve the current notification count for a person

  • UNBLU-12159 - Replace node-sass package with sass

  • UNBLU-12175 - Add configuration properties for switching auto-pause notifications on and off for calls and collaborations

  • UNBLU-12203 - Notification for agent inactivity timeout should require user interaction to close

  • UNBLU-12209 - Expand the scope of to include APIKEY

  • UNBLU-12215 - Add authInfo to claim mapping for JWT-based authentication

  • UNBLU-12238 - Log complete stacktrace instead of just the exception message during startup

  • UNBLU-12140 - Activity tracking on person session

  • UNBLU-12141 - Implement visitor JS API event for activity of a person

  • UNBLU-12142 - Implement URL trigger on person activity

  • UNBLU-12143 - Implement internal mobile API event for person activity

  • UNBLU-12145 - Add the externallyManaged attribute as a filter to the /users/search web API endpoint

Unblu 7.14.4 release notes

Release date: 08 June 2022

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  • UNBLU-9250 - Client-side entity services don’t remove deleted entities

  • UNBLU-9280 - Agent Desk: TypeError on existing conversations when you switch off a "Popular feature" in the account settings

  • UNBLU-11734 - Visitor overview: last message is wrong for answers to the concierge

  • UNBLU-11868 - Audit log creation re-try running on RxComputation thread

  • UNBLU-11945 - RxNewThreadSched is at 100% of CPU for a long time (10 seconds) which degrades embedded co-browsing performance

  • UNBLU-12043 - UI of newly created conversation template indicates that engagement type is changeable

  • UNBLU-12083 - Can’t set cookieDomain to automatic if publicServerBaseUrl is set

  • UNBLU-12084 - Blobs aren’t removed from Google Cloud Storage when the conversation is deleted

  • UNBLU-12088 - Recording fails on "Unknown time-zone ID: BST"

  • UNBLU-12131 - Unblu won’t start if Liquibase has no internet access

  • UNBLU-12132 - Exception is thrown in ID propagation when resolving the team but only the account name is propagated

  • UNBLU-12144 - SPA: embedded UI not displayed when visitor session was closed before

  • UNBLU-12149 - Conversation permissions are calculated wrong in some cases

  • UNBLU-12150 - Fix dependencies of show scheduled conversation configuration property

  • UNBLU-12154 - Admission dialog not responsive when accessed by ghost participant

  • UNBLU-12156 - assignment_request.redeemed webhooks not created when the conversation is disposed of

  • UNBLU-12176 - Exception on visitor side when trying to redeem an invitation the second time

  • UNBLU-12177 - Agent cookie doesn’t work if cookieDomain is set to automatic (Public Link Issue)

  • UNBLU-12178 - Recording service fails to start and is terminated after a period

  • UNBLU-12179 - Conversation info isn’t displayed at the conversation level

  • UNBLU-12184 - Visitor session not fully initialized when there are unread messages for them

  • UNBLU-12186 - Exception while creating account as superadmin when logged in as admin on another browser tab

  • UNBLU-12187 - ServerException on web API endpoint /conversations/{conversationId}/setStarred

  • UNBLU-12189 - NullPointerException on webhook-delivery-job for an LDAP sync request

  • UNBLU-12205 - Opening the invitation link from an assignment request results in the wrong message being sent to the conversation

  • UNBLU-12210 - Fix initial notifications state when initial pause notifications mode set to AUTO

  • UNBLU-12212 - Conversation recording: audio only mode doesn’t work

  • UNBLU-12221 - Activation of custom logs using the server keyword doesn’t work

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11969 - Add agent-side desktop notification when inactivity timeout is approaching

  • UNBLU-12009 - Open the image preview from the FileListComponent

  • UNBLU-12013 - Rename Translations tab in the Account Configuration interface

  • UNBLU-12029 - Webpack: change production log level to INFO and set default level in JSTK to WARNING

  • UNBLU-12041 - Upgrade to latest version of ZooKeeper

  • UNBLU-12067 - Allow separate color configuration for banners

  • UNBLU-12073 - Make the web API endpoint /conversations/{conversationId}/getBySourceIdAndChannelId available to registered users (agents)

  • UNBLU-12102 - Add source link field for persons and conversations

  • UNBLU-12104 - Localized entities: extend NamedAreaInfo and TeamInfo entities with a description field

  • UNBLU-12108 - Allow custom views in menu widget

  • UNBLU-11031 - Secrets management integration

  • UNBLU-12053 - Display conversation information in the conversation fly-in

  • UNBLU-12070 - Public conversation link usable by agents and visitors

  • UNBLU-12116 - New webhook for when LDAP Sync completes

  • UNBLU-12129 - utransfer: handle deputy delegation relationship

Removed feature

  • UNBLU-12107 - Clean up 'com.unblu.headlessbrowser'

Unblu 7.13.1 release notes

Release date: 9 May 2022

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  • UNBLU-12131 - Unblu won’t start if no internet connection present for Liquibase

Unblu 7.13.0 release notes

Release date: 06 May 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-11220 - Enabling account ingress on the main account causes a system outage

  • UNBLU-11548 - Fix embedded co-browsing view when visitor is on a mobile device

  • UNBLU-11616 - Mobile browser view in embedded co-browsing isn’t synchronized

  • UNBLU-11690 - Update H2 library

  • UNBLU-11703 - Server error: OnErrorNotImplementedException thrown because of ActionFilteredOutException

  • UNBLU-11851 - Exception when worker service isn’t available

  • UNBLU-11953 - Update accessibility syntax for launcher button

  • UNBLU-11975 - Misleading error on account level ID propagation

  • UNBLU-11996 - Web push notification is briefly displayed after forwarding to an agent

  • UNBLU-12007 - Embedded co-browsing: if a URL Query of an iframe includes a # and &, the process of co-browsing initialization stops, and the agent view is grey

  • UNBLU-12011 - Co-browsing capture failed with MooTools third-party javascript

  • UNBLU-12012 - Fix critical vulnerability in net.minidev:json-smart library

  • UNBLU-12015 - Multiple exceptions with auto pause notifications

  • UNBLU-12020 - Catch service worker errors

  • UNBLU-12030 - Too many 'Unexpected error while handling webhook request delivering for registration'

  • UNBLU-12034 - If a pending question is sent during a ringing call, the call can’t be accessed anymore

  • UNBLU-12038 - Notification permission banner isn’t displayed after permission reset

  • UNBLU-12072 - Background blur doesn’t keep its previous state when the call is popped out in a separate window

  • UNBLU-12078 - Fix window size detection and related Unblu UI view for visitors on mobile

  • UNBLU-12081 - Limit initial pause notifications mode configuration to only OFF or AUTO

  • UNBLU-12087 - Screen sharing: video no longer played after refreshing the page

  • UNBLU-12090 - Failing to register a service worker leads to local desktop notifications not working

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11943 - Permanent recording indicator

  • UNBLU-11998 - Add UI to the account configuration settings for the translations of localizable entities

  • UNBLU-12003 - Force update and unregister service worker on demand

  • UNBLU-12008 - utransfer: take new translation entities into account

  • UNBLU-12014 - Automatically ignore deputy delegation requests if notifications are paused

  • UNBLU-12022 - Add a health check to ZooKeeper server readiness probe

  • UNBLU-12023 - Allow agents to use the conversation web API

  • UNBLU-12036 - Support web push notification forward proxy configuration

  • UNBLU-12048 - Add configuration property to disable the S3 integrity check

  • UNBLU-12054 - Provide the ability to separate the name of a conversation template from the collaboration name

  • UNBLU-7683 - Concierge: use localized name for named area and team buttons

  • UNBLU-8975 - Localizable entities for teams, named areas, accounts, and conversation templates

  • UNBLU-10173 - Use localized names for the conversation recipient

  • UNBLU-11655 - Add API for setting conversation recipient to an agent via the mobile SDKs

  • UNBLU-11879 - Add editable section to pause the notifications state in the agent user menu

  • UNBLU-12018 - Add possibility to configure what kind of name and description for a localizable entity should be displayed

Unblu 7.12.4 release notes

Release date: 03 May 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-12038 - Notification permission banner is not displayed after permission reset

Unblu 7.12.3 release notes

Release date: 21 April 2022

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-9525 - Unexplained number of DB entries for device, person, and person presence entities

  • UNBLU-10696 - UI options (Download, Co-browse, Delete) aren’t displayed correctly

  • UNBLU-11551 - Wrong title and body for missed call push notification

  • UNBLU-11821 - Limiting the number of pods with the license doesn’t always work

  • UNBLU-11854 - Process doesn’t terminate after database migration failure

  • UNBLU-11864 - User’s own video box is displayed even when camera is blocked

  • UNBLU-11902 - Improve conversation history search filter

  • UNBLU-11904 - Forward button changes behavior after initial handoff and retrieval of assigned agent

  • UNBLU-11905 - Error entries in logs after shutting down a Collaboration Server pod

  • UNBLU-11926 - Visitor can’t join conversation due to Terms and Conditions being cancelled when a 2nd visitor is invited to the conversation

  • UNBLU-11941 - Visitor Desk shows "loading…​" after client is removed from a conversation

  • UNBLU-11965 - Download and Delete buttons positioned incorrectly on SDK

  • UNBLU-11967 - Busy loop - synctool leader

  • UNBLU-11980 - Agent can’t accept video & voice calls from web push notification if the call is already open

  • UNBLU-11986 - Agent who aren’t allowed to control collaboration layers can still start document and universal co-browsing from messages

  • UNBLU-11991 - Track scroll events for elements within shadow-root during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-11992 - The WEB API Endpoint /conversations/read?id=<id> returns data where the assigneePersonId is null

  • UNBLU-11999 - Vapid private and public key are only taken from global level

  • UNBLU-12027 - Unblu recording banner persists after system aborts the call

  • UNBLU-12032 - New slow SQL queries

  • UNBLU-12037 - Conversation recording: no person created for conversation recorder results in recording not starting

  • UNBLU-12055 - Impossible to start a call from Google Chrome mobile browser

  • UNBLU-12068 - Forwarding conversation to named area falsely assigns conversation to forwarding agent

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11863 - Improved query performance

  • UNBLU-11880 - Display agent online state and pause notification for invite and forwarding UIs

  • UNBLU-11944 - Make paragraph margins configurable

  • UNBLU-11954 - Push service endpoint health check

  • UNBLU-11956 - Allow APIKEY and AREA scopes for the text property com.unblu.conversation.ui.errorConnectNotAuthorized

  • UNBLU-12050 - Updated ICAP SDK

  • UNBLU-11654 - New API for setting conversation recipient to an agent via the JS API

  • UNBLU-11709 - Video background blur

  • UNBLU-11887 - Auto-end conversation when video & voice call ends

Known issues

  • Due to a bug in the enterprise version of opentok.js, the background blur feature only works fully with the static version of opentok.js. Vonage are working on providing a fix for the bug. In the meantime, you must use the static version of opentok.js to use the blur feature.

  • Due to a bug, Unblu doesn’t ask for permission to send local web notifications. If your projects require this, we strongly advise you upgrade to the next release when it is available. In the meantime, to work around this issue, you can enable web push notifications.

Unblu 7.11.3-hotfix.0 release notes

Release date: 14 April 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-11991 - Track scroll events for elements within shadow root during embedded co-browsing

Unblu 7.11.3 release notes

Release date: 01 April 2022

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-12004 - Calls: accessing and publishing the camera doesn’t work on Citrix if the camera’s resolution isn’t 640x480

Unblu 7.11.2 release notes

Release date: 31 March 2022

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-9605 - Domain update makes named area inconsistent

  • UNBLU-10108 - Sorting conversation templates by type isn’t in alphabetical order

  • UNBLU-10772 - Conversations stay in the QUEUED state even when directly assigned to an agent via the web API

  • UNBLU-11484 - Set language of the "new password generated" email according to the affected user

  • UNBLU-11820 - Download and Delete buttons positioned incorrectly

  • UNBLU-11836 - Visitor joins automatically ended by the agent call when auto start & join call mode is enabled

  • UNBLU-11867 - Error with audit log with ID propagation

  • UNBLU-11872 - SecureFlow Manager snippet injection incorrect in hybrid setup with account ingress

  • UNBLU-11874 - MooTools related custom java prototype modification that results in failing to start Unblu

  • UNBLU-11875 - Offboard original assignee when forward invitation is revoked, no matter who created the invitation

  • UNBLU-11892 - Null pointer exception when payload data is null

  • UNBLU-11893 - "Domain URL" field cleared when you move to the next field if it includes a protocol

  • UNBLU-11900 - utransfer --verbose option not working with "superadmin" export/import

  • UNBLU-11907 - Exceptions when Unblu is configured to use JWT ID propagation but the header is missing or basic auth is used

  • UNBLU-11910 - Visitor page: unblu-floating-app inherits "general background image"

  • UNBLU-11911 - Clicking a notification toast doesn’t stop the linked audio

  • UNBLU-11934 - Fix null pointer exception during embedded co-browsing with dataUrlTransformationStrategy set to BLOCK

  • UNBLU-11952 - Incorrect URL to image in style attribute

  • UNBLU-11968 - "Stop collaboration" dialog not visible to the context person if chat UI is collapsed

  • UNBLU-11973 - Users with the WEBUSER role are available as deputies and can be assigned deputies

  • UNBLU-11977 - Answer button on toast notification not responsive when agent is in an active conversation

  • UNBLU-11978 - Browser notifications: change text property

  • UNBLU-11982 - Fixed typo in the description of deputyDelegationAvailableNotificationActions

  • UNBLU-11987 - Recording banner is displayed on visitor UI even when disabled

  • UNBLU-11997 - Registered users can’t manage their deputies

  • UNBLU-11999 - Vapid private and public key are only taken from the global level

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11637 - Recording announcement banner

  • UNBLU-11689 - Enforce minimum TURN server credential timeout to be 12h

  • UNBLU-11850 - Optimize webhook creation to not have to read registrations for each event

  • UNBLU-11885 - Dialog to confirm stopping a collaboration layer

  • UNBLU-11931 - Update and move ehcache into 3rd party bundle

  • UNBLU-10146 - Implement server-side web push notification registration logic

  • UNBLU-11615 - Add read-only pause notifications section to user menu

  • UNBLU-11638 - Allow/Restrict Unblu features for an agent based on their access rights

  • UNBLU-11695 - Visualize pause notification state on person avatars

  • UNBLU-11696 - Automatically pause notifications based on conversation interactions

  • UNBLU-11710 - Implement client-side web push notification registration logic

  • UNBLU-11890 - Implement color configuration for Android mobile SDK camera/file choosing feature

Unblu 7.10.2 release notes

Release date: 18 March 2022

There is a known issue that occurs when running Unblu 7.10.x with version 3.0.11 of the Rendering Service on an OpenShift cluster. The OpenShift user running the Rendering Service doesn’t have access to the data directory of the Rendering Service, causing the Rendering Service to crash.

The issue will be resolved in Unblu 7.11.x. In the meantime, Unblu can provide you with a patch to deploy Unblu 7.10.x on OpenShift.

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-11930 - Web API endpoint /conversationhistory/findAllBy delivers an empty array instead of a list of conversations

Unblu 7.10.1 release notes

Release date: 04 March 2022

There is a known issue that occurs when running Unblu 7.10.x with version 3.0.11 of the Rendering Service on an OpenShift cluster. The OpenShift user running the Rendering Service doesn’t have access to the data directory of the Rendering Service, causing the Rendering Service to crash.

The issue will be resolved in Unblu 7.11.x. In the meantime, Unblu can provide you with a patch to deploy Unblu 7.10.x on OpenShift.

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-11900 - utransfer --verbose doesn’t work with "superadmin" export/import

  • UNBLU-11909 - Images not appearing in co-browsing on the agent side when greedyResourceFetching is set to false

Unblu 7.10.0 release notes

Release date: 03 March 2022

There is a known issue that occurs when running Unblu 7.10.x with version 3.0.11 of the Rendering Service on an OpenShift cluster. The OpenShift user running the Rendering Service doesn’t have access to the data directory of the Rendering Service, causing the Rendering Service to crash.

The issue will be resolved in Unblu 7.11.x. In the meantime, Unblu can provide you with a patch to deploy Unblu 7.10.x on OpenShift.

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-10411 - NullPointerException while updating agent availability

  • UNBLU-11559 - Unblu problems after creating ~500 teams

  • UNBLU-11722 - Blank section in universal co-browsing layer and unresponsive buttons

  • UNBLU-11743 - CannedResponses page loading slow

  • UNBLU-11751 - BlobStore database backup writes optimization

  • UNBLU-11769 - Visitor Desk has call pop-out feature intended for Floating Visitor UI

  • UNBLU-11783 - ModalDialogScope is defined without being constrained to the Floating Visitor UI

  • UNBLU-11830 - LDAP sync causes busy loop after start

  • UNBLU-11833 - Unblu widget blinks when creating a conversation

  • UNBLU-11853 - utransfer failing to import canned responses with placeholders

  • UNBLU-11865 - Forward button doesn’t work after closing the change assigned agent dialog

  • UNBLU-11871 - LDAP sync busy loop with a single @reboot cron expression

  • UNBLU-11877 - Engagement type change not considered with conversation template when imported with utransfer/entityimport

  • UNBLU-11883 - Long webhook payload is partially cut off

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11729 - Make contained demo page access configurable

  • UNBLU-11764 - Improve persistence unit test to so that they don’t leave data in the database.

  • UNBLU-11791 - Improve EQUALS and NOT_EQUALS operator descriptions

  • UNBLU-11814 - Improve persisting of webhook events to the queue to be able to handle massive loads of webhooks with slow DBs

  • UNBLU-11818 - Don’t save audit log for conversation: lastMessage and conversationSessionId

  • UNBLU-11825 - Add metrics for collaboration sessions

  • UNBLU-11828 - Simplify webhook queue handling

  • UNBLU-11835 - Potential synchronize in CacheManager ConcurrentHashMap

  • UNBLU-11845 - Default to using the Vonage Enterprise SDK instead of the static one

  • UNBLU-11852 - Add warning logs when there’s no pending offer for a bot

  • UNBLU-11876 - SFM and dynamic stylesheet support: Resource URI normalization fails with relative URIs

  • UNBLU-11882 - Support DEBUG level logging for utransfer

  • UNBLU-11567 - Forwarding & invitation push notifications

  • UNBLU-11776 - Enable auto pop-out for visitor initiated calls

  • UNBLU-11870 - Add possibility to create data urls for unblu icons

Unblu 7.9.1-hotfix.0 release notes

Release date: 10 June 2022

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-12218 - Collaboration Server threading issues may cause a crash

Unblu 7.9.1 release notes

Release date: 15 February 2022

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-9444 - CSS parser upgrade

  • UNBLU-9853 - Queue Waiting (average) shows 18486d before any queued items appear

  • UNBLU-11005 - When submitting a form with validation errors, some error messages disappear and appear

  • UNBLU-11260 - com.unblu.conversation.ui.removeParticipant not working for context person

  • UNBLU-11266 - Wrong text indentation when using MARKDOWN text sent from a bot

  • UNBLU-11365 - Conversation end confirmation not shown during conversation with a chat bot

  • UNBLU-11524 - SQL Queries accidentally executed on RxComputation thread

  • UNBLU-11541 - Chat Message: quotes continue even if no quote symbol is added to the next line

  • UNBLU-11595 - Multi select popup not used for all conversation history filters

  • UNBLU-11661 - For a single invitation, 2 webhook events are sent within an interval of 25-40 minutes

  • UNBLU-11662 - Kafka retains messages on disk

  • UNBLU-11700 - Participants who have denied access to camera aren’t shown in video call

  • UNBLU-11726 - Floating Visitor UI: upgrading from lazy site integration fails with JS exception

  • UNBLU-11732 - Utransfer exports only up to 250 records

  • UNBLU-11736 - Breaking configuration change in ConversationTemplateService and QuotaUsageService

  • UNBLU-11737 - New domain page needs trigger to cut the URL path and to remove error message

  • UNBLU-11746 - Resource history: style with images aren’t getting updated even though images are available on server

  • UNBLU-11750 - No proper cleanup of dead file downloads from Rendering Service

  • UNBLU-11753 - WAR file can’t be started in Tomcat

  • UNBLU-11754 - Utransfer doesn’t delete entities entirely if there is more than 250 records

  • UNBLU-11757 - Resource-History, resources inside CSS files (such as fonts) are normalized in a way that includes the path twice when requested

  • UNBLU-11758 - Dynamic Stylesheets in embedded co-browsing not always read

  • UNBLU-11765 - Agent language selection screen cut off

  • UNBLU-11772 - Agent can be invited to a conversation they’re already a part of multiple times

  • UNBLU-11773 - Align expiration time on popup and invite a client UI

  • UNBLU-11780 - Error onboarding person with bot

  • UNBLU-11792 - Bots don’t receive webhooks anymore

  • UNBLU-11793 - Fix configuration property migration to v7 for Oracle DB

  • UNBLU-11801 - Add index to improve webhook request polling

  • UNBLU-11806 - Periodic capturing causing frequent looping the stylesheets

  • UNBLU-11810 - Remove unwanted update of lastMessageTimestamp during conversation restore

  • UNBLU-11826 - Unnecessary synchronization across all threads after startup

  • UNBLU-11827 - Disable oracle specific query for WebhookRequest next deliverable

  • UNBLU-11834 - getAgentAvailability returns UNAVAILABLE even if the agent is available

  • UNBLU-11841 - Export data functionality on conversation history page not working

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11697 - Immediately open a conversation loading UI for visitors when starting a new conversation

  • UNBLU-11735 - Improve conversation history sorting

  • UNBLU-11787 - Add advanced agent busy limit configuration and text properties

  • UNBLU-11788 - Modify automatic request dispatching

  • UNBLU-11814 - Improve persistence of webhook events to the queue to be able to handle large number of webhooks with slow DBs

  • UNBLU-11815 - Change webhook event queue to store all data in the DB instead of moving parts to the blob store

  • UNBLU-11816 - Improved utransfer logs when update’s failing

  • UNBLU-11825 - Add metrics for collaboration sessions

  • UNBLU-11852 - Add warning logs when there is no bot pending offer

  • UNBLU-11343 - V7 audio recording service

  • UNBLU-11494 - Provide data for multiparty video call on mobile

  • UNBLU-11673 - New "join chat" template

  • UNBLU-11741 - Retrieve agent busy status via web API

Removed Feature

  • UNBLU-11692 - Remove EDBS leftovers from the product

Unblu 7.8.3 release notes

Release date: 07 February 2022

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-11524 - SQL queries accidentally executed on RxComputation thread

  • UNBLU-11780 - Error onboarding person with bot

  • UNBLU-11784 - Audit event consumer causes memory leak

  • UNBLU-11785 - Performance issues in Collaboration Server

  • UNBLU-11792 - Bots don’t receive webhooks anymore

  • UNBLU-11799 - NullPointerException with user search web API

  • UNBLU-11801 - Add index to improve webhook request polling

Unblu 7.8.2 release notes

Release date: 26 January 2022

There are two known issues related to conversation recording in the current release:

  • If conversation recording is active, the headless browser used in universal co-browsing and document co-browsing doesn’t fill the entire available area with content. Instead, it displays a white area in part of the window.

  • Unblu temporarily stores data from conversation recordings in the database before writing it to the object store (GCP or an S3-compliant solution). This can significantly increase the size of the database’s binary log, which in turn can lead to issues with disk space on the database server. In the worst case, users won’t be able to make calls or send chat messages.

    You should set the configuration property com.unblu.conversation.recording.backupUnfinishedInDbWhileUploading to false until the issue has been fixed.

We’re working on fixes for both issues.

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-7071 - Agent Desk: teams dropdown isn’t ordered alphabetically

  • UNBLU-8177 - Domain entry field doesn’t remove URL path

  • UNBLU-10891 - Unexpected behavior of com.unblu.conversation.template.agentTemplateIds

  • UNBLU-10986 - LDAP SyncTool aborts the whole sync job when an error occurs

  • UNBLU-11093 - Setting PasswordResetLinkMail doesn’t work as expected

  • UNBLU-11264 - Secondary agent is automatically removed from a conversation when added to again after having been removed

  • UNBLU-11365 - Conversation end confirmation not shown during conversation with a chatbot

  • UNBLU-11368 - Link invitations shouldn’t have renewal button when they expire

  • UNBLU-11454 - Cookie refreshes and agent availability updates continue after a disconnect

  • UNBLU-11485 - Concierge added to a conversation twice

  • UNBLU-11506 - Only trigger browser notification permission for visitors after user opts in

  • UNBLU-11508 - Keyboard shortcuts propagated from within Unblu chat text entry field

  • UNBLU-11526 - RECORDING_END action isn’t sent when restoring a recording

  • UNBLU-11534 - Script injection possible in embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-11582 - Offline engagement UI not shown when all engagement options are disabled

  • UNBLU-11584 - Conversation configuration properties can’t be enabled or disabled on conversation level in Agent Desk

  • UNBLU-11589 - URL of whitelisted external resources normalized in the resource history and wrongly point to the Unblu server

  • UNBLU-11594 - "Clear" functionality doesn’t work in inbox filters

  • UNBLU-11599 - Launcher button text displayed incorrectly on lazy integration

  • UNBLU-11603 - Missing selectors for "MultiSelectBox" and other UI elements

  • UNBLU-11610 - Floating Visitor UI doesn’t collapse automatically if a participant already has an active participation state when a collaboration layer is activating or active

  • UNBLU-11617 - Bot thread ID is missing in ConversationHistoryMessageData

  • UNBLU-11633 - Error when opening an ended conversation from history

  • UNBLU-11643 - Agent-side contents of a dynamically added iframe aren’t updated on change

  • UNBLU-11648 - File downloads accessible without authentication

  • UNBLU-11657 - utransfer error message with malformed JSON isn’t precise enough

  • UNBLU-11672 - Chat message preview not shown for bot messages

  • UNBLU-11680 - Video & voice calls not always established when using custom TURN server

  • UNBLU-11681 - Named area as attribute of unblu-embedded-api custom tag sets named area meta tag but doesn’t remove it when api.deinit() is called

  • UNBLU-11688 - Error in Oracle when reading more that 1000 items

  • UNBLU-11707 - Input field focus in visitor UI doesn’t remain on concierge question when allowChatDuringOnboarding is enabled

  • UNBLU-11715 - Visitor Desk can’t be opened due to an error with the providers

  • UNBLU-11716 - Single Conversation Desk: error provider replaces existing provider

  • UNBLU-11717 - Call pop-out leads to blank page and errors in console

  • UNBLU-11718 - "Join with a PIN" is placed in the top left of the conversation UI

  • UNBLU-11724 - Live session tracking in Global Server Configuration interface not working

  • UNBLU-11725 - Can’t filter inbox by visitor

  • UNBLU-11730 - Messages sent to Vonage after call is disconnected

  • UNBLU-11733 - "Create new scheduled conversation" action doesn’t work when the default template is disabled

  • UNBLU-11739 - Unblu unresponsive if a call lasts longer than approximately 60 seconds

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11591 - Handle non-graceful node shutdown during recording

  • UNBLU-11602 - Add selectors to banner texts and buttons

  • UNBLU-11624 - Duplicate virtual cookie entries on different paths

  • UNBLU-11629 - Geolocation improvements

  • UNBLU-11640 - Prevent entity import failing on empty avatar image data

  • UNBLU-11653 - Ability to modify clientProxyUrl at the API level

  • UNBLU-11664 - Report number of days remaining on installed license as a metric

  • UNBLU-11675 - Add API endpoint to remove a license

  • UNBLU-11687 - Improve click handling on buttons that start a conversation to avoid creating multiple conversations

  • UNBLU-11698 - Allow to configure how to display conversation recipients in the visitor’s conversation overview

  • UNBLU-11706 - Allow hiding the secondary title in the visitors conversation overview

  • UNBLU-11708 - utransfer - check response headers in case insensitive way

  • UNBLU-10589 - Support auto start & join call mode in conversations

  • UNBLU-11581 - Enable Team or User Level assignment of scheduled conversation template

Unblu 7.7.0 release notes

Release date: 17 January 2022

Cluster images

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New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-10034 - Support for dynamic stylesheets in embedded co-browsing

Unblu 7.6.2 release notes

Release date: 07 January 2022

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-11674 - Wrong participation used when restoring a conversation or sending a message

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-11651 - Add lastMessageTimestamp and lastCompletedRecordingTimestamp to ConversationHistory data and search criteria

  • UNBLU-11663 - Set value of the new field lastMessageTimestamp for all existing conversations

  • UNBLU-11668 - Add method openOverviewUi to JS API

Unblu 7.5.2 release notes

Release date: 21 December 2021

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-9858 - Mobile browser and desktop: view in embedded co-browsing is not the same

  • UNBLU-10597 - Add message action in image preview (mobile & desktop)

  • UNBLU-11312 - /accounts/createAccountWithNewAdmin missing "adminUser": { } in the body → 500 response

  • UNBLU-11344 - Screen sharing: black screen on iOS when sharing single Chrome tab from desktop

  • UNBLU-11427 - Icon in top left corner

  • UNBLU-11432 - Sign out does not immediately destroy authentication session on all nodes in cluster

  • UNBLU-11443 - visitorsession.showEndedConversations is in visitor scope but should be in Account scope

  • UNBLU-11452 - Unblu item cleanup fails with errors

  • UNBLU-11511 - Wrong UI size in Embedded Visitor UI when closing conversation with active collaboration layer

  • UNBLU-11517 - Embedded co-browsing in PROXY mode does not work with relative URLs

  • UNBLU-11518 - SkipElement: Modifications to element attribute (class) aren’t recognized and aren’t transmitted to agent side

  • UNBLU-11531 - Propagated visitor userId overwrites person username

  • UNBLU-11535 - System information disclosure via crafted request parameter

  • UNBLU-11538 - The admission logo doesn’t change when a scheduled conversation ends

  • UNBLU-11542 - Blobs in database are no longer available after reconfiguration to GCS/S3

  • UNBLU-11546 - Configuration and text properties of a conversation aren’t deleted when the conversation is deleted

  • UNBLU-11547 - Waiting webhook requests aren’t delivered after unblock unless a new request is triggered

  • UNBLU-11555 - Element style is lost, so the agent’s view doesn’t match the client’s view

  • UNBLU-11556 - Audio calls freeze the Unblu UI when visitorPresenceInitializationMode is set to "IN CONVERSATION"

  • UNBLU-11561 - Mis-aligned layout of Unblu UI on older iOS versions

  • UNBLU-11564 - Refreshing queue page in the middle of a reservation gives you a second reservation

  • UNBLU-11565 - Embedded Visitor UI: co-browsing displays the Unblu UI

  • UNBLU-11579 - Global Server Settings: session tracking fails with an internal server error

  • UNBLU-11583 - Fix input entry fields alignment when agent uses remote control

  • UNBLU-11588 - Conversations web API: NOT_EQUALS operators for recipient type and state are broken

  • UNBLU-11593 - Conversation messages search with IN_RANGE operator is broken

  • UNBLU-11596 - Chat image view doesn’t fill screen for small images

  • UNBLU-11625 - Unable to load conversations from the server

  • UNBLU-11626 - Need to click twice on launcher button to open the visitor widget

  • UNBLU-11630 - Scheduled conversation public links not available

  • UNBLU-11639 - Unblu logo on dark gray background doesn’t look good with some customer themes

  • UNBLU-11641 - Visitor SDK UI not displayed correctly

  • UNBLU-11642 - LeftNavTitle is invisible with some customer themes

  • UNBLU-11645 - "Pop out" doesn’t open call UI in new window

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-10211 - Cluster: add preStop hook for Collaboration Server pod to support graceful shutdown

  • UNBLU-10212 - Cluster: Rendering Service SIGTERM should issue warning in the participants' UIs

  • UNBLU-10442 - Startup mode migrationOnly should not accept HTTP traffic

  • UNBLU-10454 - Analyze missing DB indexes

  • UNBLU-11472 - Remove code duplicate actions for changing conversation language

  • UNBLU-11477 - Prevent player from being attached to a person session if the user doesn’t match

  • UNBLU-11496 - Add selector on +X button when there are additionnal quick replies in a conversation

  • UNBLU-11563 - Sort observable list elements in the visual

  • UNBLU-11597 - Invitation web API: Add search query for invitationState field

  • UNBLU-11621 - Update logback version

  • UNBLU-11640 - Prevent entity import from failing on empty avatar image data

  • UNBLU-11446 - Introduce archived view for ended conversations in the Visitor UIs

Unblu 7.4.1-hotfix.0 release notes

Release date: 13 December 2021

Cluster images

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  • UNBLU-11555 - Element Style is getting lost, thus agent view does not match the view of client

Unblu 7.4.1 release notes

Release date: 30 November 2021

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-10139 - Only trigger browser notification permission for agents after user opts in

  • UNBLU-11284 - Template-level feature-enabling configuration property can be changed with no effect

  • UNBLU-11317 - Open all links from messages in a new tab once in Agent, Visitor, and Single Conversation Desks

  • UNBLU-11389 - Accessibility: fly-in menu of scheduled conversations not focused for tabbing

  • UNBLU-11402 - Module issue with Unblu 7 Visitor Api Typescript declaration file

  • UNBLU-11424 - Missing dependencies in the embedded-app-component

  • UNBLU-11429 - Scheduled conversations are shown even when not licensed

  • UNBLU-11437 - Serialization issue for web API/RPC calls like conversation/setScheduledTimestamp

  • UNBLU-11456 - ID propagation doesn’t block all requests when there is no propagation

  • UNBLU-11462 - AutoEndOnDisconnect not working if user disconnects early

  • UNBLU-11464 - Presence not removed even though that the player’s no longer connected

  • UNBLU-11471 - Prevent device cookie XSS attack

  • UNBLU-11478 - Can’t import visitor js module into typescript project in Unblu 7

  • UNBLU-11481 - Can’t turn off "duplicate cookies enabled" log message

  • UNBLU-11482 - Impossible to see conversation record on the agent mobile app

  • UNBLU-11489 - Web API documentation top title shouldn’t be "Unblu 6"

  • UNBLU-11490 - Headless browser developer tools don’t open (http://localhost:9200/)

  • UNBLU-11491 - Fixed missing click animation in collaboration layers

  • UNBLU-11493 - Fixed possible meta tag ID collision for changing iframe content in jQuery dialog

  • UNBLU-11498 - Configuration migration fails when both autostartEmbedded and autostartMobile are set

  • UNBLU-11499 - Fixed max length validation of answering input text fields for bot questions

  • UNBLU-11501 - Visitor UI height isn’t resizing correctly

  • UNBLU-11502 - Old failed webhook requests block new webhooks

  • UNBLU-11507 - Fix for load balancing on hotfix versions

  • UNBLU-11514 - Visitor session join of player runs into timeout

  • UNBLU-11516 - Errors when saving named area

  • UNBLU-11519 - Invalidation of AuthenticationSession is triggered for each client request when using ID propagation

  • UNBLU-11520 - Visitor ID propagation triggers user migration from authenticated to authenticated where it must not

  • UNBLU-11521 - NullPointerException when redeeming invitation

  • UNBLU-11536 - reset.css injected outside of the shadow dom when Unblu is integrated in iframes

  • UNBLU-11550 - Notification banner displayed several times if there’s an incoming conversation

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-10257 - New design for MultiSelectBox features

  • UNBLU-11010 - Automatic request dispatching: allow configuration of sort order

  • UNBLU-11012 - Web API: added ConversationHistory getRecordedMinutes service

  • UNBLU-11217 - Refactor JwtService to use a shared cache for all instances

  • UNBLU-11445 - When deleting cookie, use "remove" as a value instead of "delete"

  • UNBLU-11503 - Changed audit schema connection pool configuration defaults

  • UNBLU-10168 - Web API for invitations

  • UNBLU-11433 - Separate JWT/OICD configuration per call origin

Unblu 7.3.3 release notes

Release date: 16 November 2021

Cluster images

Image name tag








  • UNBLU-11499 - Fix max length validation of answering input text fields for bot questions

Unblu 7.3.2 release notes

Release date: 11 November 2021


  • UNBLU-9149 - Collaboration Server does not terminate after a SIGTERM

  • UNBLU-10543 - UI problems with Safari when input field is selected

  • UNBLU-10577 - Conversation history export and UI filter synchronization

  • UNBLU-10942 - Embedded co-browsing: CSS & images not displayed correctly on Cloud SFM Apache

  • UNBLU-11148 - Visitor app: wrong notification for missed video call

  • UNBLU-11185 - Impossible to see a conversation recording on Safari

  • UNBLU-11188 - Security: Universal Proxy URL hash

  • UNBLU-11267 - Conversation log is not sent to the visitor

  • UNBLU-11304 - Java 14 support - Exceptions during startup

  • UNBLU-11318 - Video call window is displayed twice during a scheduled conversation with a public link invitation

  • UNBLU-11337 - Wrong notification for missed voice call when app is closed

  • UNBLU-11369 - Automatic dispatching not working with virtual agents

  • UNBLU-11372 - Uploading animated GIF is not possible on installation with headless JRE

  • UNBLU-11378 - Fixed user grants in Oracle

  • UNBLU-11400 - Editing the profile of a propagated, virtual agent fails

  • UNBLU-11410 - Concierge (and possibly other bots) not working with MS SQL

  • UNBLU-11413 - Agents (registered users) cannot change their passwords

  • UNBLU-11416 - AgentAvailabilityConfiguration config descriptions reverted

  • UNBLU-11417 - Conversation history doesn’t show conversations for propagated, virtual agents

  • UNBLU-11421 - Exception related to Chatbot using new technical ID in reply messages

  • UNBLU-11426 - Scheduled conversations admission UI shows anonymous for authenticated user

  • UNBLU-11431 - Cannot open headless browser developer tools

  • UNBLU-11440 - Property value in lowercase not transformed to uppercase

  • UNBLU-11447 - Mark config properties related to removed URL instruction as deprecated

  • UNBLU-11453 - Fix scheduled conversation details fly-in on Agent Single Conversation Desk

  • UNBLU-11466 - Visitor not correctly logged out from visitor session

  • UNBLU-11470 - NullPointerException during Liquibase migration

  • UNBLU-11486 - Fixed base path for resources in embedded co-browsing when in cluster mode

New feature/improvement

  • UNBLU-10848 - Allow to run multiple Unblu versions on Zookeeper and Kafka

  • UNBLU-11042 - Embedded co-browsing: make all URLs within CSS files relative

  • UNBLU-11043 - Embedded co-browsing: support resources provided by the Collaboration Server through all entry paths

  • UNBLU-11310 - Add support of co-browse links in card and list messages

  • UNBLU-11381 - Banner UI: add support for primary actions

  • UNBLU-11430 - Add configuration for explicit sameSite cookie attribute value for Agent Desk

  • UNBLU-11450 - Improve webhook loading performance for SQL Server

Unblu 7.2.1 Release Notes

Release date: 19 October 2021


  • UNBLU-9651 - Account Configuration interface should always be in english

  • UNBLU-10648 - IE error in Agent Desk et al. not correct (no longer supported)

  • UNBLU-11057 - Console errors display in conversation history if conversation deletion is canceled

  • UNBLU-11120 - Visitor Desk broken if a conversation is canceled while providing information for admission

  • UNBLU-11172 - utransfer: Virtual users shouldn’t be exported (since they can’t be imported any more)

  • UNBLU-11187 - Security: webhooks should use a newer hash algorithm for signature

  • UNBLU-11212 - Universal co-browsing layer doesn’t start automatically in scheduled conversations despite being in autoStartLayer configuration property

  • UNBLU-11246 - Missing capturing frame around the page during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-11276 - Server logs include CID

  • UNBLU-11278 - Server logs include possible CID (IP)

  • UNBLU-11298 - Deleting a user doesn’t work if a canned response with placeholders is attached to this user

  • UNBLU-11301 - Layout issue with create account dialog

  • UNBLU-11308 - Anonymous to authenticated visitor not working properly on cluster

  • UNBLU-11316 - Uncaught error during a video call (visitor invited by link)

  • UNBLU-11333 - Investigate Chinese characters issues with SQL Server

  • UNBLU-11335 - Visitor Desk broken if a conversation is canceled while waiting for admission

  • UNBLU-11338 - Unblu UI is displayed when it should collapsed after visitor stops an ECB session

  • UNBLU-11348 - utransfer can’t import domain-based named ares when domain are skipped

  • UNBLU-11349 - Root redirect does not respect Ingress origin

  • UNBLU-11350 - Accounts settings can’t be accessed

  • UNBLU-11353 - Embedded co-browsing not working on a multi shadow DOM demo page

  • UNBLU-11367 - Memory usage optimization during configuration migration

  • UNBLU-11375 - Email input length validation broken during visitor offboarding

  • UNBLU-11385 - Visitor conversation UI: Opening unread messages increases the displayed number on the counter

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-10329 - Person-based push notifications

  • UNBLU-10959 - UI: tabbing in list components

  • UNBLU-11265 - Allow changing conversation language from UI

  • UNBLU-11286 - Provide separate text properties for agent and visitor concierge onboarding timeout

  • UNBLU-11289 - Configuration caching

  • UNBLU-11291 - Optimization of main_configuration/main_textlocal tables load during migration

  • UNBLU-11311 - Improve webhook loading performance

  • UNBLU-11346 - Star view rating after offboarding

  • UNBLU-7552 - Tooltip when the visitor’s cursor moves over the launcher button

  • UNBLU-11169 - Web API for re-queuing conversations

Unblu 7.1.2 Release Notes

Release date: 08 October 2021


  • UNBLU-10118 - Java 14 support - java.util.Optional

  • UNBLU-10384 - Bot-Onboarding - Solved: "autoclose" conversation on Visitor side

  • UNBLU-10438 - DomCap: Adding / modifying / removing link tags in a running domcap session has no effect

  • UNBLU-10544 - Database not null constraint violation when empty userAgent from Browser is send

  • UNBLU-10792 - Technical labels' text does not wrap

  • UNBLU-10907 - x-unblu-device cookie should not be created / sent for web API calls

  • UNBLU-10915 - Potential race-condition in RedirectTargetValidationBlackWhitelistPatternHandler

  • UNBLU-11054 - Audit log last column gets cut when resizing the window

  • UNBLU-11076 - Double spinners seen when initiating screen sharing

  • UNBLU-11121 - Scheduled conversation open link to canceled conversation

  • UNBLU-11133 - Audit-Log: Placeholder "entity-name" should be the "title" (not the ID)

  • UNBLU-11134 - Audit-Log: PlaceholderValue "entity-name" should be the "value" (not the ID)

  • UNBLU-11146 - file attachments not being deleted when the conversation is deleted

  • UNBLU-11163 - Edit Account: "Error" message when add new contact "Received update on item which is not in the list!"

  • UNBLU-11164 - Concierge avatar appears in the conversation tab when one of the participants leaves the conversation

  • UNBLU-11175 - Impersonated open "Audit" UI (account) → Error ("Tried to access functionality which is not available when impersonated")

  • UNBLU-11190 - Resource-History CSS are not processing correctly and are not delivered to Agent

  • UNBLU-11192 - Impossible to answer a call from a visitor while chatting with another visitor

  • UNBLU-11193 - Race condition in ServletDeployer injected services

  • UNBLU-11204 - slow DB query observed very often

  • UNBLU-11209 - Image preview is not working

  • UNBLU-11210 - Errors when calls are not supported

  • UNBLU-11211 - NPE on FontConfiguration.getVersion() (ImageUtil.addPlayWatermark(

  • UNBLU-11215 - Stuck after conversation does not exist

  • UNBLU-11216 - JwtService causes Memory Leak

  • UNBLU-11221 - IllegalStateException: Missing implementation for internal message type: RECORDING_AVAILABLE

  • UNBLU-11222 - Scheduled Conversation - redirects between request admission - waiting room - Visitor Desk conversation don’t work

  • UNBLU-11225 - Remove Offline State from Agent Availability web API and JS API

  • UNBLU-11226 - Conversation History is not Sorted by default

  • UNBLU-11237 - All participants receive messages when a recipient is specified

  • UNBLU-11239 - Simplify audio player logic to wait for an user gesture if the audio was not allowed to play

  • UNBLU-11240 - Chat UI: image file uploads are displayed too wide

  • UNBLU-11242 - Embedded Visitor UI: adding configured unblu-embedded-app element to the DOM causes double initialization

  • UNBLU-11244 - utransfer error with colliding template ids

  • UNBLU-11255 - utransfer does not convert the value of the visitorCobrowsingTemplateId configuration

  • UNBLU-11257 - Configuration property editor is wrong for visitorCobrowsingTemplateId

  • UNBLU-11283 - Invalid handling of active conversation

  • UNBLU-11288 - Infinite loop when the Webhook Request payload can not be found in the Bucket Storage

  • UNBLU-11290 - Individual UI not collapsing on Visitor Desk when collaboration layer is active and visitor finishes onboarding and autoCollapseIndividualUiOnLayerActivations is enabled

  • UNBLU-11293 - Collaboration button to start layers not visible for scheduled conversations before started

  • UNBLU-11295 - Username is missing when creating a new account

  • UNBLU-11297 - New created accounts are not in the list-overview (only with a refresh)

  • UNBLU-11299 - Web API /accounts/createAccountWithNewAdmin with empty body → response 500

  • UNBLU-11300 - Definition of the default admin when creating an account can’t be disabled

  • UNBLU-11316 - Uncaught error during a video call (visitor invited by link)

  • UNBLU-11331 - Shadow DOM co-browsing (embedded) not working → Console-Error: a node with id 't_u_NaN' is already present in the visual. Parent: u(name: 'shadowroot')"

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-9110 - Support for Shadow DOM

  • UNBLU-9698 - Expand the "Create New Account" with fields required for Admin User

  • UNBLU-10960 - Do not show hidden agents as participants in the Inbox

  • UNBLU-10998 - Change the url in the static OpenAPI definition

  • UNBLU-11032 - Chatbot: Allow to add technical id to card reply message action and list message

  • UNBLU-11105 - Visitor JS API: Add setVisitorData to conversation object

  • UNBLU-11171 - Web API v3: Add "virtualUser" field to UserSearchFilter

  • UNBLU-11202 - Load first 50 conversations only and then lazily load the rest

  • UNBLU-11207 - "Close conversation" button style update

  • UNBLU-11238 - Configuration Migration from v6 to v7 Performance Improvement

  • UNBLU-11263 - Configurable set of agent side languages

  • UNBLU-11273 - Web API: Throw on invalid expand values

  • UNBLU-11285 - Make the VisitorDesk independent to the active conversation of the visitor session

  • UNBLU-11311 - Improve webhook loading performance

  • UNBLU-11179 - Agent side concierge onboarding

  • UNBLU-11206 - Collapse Individual UI if a collaboration layer is active when a visitor finishes onboarding and autoCollapseIndividualUiOnLayerActivations is enabled

  • UNBLU-11218 - Add web API calls to update "scheduledTimestamp" and "Topic" for a existing "SCHEDULED_CONVERSATION"

  • UNBLU-11306 - Make Zookeeper max client connections configurable

Unblu 7.0.1 Release Notes

Release date: 30 August 2021

Cluster images

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This is the initial public release of Unblu 7.