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Unblu Spark 8 release notes

This page contains the Unblu Spark release notes. The release notes are broken down in sections to allow for easier consumption. Release notes are additive, which means that to cover all improvements between two defined release states, all individual release notes have to be considered.

The release notes for the Android mobile SDK and the iOS mobile SDK are published separately.

Unblu 8.2.0-hotfix.0 release notes

Release date: 29 May 2024

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  • UNBLU-14469 - Changing configuration removes all non-visible configurations

Unblu 8.2.0 release notes

Release date: 24 May 2024

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  • UNBLU-13630 - Conversation session not migrated properly when Collaboration Server pod is deleted

  • UNBLU-14164 - Registered users can’t start outbound conversations

  • UNBLU-14224 - Unchecked check boxes rendered as checked in Agent session of embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-14257 - Clear button disappears from inbox Visitors dropdown filter

  • UNBLU-14289 - Proxied requests change URL parameters and remove %-encoded format

  • UNBLU-14328 - Buttons misaligned on person details panel

  • UNBLU-14340 - Ghost can’t access "Other Participant" conversation

  • UNBLU-14342 - Poor browser performance when there are 1000 active conversation in inbox

  • UNBLU-14356 - openapi.yaml wrong on expected result when reading entities that don’t exist

  • UNBLU-14415 - sendPing endpoint returns 4xx HTTP response when registration is in v3 format

  • UNBLU-14427 - Grafana dashboards have hardcoded timezone

  • UNBLU-14434 - Conversational bot dipslays white screen instead of frontend

  • UNBLU-14444 - Insufficient role for registered user in conversation history

  • UNBLU-14447 - Onboarding breaks when concierge asks for name

New features and improvements

  • UNBLU-14030 - Show conversation from history and conversation participants panel in conversation tabs

  • UNBLU-14234 - Allow Terms & Conditions question to only have "accept" as answer

  • UNBLU-14399 - Web API v4: expand type should be a List, not a String

  • UNBLU-14417 - Mark preview and deprecated features on Web API

Unblu 8.1.2 release notes

Release date: 16 May 2024

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  • UNBLU-12662 - "Start chatting" button changes width after minimizing chat UI

  • UNBLU-14064 - File name and time misaligned on native document co-browsing "Open file" dialog

  • UNBLU-14083 - Embedded co-browsing not resumed when third party cookies blocked

  • UNBLU-14249 - Incorrect reference in messaging UI property group properties

  • UNBLU-14282 - User change after login not properly handled in audio and video sessions

  • UNBLU-14283 - Users without permission to delete others' annotations can do so if annotations were saved to file

  • UNBLU-14306 - Avatar’s online state background doesn’t change with conversation tab’s background

  • UNBLU-14308 - "Edit" and "End conversation" buttons misaligned in conversation info panel

  • UNBLU-14332 - Link to conversation recording in conversation history invalid

  • UNBLU-14337 - Dialog for new authenticated customer cropped, page not scrollable

  • UNBLU-14338 - Registered user can set, add, and remove labels of person they can’t see

  • UNBLU-14345 - User change during embedded co-browsing doesn’t update layer’s owner name

  • UNBLU-14349 - Shift + Enter on text field results in carriage return and escape

  • UNBLU-14350 - Current user not preselected owner for new canned responses

  • UNBLU-14353 - Document not uploaded to native document co-browsing layer when agent drags and drops file to browse it

  • UNBLU-14358 - Admins can’t see rule-based conversations

  • UNBLU-14361 - Unblu attempts to send emails using all email providers configured

  • UNBLU-14362 - Updating lastCheckTime of authentication leads to large number of invalidations

  • UNBLU-14366 - Restore initialEngagementUrl placeholder in newAssignmentRequestNotification.mail.bodyTop

  • UNBLU-14375 - inheritConfigurationAndTexts missing from ConversationCreationData

  • UNBLU-14383 - Accessibility: Focus outline missing on all select elements

  • UNBLU-14384 - Lots of "Invalid value LongDeserializer for configuration key.deserializer" log entries from Kafka pod

  • UNBLU-14385 - Null pointer exception when emails sent but email service not properly configured

  • UNBLU-14405 - Conversation history UI breaks with more than 100 conversations and preview disabled

  • UNBLU-14409 - Snackbar auto-close timeouts not configurable

  • UNBLU-14414 - Named area settings values not editable in UI

  • UNBLU-14416 - Scheduled conversation: "Add further agents" drop list not loading for registered user role

  • UNBLU-14418 - MSOffice 365 - Email can only be sent once

  • UNBLU-14419 - Account email settings ignored

  • UNBLU-14420 - User change not handled properly in audio and video sessions when change triggered on different tab

  • UNBLU-14429 - Scheduled conversation: "Add further agents" select element not filled for registered user role

  • UNBLU-14432 - Snackbar auto close timeouts set in seconds but used as milliseconds

New features and improvements

  • UNBLU-13454 - Remove mobile JS Picture in Picture (PiP), added function to display call UI

  • UNBLU-13527 - Propagate dialed-in state to mobile SDKs

  • UNBLU-13579 - Mobile iOS configuration settings for context menu of floating indicator

  • UNBLU-13807 - Accessibility: Remove aria-controls="VisitorIndivualUiComponent" on smart launcher

  • UNBLU-13992 - Embedded co-browsing support for blob resources

  • UNBLU-14078 - Provide list of conversations to SDK via getConversations method

  • UNBLU-14313 - utransfer: add support for person visibility rules

  • UNBLU-14365 - Disable sslEnabled in v8 in favor of mandatory STARTTLS

  • UNBLU-14374 - Change response code of /global/ping endpoint

  • UNBLU-14376 - Allow adding secondary agents to outbound and scheduled conversations

  • UNBLU-14386 - Review visibility, status, and scope of properties

  • UNBLU-14389 - utransfer: generated password for temporary user sometimes invalid

  • UNBLU-14394 - Oracle DB: do not fail with "Migration failed" ("ORA-00903" error) when 'adminUser' set to empty or blank string

  • UNBLU-14398 - Add proxy support to Azure blob storage SPN connection

  • UNBLU-14399 - Web API v4: expand type should be List, not String

  • UNBLU-14412 - Reconnect banner and getServerHash triggered too early during connect

  • UNBLU-14423 - Update Apryse

  • UNBLU-13437 - Add event about the current presentation mode

  • UNBLU-13562 - Add configuration properties for mobile indicators according to new navigation concept

  • UNBLU-13649 - Add "close conversation" action to mobile modal display mode

  • UNBLU-13898 - Conversation UI to change linked person of external messenger contacts

  • UNBLU-13948 - Add configuration properties for drop zone UI on mobile devices

  • UNBLU-13969 - Add "close conversation" action in modal mode to mobile SDK UI

  • UNBLU-14012 - Allow collapsing conversation when pressing back button on visitor mobile and floating UIs

  • UNBLU-14031 - Add possibility to minimize call UI via mobile JS API

  • UNBLU-14038 - Show/hide native mobile UI when popup UI elements appear/disappear in WebView

  • UNBLU-14267 - Add specific error types for PIN entry errors

  • UNBLU-14372 - Keep collaboration state consistent between mobile and agent desk when Mobile SDK de-initializes

Unblu 8.0.1 release notes

Release date: 18 April 2024

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  • UNBLU-13239 - Messages not sent to external messengers remain in PENDING state

  • UNBLU-13984 - virtual-cookie-storage not cleaned properly

  • UNBLU-14037 - ConversationCreatedEvent doesn’t include all participants

  • UNBLU-14043 - Input values set with JS not shown during embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-14053 - Configuration editor of conversation not showing inherited values

  • UNBLU-14076 - Canned responses not truncated when searching

  • UNBLU-14087 - Document co-browsing failing on agent side when CSP mode is ON

  • UNBLU-14094 - Conversation recording: document co-browsing not recorded

  • UNBLU-14095 - Audit log not generated when updating "migrated" user-property

  • UNBLU-14112 - Conversation with mobile SDK not initialized

  • UNBLU-14115 - Conversation history details can’t be displayed

  • UNBLU-14120 - Visitor’s video not presented in full, covering agent’s self preview

  • UNBLU-14121 - File upload bar component wrong

  • UNBLU-14122 - Share button in conversation opens empty menu

  • UNBLU-14124 - Secondary agent sees invite button even though they can’t invite anyone

  • UNBLU-14126 - Background blur not starting

  • UNBLU-14129 - Replacement background green when enabling camera during audio call

  • UNBLU-14131 - Visitor from external messenger receives internal message

  • UNBLU-14136 - Retry sending message fails

  • UNBLU-14137 - Canned response arrow navigation starts at bottom instead of top

  • UNBLU-14139 - utransfer: team translations not converted correctly

  • UNBLU-14141 - Call action bar displayed when agent unavailable for call

  • UNBLU-14143 - Error loading content - New message action

  • UNBLU-14146 - Canned response window shows up twice when using shortcut

  • UNBLU-14147 - Can’t create user with password sent by email

  • UNBLU-14149 - Text of time on inbox list wrong size

  • UNBLU-14152 - Error while editing webuser

  • UNBLU-14156 - Starting .war file doesn’t create superadmin by default

  • UNBLU-14162 - Registered user can’t set label on visitor in ended conversation

  • UNBLU-14165 - Pagination not always working in /conversations/search and /conversationhistory/search endpoints

  • UNBLU-14168 - Message status pending on custom external messenger conversation

  • UNBLU-14169 - Text alignment and padding wrong while collaboration starting

  • UNBLU-14170 - Action bar shows in small floating preview on Floating Visitor UI

  • UNBLU-14171 - Text runs under icon in media settings

  • UNBLU-14172 - Decrease gap between actions on visitor-side call UI action bar

  • UNBLU-14173 - Camera preview displayed in wrong location

  • UNBLU-14174 - Increase gap between inputs to 16px

  • UNBLU-14175 - Missing validation of conversationVisibility attribute on /conversationtemplates/* web API endpoints

  • UNBLU-14176 - Spacing when removing stop button on collaboration layer wrong

  • UNBLU-14179 - "Close conversation" button on Visitor Desk not working

  • UNBLU-14181 - Long label name not cropped in "new visibility rule" UI and visibility rule overview

  • UNBLU-14183 - Main team configuration applied to visitors

  • UNBLU-14185 - Impersonating in UI doesn’t navigate to /config-account

  • UNBLU-14186 - PiP not showing even when enabled

  • UNBLU-14187 - Dialog bot delivery log not working on web API v4

  • UNBLU-14191 - Event type OutboundPingRequest should be PingRequest

  • UNBLU-14193 - com.unblu.cannedresponse.searchInCannedResponseText not read when searching canned responses

  • UNBLU-14196 - Global settings: issues with changed settings (export, show-changed, re-update)

  • UNBLU-14201 - Conversation history page: conversations where participation has ended still displayed

  • UNBLU-14202 - Forwarded conversation: clicking "participants" and "info" icons triggers admission request

  • UNBLU-14209 - Conversation history page: opening conversation info of active conversation generates error

  • UNBLU-14210 - Conversation configuration: inheritance not working after restore conversation

  • UNBLU-14214 - Web API v4 endpoint /accounts/{accountId}/getAccountSecret results in error

  • UNBLU-14215 - Web API v4: return 4xx response instead of 200 response with null response body

  • UNBLU-14216 - OpenAPI docs: remove billingAddress and contactAddress properties from examples

  • UNBLU-14218 - Make web API v4 /accounts/{accountId}/Ingress endpoints accessable to admins of account

  • UNBLU-14220 - Give admins access to background replacement configuration properties

  • UNBLU-14223 - Video self preview shows below layer being started

  • UNBLU-14226 - Visitor Desk: notification permission request banner displayed on request admission screen

  • UNBLU-14230 - When requesting co-browsing, first click to open chat does nothing

  • UNBLU-14238 - Long label name not cropped in "new visibility rule" UI when choosing a label

  • UNBLU-14240 - PiP doesn’t allow for multiple hang-up options

  • UNBLU-14242 - Don’t open PiP when requesting screen sharing from someone else

  • UNBLU-14245 - Restoring configuration defaults not working

  • UNBLU-14248 - Visitor Desk: "Close conversation" button not working

  • UNBLU-14253 - Popup menus use wrong border radius configuration

  • UNBLU-14256 - Converting labels to scoped labels allows assigning a person multiple labels in same scope

  • UNBLU-14258 - Apryse "Select" tool gives access to annotation tools even when not allowed to create or edit edit annotations

  • UNBLU-14261 - Audio call in PiP mode: participants' avatars/names missing

  • UNBLU-14262 - Screen sharing can’t be re-initiated when stopped with Chrome browser button

  • UNBLU-14263 - Names of "agent initiated conversation" templates messed up if com.unblu.conversation.template.newConversationTemplateIds is changed

  • UNBLU-14268 - Missing validation on mandatory attributes in /personvisibilityrules/* web API endpoints

  • UNBLU-14271 - /personlabels/{personLabelId}/delete web API endpoint should return explicit error when called on nonexistent label

  • UNBLU-14272 - /users/{userId}/hasPassword web API endpoint should return explicit error when called on nonexistent user

  • UNBLU-14291 - Too many DB queries during authentication when using ID propagation

  • UNBLU-14294 - Outbound conversation templates no longer displayed in plus menu if com.unblu.conversation.template.newConversationTemplateIds configured

  • UNBLU-14295 - com.unblu.conversation.outbound.enableOutboundConversation only available for superadmins

  • UNBLU-14302 - All conversation templates are listed in dropdown menu for new conversation on person panel

  • UNBLU-14303 - Authenticated visitor can’t be created during outbound conversation creation

  • UNBLU-14304 - Custom channel displayed when "Supports outbound communication" option disabled

  • UNBLU-14305 - Disabled custom channels in list for connected messengers

  • UNBLU-14310 - New password email contains wrong URL when triggered by impersonated superadmin

  • UNBLU-14311 - Wrong webhook registration version used by delivery job

  • UNBLU-14312 - Missing account ID validation in /accounts/{accountId}/getRecordedMinutes web API endpoint

  • UNBLU-14317 - Audio call in PiP mode: participants' avatars/names not displayed after turning camera on/off

  • UNBLU-14318 - Validation of actionIcon property missing on /customactions/create web API endpoint

  • UNBLU-14320 - Invalid validation for email when creating customer from outbound template

  • UNBLU-14321 - Webhook registration: delete and restore not restoring delivery jobs

  • UNBLU-14322 - Webhook registration: deleting and restoring account is not restoring delivery jobs

  • UNBLU-14324 - Linking existing user with existing custom external messenger fails

  • UNBLU-14325 - Resetting demo data not working

  • UNBLU-14327 - Account overview broken in Account Configuration interface

  • UNBLU-14333 - Recording not completed properly

  • UNBLU-14352 - ID propagated virtual visitor inheriting default team settings

  • UNBLU-14359 - ExternalMessengerCreateContact - Cannot create contact or use existing contact

New features and improvements

  • UNBLU-9836 - Change response of /*/send*Message web API endpoints to contain messageId

  • UNBLU-11483 - Change default values of override user/team management configuration properties

  • UNBLU-13154 - Move chat input Markdown configuration to CONVERSATION_TEMPLATE scope

  • UNBLU-13420 - Make all web API return values JSON objects

  • UNBLU-13729 - Add support for sending email via Office 365 API

  • UNBLU-13910 - Change behaviour to properly track configuration changes in audit log

  • UNBLU-13915 - Adapt synchronization tool to new configuration object usage for metadata

  • UNBLU-13959 - Update conversation template editor UI

  • UNBLU-13981 - Allow agents always to request admission for conversations

  • UNBLU-13995 - Implement correct diff algorithm for audit log visualizer

  • UNBLU-14067 - General web API improvements

  • UNBLU-14068 - Use outbound requests for custom actions in web API

  • UNBLU-14075 - Add apiDownloadLink and agentDeskDownloadLink to return value of /conversationhistory/{conversationId}/getConversationRecordings web API endpoint

  • UNBLU-14106 - Rename web API /call/ to /calls/

  • UNBLU-14118 - Additional templates independent of engagement types

  • UNBLU-14125 - Add supportsMultipleConversationsPerContact field to editor UI

  • UNBLU-14127 - Make names of configuration properties for native document co-browsing more consistent

  • UNBLU-14130 - Change size of user avatar in top bar

  • UNBLU-14133 - Add configuration to hide launcher button when Floating Visitor UI opened

  • UNBLU-14140 - Search and filter canned responses based on content

  • UNBLU-14142 - Add support for person labels to utransfer

  • UNBLU-14144 - Show spinner in call UI while recording is starting

  • UNBLU-14157 - Enable key filter by default in configuration property editor

  • UNBLU-14159 - Make case sensitivity of "contains" search configurable in web API search endpoints

  • UNBLU-14160 - Agent-level configuration property to configure access to private conversations

  • UNBLU-14161 - Agent-level configuration property to configure how agents may access rule-based conversations

  • UNBLU-14182 - Missing unique indexes in marked entities

  • UNBLU-14221 - Conversation participation needs contact ID

  • UNBLU-14239 - Close PiP window when screen sharing cancelled

  • UNBLU-14243 - Add details to server log for automated configuration migration from Unblu 7 to Unblu Spark 8

  • UNBLU-14246 - Add label or description field to external messenger contact

  • UNBLU-14247 - Allow to enforce startTls if it is selected

  • UNBLU-14255 - Allow further Visitor Chat UI configuration

  • UNBLU-14265 - Display user labels in user list

  • UNBLU-14266 - Update access scope for configuration properties

  • UNBLU-14280 - Improve search engine check on startup

  • UNBLU-14284 - Add support for missing imageData in avatar to utransfer

  • UNBLU-14285 - Update LiveKit client library to make it compatible with Chrome 124

  • UNBLU-14286 - Move Rendering Service configuration scope

  • UNBLU-14287 - Add configuration entity infos to server log for automated configuration migration from Unblu 7 to Unblu Spark 8

  • UNBLU-14290 - Change default configuration to better fit core use cases

  • UNBLU-14292 - Adapt conversation info in JS APIs

  • UNBLU-14339 - Change default call service provider to Livekit

  • UNBLU-13778 - Display person labels in conversation person details view

  • UNBLU-13834 - Implement configuration object version migration path

  • UNBLU-13843 - Implement configuration object cleanup service

  • UNBLU-13854 - Implement legacy configuration migration service(s)

  • UNBLU-13897 - Add ability to link external messenger contacts to other persons

  • UNBLU-13918 - Introduce conversation configuration cascading

  • UNBLU-13934 - Create external SMS messenger entities and API services

  • UNBLU-14013 - Allow starting conversations that trigger outbound dialog

  • UNBLU-14063 - Create Twilio webhook for incoming SMS

  • UNBLU-14098 - Add Elasticsearch and OpenSearch client libraries

  • UNBLU-14110 - Send different message types via SMS

  • UNBLU-14117 - Template and recipient on SMS entity

  • UNBLU-14150 - Allow to start new outbound unblu conversions from the conversation participant panel

  • UNBLU-14151 - Show external messenger contacts in participant panel and allow to open and start new external messenger conversations

  • UNBLU-14155 - Display Unblu Spark version information in Agent Desk UI

  • UNBLU-14184 - Add preview and deprecated annotation to web service methods

  • UNBLU-14190 - Replace person state-change webhooks with separate ones for visitors and agents

Removed features

  • UNBLU-11434 - Remove deprecated proxy configuration properties

  • UNBLU-11914 - Remove support for enterprise legacy snippet

  • UNBLU-14010 - Remove PersonPresenceData.touchTimestamp from web API

  • UNBLU-14028 - Remove allowing visitors to invite other visitors via JS API

  • UNBLU-14105 - Remove /messageinterceptors/approveMessage and /messageinterceptors/rejectMessage web API endpoints

  • UNBLU-14177 - Validate and reduce all PersonType-based conversation configuration

  • UNBLU-14219 - Remove all JS API methods related to invitations

  • UNBLU-14232 - Update blocked browser versions

  • UNBLU-14319 - Delete v7 of JS API