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Importing and exporting configuration data in Unblu

There are three ways of importing and exporting configuration data in Unblu:

  • Using the utransfer utility to import and export entities themselves with all their attributes, such as name or description, and all corresponding configuration and text properties. utransfer is extensively used in projects to transfer configuration from one system to another, such as from testing to production.

    For more information, see utransfer.

  • Using the Account Configuration interface to perform limited imports and exports of the configuration and text properties of single entities, such as conversation templates, named areas, or teams.

    For more information, see Bulk operations.

  • For importing only, using the entity-import-during-startup property that runs inside the Collaboration Server during startup. For this use case, utransfer is typically used to create an export file from a system where you have the Account configuration page. Then entity-import-during-startup is configured in a system where the Account Configuration interface isn’t accessible.