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unblu-kubernetes-base migration checklist

There have been a number of changes to unblu-kubernetes-base for Unblu Spark 8. before you migrate your cluster deployment to Unblu Spark 8, review this checklist as well as the articles linked in the See also section below.

Search database requirement

Unblu Spark 8 requires a search database such as OpenSearch or Elasticsearch. There are templates and documentation for the following approaches:

  • Deploying OpenSearch using a Kubernetes operator: check the opensearch/operator module

  • Deploying OpenSearch with a Helm chart: check the opensearch/helm module

  • Deploying Elasticsearch with a Kubernetes operator: check the elasticsearch/operator module

Renamed modules

A number of modules have been renamed:

  • Old name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/renderingservice-burst

  • New name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/rendering-service/burst

  • Old name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/renderingservice-autoscale

  • New name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/rendering-service/autoscale

  • Old name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/k8s-ingress-gke

  • New name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/ingress/gke-native

  • Old name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/k8s-prometheus

  • New name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/prometheus

  • Old name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/external-analytics/opensearch

  • New name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/opensearch/operator

  • Old name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/collaboration-server-with-mariadb

  • New name: /unblu-kubernetes-base/collaboration-server-with-mysql

Product version endpoints removed

The legacy endpoints /unblu/rest/product and /app/rest/product have been removed and aren’t available in Unblu Spark 8. Use the endpoint /global/ping instead. If you need version information, you can use the endpoint /global/productVersion. Bear in mind, however, that it requires you to be authenticated.

NGINX refactoring

The following file names have changed:

  • format.logs is now logformat.conf

  • host.headers is now headers-host.conf

  • proxy.headers is now headers-proxy.conf

  • static.conf is now location-static.conf

The following hooks have changed:

  • Old hook: *.conf

  • New hook: location-*.conf

  • Old hook: *.headers

  • New hook: headers-*.conf

Base URL

You must now set com.unblu.identifier.internalServerBaseUrl explicitly; it no longer defaults to the value of com.unblu.identifier.publicServerBaseUrl. If you haven’t set the value of internalServerBaseUrl explicitly, copy the value of publicServerBaseUrl.

TURN server certificates

unblu-kubernetes-base no longer includes placeholder files for the certificates and keys. Choose one of the following approaches:

  • Create the coturn-tls secret before you deploy the TURN server and remove the secretGenerator for it. This is the recommended approach.

  • Keep using the secretGenerator but remove the behavior: merge line.

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