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Integrating Unblu with the Airlock Web Application Firewall without protected resources

The Airlock Web Application Firewall (WAF) is one of the reverse proxy products specifically supported by Unblu for securing public internet access to on-premises Unblu installations. This article describes how to configure an Airlock WAF that proxies your on-premises Unblu server to your public visitors.

There are two guides for configuring the Airlock WAF. Go through the checklist to choose the appropriate instructions for your use case before you start configuring the Airlock WAF.

Before you start

Before you start, verify that your current installation meets the requirements to run Unblu with Airlock WAF.

  1. For the Unblu server, make a note of following configuration properties:

    You need them when you configure the mapping for the Unblu server in the reverse proxy settings.

  2. Open the Airlock administration interface and navigate to System Setup  License. Make sure the version of Airlock WAF you’re using is 5.3 or higher.

    Airlock license screen

Configuring the Airlock WAF

Remember to click on the Activate button once you’ve finished configuring the Airlock WAF.

Configure the Unblu back-end group

  1. In the left sidebar of the Airlock administration interface, navigate to Application Firewall  Reverse proxy.

  2. Create the back-end group for the Unblu server if you haven’t already done so.

  3. On the Basic tab, fill in the following details:

    • The Name of the group.

    • The appropriate Protocol.

    • The name of your Unblu server’s Back-end host.

    • The Port the Unblu server uses.

    Airlock Unblu back-end group
    Figure 1. Airlock Unblu back-end group, Basic tab

Configure the mapping for the Unblu server

Next, create the mapping for the Unblu server. Start with a new empty mapping. Give it a name that makes it clear which environment and version of Unblu it maps and work through the various tabs as outlined below.

The Basic tab

On the Basic tab, make the following changes:

  1. In the Service and Mode section, set the Entry path and the Back-end path to the value of Unblu’s PUBLIC path prefix as defined in com.unblu.identifier.publicPathPrefix, followed by a trailing slash /.

  2. In the Application section, set Session handling to Use available session.

  3. Set Passthrough cookies to Use regular expression.

  4. In the line below the radio button, add the values of the following configuration properties, separated by an OR (|):

    With the default values for the configuration properties listed above, the regular expression looks like this:

    Listing 1. Regular expression for passthrough cookies with default values
    x-unblu-session | x-unblu-device
    The default values for the configuration properties above contain variables. In the regular expression, you must replace the variable with its value, like in the example above.

When you’ve finished, the Basic tab should look like this:

Airlock Unblu server mapping
Figure 2. Airlock Unblu server mapping, Basic tab

The Request Actions tab

On the Request Actions tab, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a custom copy of the (default) Request header whitelist.

  2. Adapt the name and add the following headers to the Header Name Pattern:

    • x-unblu-client

    • x-unblu-page

    • x-unblu-referer

    • x-unblu-xui

    Separate the header names with an OR (|).

  3. Make sure you have an action that adds an X-Forwarded-Proto header to all requests. The action should look something like this:

    Request action to add or replace an X-Forwarded-Proto header to requests

    Request action to add or replace an <code>X-Forwarded-Proto</code> header to requests

  4. Create an action that adds an X-Forwarded-Host header to all requests. The action should look similar to the one that adds an X-Forwarded-Proto header.

The Response Actions tab

On the Response Actions tab, create a custom copy of the (default) Response header whitelist. Adapt the name and make sure that the Header Name Pattern includes the following headers:

  • Pragma

  • Cache-Control

  • Expires

  • x-unblu-xui

  • x-unblu-client

  • x-unblu-page

  • x-unblu-start-time

Add any missing headers to the pattern with an OR (|).

The Limits tab

On the Limits tab, increase the Max path length to 4kB.

Airlock Unblu server mapping
Figure 3. Airlock Unblu server mapping, Limits tab

The ICAP tab

On the ICAP tab, make sure there are no ICAP services configured for the Unblu server.

Airlock Unblu server mapping
Figure 4. Airlock Unblu server mapping, ICAP tab

Connect the Unblu mapping

When you’ve finished configuring the Unblu mapping, connect it to the virtual host and to the back-end group of the Unblu server.

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