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External components

Audio and video call service provider

To support audio and video calls, Unblu relies on call service providers. The Collaboration Server must be configured to connect to one of the supported services.

Data security

The personally identifiable information (PII) exposed to the call service provider depends on the provider you use and the specifics of the integration. For more information, refer to the articles for the different call service providers:

TURN server

To support universal co-browsing, document co-browsing, and screen sharing, Unblu requires a connection to a TURN server.

A TURN server is a standard mechanism for creating such connections between endpoints that are each behind their own firewall. It does so by providing a common location external to the two communicating parties to which each can establish an outbound connection. The TURN server then provides a bridge creating the end-to-end connection.

In universal and document co-browsing, the TURN server is used to provide a video streaming connection between the Rendering Service on the one hand and the agent and visitor clients on the other.

The recommended approach is to use the Unblu Cloud TURN server service.

Data security

All video traffic related to universal and document co-browsing traverses the TURN server. However, all data is always encrypted.


Universal co-browsing, document co-browsing, and screen sharing sessions are ephemeral. They’re only archived if you configure conversation recording.


The Unblu Cloud TURN server is configured and administered by Unblu. Its operation is transparent to you as a customer. There is no charge for data transmitted during universal co-browsing, document co-browsing, or screen sharing.