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Scheduled conversation configuration

Scheduled conversations allow agents to create conversations in advance and prepare any collaboration layers or documents they need before other participants can access the conversation.

Enabling scheduled conversations

Scheduled conversations are a separately licensed feature of Unblu, so before you configure the feature, you must first obtain a license that covers it. Once you’ve done that, you can enable the feature for your account by setting com.unblu.messenger.scheduledConversationEnabled to true.

Configuring scheduled conversations

Some configuration properties are specific to scheduled conversations:

Configuring the Waiting room page

If a visitor is admitted to a scheduled conversation before an agent has started it, they land on the Waiting room page, which informs them that the agent hasn’t started the conversation yet.

*Waiting room* page

To remove the assigned agent, the scheduled start date and time, or the topic of the conversation from the Waiting room page, set the appropriate configuration property to false:

You can add custom text to the waiting room page with the text property com.unblu.visitordesk.waitingroom.customInformation. Use Markdown for formatting, and set com.unblu.visitordesk.waitingroom.customInformationAlignment to change the text alignment.

You can change the texts displayed on the waiting room page.

When an invitee clicks the Join button, they see one of the following messages while they wait to be admitted:

Once they’ve been granted access to the conversation and the conversation starts, invitees join the conversation automatically.

Agents join the conversation immediately after being admitted. They aren’t directed to the Waiting room page.

Conversation canceled view

If a conversation is canceled before it starts, invitees who haven’t yet been admitted see the Conversation canceled view of the Conversation ended page:

*Conversation canceled* view of the *Conversation ended* page

For information on customizing the Conversation ended page, refer to Configuring invitations.

Using Unblu scheduled conversations with Calenso

Calenso is a third-party solution that lets you create and manage online appointments in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can use Calenso to create scheduled conversations in Unblu. To do so, you must ensure that your Unblu configuration meets the following requirements:

For information on configuring Calenso to schedule conversations in Unblu, refer to the Calenso documentation.

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