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Configuring the Collaboration Server for the Unblu Conversational Bot (UCB)

There are several configuration properties you must set for the Unblu Collaboration Server to work with the UCB.

  • com.unblu.ui.usermenu.showManageConversationalBot enables the "Conversational Bot settings" menu item. The label for the menu item is defined in the text property com.unblu.ui.usermenu.itemManageConversationalBot.

  • com.unblu.authproxy.conversationalbot.enableConversationalBotAuthProxy enables Unblu to act as an authentication proxy, allowing single sign-on for the UCB. The UCB is then accessible through the URL <unblu-internal-path>/conversationalbot.

    Only users with the ADMIN role or higher may access and configure the UCB.
  • com.unblu.authproxy.conversationalbot.conversationalBotUrl is the URL to reach the UCB. Requests to <unblu-internal-path>/conversationalbot are proxied to this URL. The URL is typically in the internal cluster network.

  • com.unblu.authproxy.conversationalbot.conversationalBotRequestTimeout defines the timeout for requests from the Collaboration Server to the UCB. The timeout must be specified in milliseconds and must be between 15000 ms and 300000 ms. The default value is 30000 ms.