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Setting up a dedicated document storage

A relational database isn’t an ideal location to store large binary files. For files like documents that participants upload to a conversation, you should instead use a blob store such as Amazon S3 (or a compatible service like, Azure Blob Storage, or Google Cloud Storage.

Amazon AWS S3 or configuration

Listing 1. Unblu configuration to use or AWS S3\://\:9001 (1)<key> (2)<secret> (3)
1 Remove this line to use AWS S3 instead of
2 Add your access key here.
3 Add your access secret here.

Azure Blob Storage configuration

Listing 2. Unblu configuration to use Azure Blob Storage (1)
<a href="../../../reference/configuration-properties.html#com-unblu-server-storage-blob-store-azure-createcontainerifnotexists"></a>
1 To use Azure authentication with a server principal, set to spn.

Depending on the authentication type you chose, you must provided different additional information:

  • To use a connection string to access the blob store, set the following configuration property:

    Listing 3. Configuration for Azure authorization with a connection string<connection-string> (1)
    1 Add your connection string here.
  • To use Azure Active Directory (AAD) OAuth 2.0 authentication for the blob store, you must set the following configuration properties:

    Listing 4. Configuration for AAD OAuth 2.0 authentication<clientId><client-secret> (1) (2)<account-name><endpoint><tenantId>
    1 Replace with the appropriate value for your use case.
    2 Replace with the appropriate value for your use case.

    Replace the placeholders above with the appropriate values. For more information, refer to the Azure documentation.

Google Cloud Storage configuration

Listing 5. Unblu configuration to use Google Cloud Storage (GCS)[PROPERTIES, <key>] (1)
1 Add your service account key in JSON format here. If omitted, Application Default Credentials (ADC) are used.