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The Android brandable agent app

Most organizations have a mobile app their customers can use to interact with them. What they often lack, however, is a dedicated mobile app for their advisors and relationship managers, enabling them to react to customer requests.

Creating such an app from scratch is often time-consuming. To give you a head start, Unblu provides a brandable agent app for Android and iOS. The app gives users access to the conversations they’re participating in. It also allows them to make audio and video calls in conversations, provided these features are available on the Unblu Collaboration Server.

The app provides three different authentication methods out of the box:

  • Direct authentication again an Unblu Collaboration Server

  • Authentication with a reverse proxy

  • Authentication with an external identity provider and an authentication header

You can customize the app to better match your organization’s corporate identity by changing the following UI elements:

  • Icons and other logos

  • Fonts

  • The colors of UI elements such as buttons, inputs, alerts, and so on

Finally, you can localize the app as you would any other Android app by providing string resources for each language you want to support.

For more information, refer to the README file in the Android brandable agent app’s GitHub repository.