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SecureFlow Manager and filter chain order

The location of the SecureFlow Manager (SFM) in the proxy’s filter chain is very important. This is because the Collaboration Server must process the exact URLs of the resources that are requested by the visitor browser. In a filter chain, those URLs are often altered on the way to the backend server.

Ideally, the SFM should be as close to the front of the request queue and the visitor browser as possible. Although filter chains differ from organization to organization, many potential difficulties can be resolved by placing the SFM within the filter chain so that it receives the data before any other filter has a chance to make changes to that data.

When a co-browsing session starts, the SFM picks up the URLs from the request queue and the image and style sheet data from the response queue.

The proxy must be configured such that all /unblu requests go to the Collaboration Server.
SFM in a filter chain
Figure 1. The SFM in a filter chain

The flow of Unblu-specific requests is represented in the diagram by red arrows.

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