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Unblu Spark is incredibly versatile. To get the most out of it, you must configure it to meet your organization’s specific needs. The articles in this section discuss how to do that for numerous different use cases.

UI theming

Give Unblu Spark the look and feel that best suits your organization’s brand identity, and adapt how Unblu’s UIs behave to your user’s expectations. The articles below describe how.


Conversations are the keystone of any interaction in Unblu Spark. They’re both powerful and versatile. Their behavior can be tailored to your organization’s needs. The articles in this section describe how.


The Unblu concierge is a built-in bot that can handle onboarding, reboarding, and offboarding users to conversations in Unblu. The articles below describe how to get the most out of the concierge.


Users must know when there are new messages in conversations they’re participating in. To this end, Unblu Spark offers a variety of notification methods, which are described in the articles in this section.

Mobile notifications are discussed in the articles Android on iOS integration.

Collaboration layers

Collaboration layers allow your organization to engage with clients and prospects in more meaningful ways. Your relationship managers can review websites and documents with clients, conduct online audio and video calls, or give online presentations to groups of clients.

Each of these collaboration options can be configured to match your organization’s needs. The articles in this section give you the information you need.

Embedded co-browsing and the SecureFlow Manager (SFM)

Embedded co-browsing gives your employees to what your clients and prospects see on any part of your website where it’s been enabled. It’s a very powerful collaboration tool, and the best way to configure it depends on your use cases and your current system infrastructure.

The articles in this section describe how to get embedded co-browsing up and running.

Rendering Service

The Rendering Service is a component required for the universal co-browsing, server-based document co-browsing, and conversation recording features in Unblu Spark. The articles below describe how to set it up.

Audio and video

By adding Unblu Spark’s audio and video call capabilities to other features such as embedded co-browsing, you can offer your clients and prospects a more well-rounded engagement experience. At the same time, you maintain full control over any data, making it easier to meet the finance industry’s stringent legal and compliance requirements.

The articles here describe how to configure Unblu Spark to work with different call service providers.