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Choosing the right Airlock Web Application Firewall integration guide

If you use Unblu in conjunction with the Airlock Web Application Firewall (WAF), the steps you must take to configure Airlock vary depending on how you’re using Unblu. Because of this, there are two different guides to integrating Unblu with the Airlock WAF:

Answer the questions below to decide which of the integration guides you need to follow.


  1. Do you use Unblu’s embedded co-browsing feature on your website?

    • If you answered "no", use guide 1.

    • If your answer’s "yes", proceed to the next question.

  2. Do parts of the website your organization wants to use embedded co-browsing on have access restrictions? For example, do users have to log in to access the website?

    • If your answer’s "no", proceed to question 3.

    • If you answered "yes", are some web resources—​CSS files, web fonts, images and the like—​only accessible once users log in?

      • If your answer’s "no", proceed to question 3.

      • If you answered "yes" again, some resources are protected and you probably need to follow guide 2. Confirm this with your project manager before you proceed.

  3. Is the website you’re using embedded co-browsing the same for all users? For example, are the images that visitors see accessible to agents, too?

    • If your answer’s "yes", use guide 1.

    • If you answered "no", follow guide 2.

You should now know which integration guide to follow so that Unblu will work with your Airlock WAF. If you’re still unsure which guide is the right one for your use case, contact Unblu.

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