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Server positioning

Before you deploy Unblu, you must decide where you’re going to deploy it. The choice you make, together with the Unblu features your organization wants to use, affects how you must configure Unblu.

There are two different options for positioning your Unblu deployment:

  • Site-embedded setup

  • Cross-origin setup

Site-embedded setup

In a site-embedded setup, both Unblu and your company website server sit behind a proxy.

Site-embedded setup
Figure 1. Site-embedded setup

In most situations where a site-embedded integration is used, the SecureFlow Manager (SFM) is also used to enable dynamic injection and protected resource upload. However, strictly speaking the two factors are independent: the SFM can be used without site-embedded integration and vice versa.

The diagram above depicts the site-embedded setup with the SFM installed on the proxy server.

Cross-origin setup

In a cross-origin setup, Unblu server and your company website server are exposed separately to the internet.

Cross-origin setup
Figure 2. Cross-origin setup

This setup typically uses static inclusion, though as above, the factors are independent: a cross-origin setup can also be used in conjunction with dynamic injection provided by the SFM.