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Visitor frontends

An end customer, or visitor, has different ways to interact with a company using Unblu as its central collaboration platform.

Usually the Unblu collaboration suite is integrated into the website of the customer, such as the online banking website, the insurance customer center, and so on.

Unblu comes with a number of built-in visitor UIs that you can use to integrate Unblu into your organization’s website.

Floating Visitor UI

The Floating Visitor UI consists of four major elements:

The Unblu launcher button

This button is typically positioned in the bottom right corner and is the first interaction point of the visitor with Unblu. It allows to maximize and collapse the conversation panel and also gives information about the current state:

  • If the visitor has unread messages a small badge with a notification count is displayed.

  • When a visitor enters a conversation the icon in the button changes to indicate that closing the conversation panel doesn’t end the conversation.

  • If the visitor pops out the conversation panel into its own window (usually used during calls) the launcher button changes its icon to allow "popping in" the window again.

The conversation panel

The conversation panel is the main interaction window with Unblu. When initially opening it, it shows the overview with past conversations and ways to start new conversations. On the overview, the visitor also directly sees if there is an agent available or not. Based on the availability of agents the visitor sees different possibilities to start a conversation. From here the visitor can navigate in and out of conversations.

The collaboration space

The collaboration space is like an overlay over the whole website. As long as only chat is active, it’s not visible for the visitor. When embedded co-browsing is started in a conversation, a green frame and banner are displayed around the website, indicating that the content of the page is currently being shared. If any other collaboration layer (such as document or universal co-browsing) is activated, its contents are displayed inside the collaboration space, hiding the actual page behind it.

The collaboration layer control panel

The content displayed and the interactions that can be done within the collaboration space are controlled by the collaboration layer control panel. By default the panel is only displayed when a collaboration layer is activated. It floats over the collaboration space and allows the visitor to see which layer is active, to stop sharing that layer and depending on the configuration to control the active layer and switch to another one.

Embedded Visitor UI

The Embedded Visitor UI provides a way of integrating Unblu into your website or single-page application (SPA) so that messaging remains the main focus and content.

To add the Embedded Visitor UI to a page, we provide a custom HTML element. It can be placed anywhere on a page and can be sized any way you like to integrate seamlessly with your UI.

Visitor Desk

The Visitor Desk is a special instance of the Floating Visitor UI that’s hosted on its own page served from the Unblu Server, it’s not integrated into your company web page. The Visitor Desk is used for special cases where an agent wants to send a link to a specific visitor allowing that visitor to communicate through Unblu without actually having to go to the company website.


The way Unblu’s collaborative features are presented can be individualized to fit the page they’re integrated in and corporate design of the customer using configuration properties. This includes theming like colors, button shapes etc., the position of the UI, the texts displayed and the features available for the visitor and much more.

Further customization, like the usage of a self-built UI for the Unblu launcher button or the PIN entry, can be achieved using the JavaScript APIs.