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The superadmin user

If the value of the configuration property is true, Unblu creates a superadmin as part of the initial Collaboration Server installation. You can specify the username in the configuration property If no username is provided, Unblu generates a username.

Initial superadmin password

There are two ways to set the initial password for the superadmin user, depending on the configuration property

  • If the property isn’t empty, the superadmin password is set to whatever value the property has.

  • If the property is empty, Unblu generates a random password and stores it in a file called credentials.txt. The file is located either within the directory specified in com.unblu.logging.outputDirectory (if present) or in the system’s default temporary folder.

    The file credentials.txt is also created when the configuration property is true and the property is empty.

Store this password securely! It’s needed to access the Agent Desk and to administer the installation.
The password file must be deleted after the initial server startup, otherwise the server doesn’t allow ordinary, non-superadmin users to log in.

Restoring the superadmin password

If the superadmin password is lost, a new one can be generated by setting the configuration property to true and restarting the Collaboration Server. This causes Unblu to generate a new random password and store it in the file credentials.txt, as if no value for the password had been provided during initial setup.

Once the server has restarted, set the aforementioned property to false again, retrieve the password from the file, then delete the file from where it was generated.

Superadmin team membership

The superadmin user must always be part of the default team "none." If the user’s a member of any other team, they can’t log in to the Agent Desk.