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System message categories

Unblu uses system messages to provide participants with information about the conversation they’re participating in and the Unblu system in general. These system messages are grouped into categories. Unblu also distinguishes between personal system messages, which are sent to the conversation participant who triggered the message or is immediately affected by the action that triggered it, and general system messages, which are sent to all the other participants.

Which system messages different participants see is determined by the categories of message that they’re allowed to see. This article describes the different system message categories.

Conversation system messages

The categories in this section contain system messages related to a conversation’s state. They only contain general system messages.


The category CONVERSATION_LIFECYCLE contains messages that Unblu sends when a conversation’s state changes, for example from QUEUED to ACTIVE.


Messages in the category CONVERSATION_END_REASON explain why a conversation ended, for example because a mandatory participant left the conversation.

Example: com.unblu.conversation.message.lifecycleEndedMandatoryParticipantLeft (INTERNAL)

The categories in this section are all related to audio and video calls.


Messages in the category CALL_LIFECYCLE are sent when there’s a change in a call’s state, for example when a call ends or is aborted.


Messages in the category CALL_PARTICIPANT are sent when there are changes regarding the participants in a call, for example when someone joins or leaves a call.


Messages in the category CALL_SNAPSHOT are sent when a participant takes a snapshot of a video stream during a video call.

Example: com.unblu.conversation.message.callSnapshotCapturedGeneral


Messages in the category CALL_PARTICIPANT_PUBLISHING_STATE are sent when the media streams that a participant is publishing change.

USER_CHANGE is the only category of user-related system messages. Messages in this category are related to the authentication state of a conversation’s participants, for example when a visitor logs in during a conversation.

Example: com.unblu.conversation.message.conversationMovedToAuthenticatedPerson

Participant-related system messages are all related to changes in the presence of a conversation’s participants.


Messages in the category PARTICIPANT_JOINED are sent when a participant joins a conversation.


Messages in the category PARTICIPANT_LEFT_REASON explain why a participant left a conversation, for example, because they were removed from the conversation.

Example: com.unblu.conversation.message.lifecycleParticipantLeftOtherGeneral


Messages in the category PARTICIPANT_VISIBILITY_CHANGE are sent when a participant changes their visibility in a conversation, for example, when a hidden secondary agent makes their presence visible.


Messages in the category PARTICIPANT_ROLE_CHANGE are sent when a participant’s role in a conversation changes, for example, from secondary agent to assigned agent.

Example: com.unblu.conversation.message.isNowAssignedAgentPersonal

Forwarding and invitation system messages

The categories in this section are related to forwarding conversations and to invitations to join conversations.


Messages in the category FORWARDING are sent when an agent forwards a conversation.


Messages in the category FORWARDING_STATE are sent when an agent redeems or revokes the forwarding of a conversation.


Messages in the category AGENT_INVITATION are sent when an agent inviting an agent, team, or named area to join a conversation. They include messages about initiating, revoking, and declining the invitation.


Messages in the category VISITOR_INVITATION are related to conversation requests initiated by visitors, and to invitations for visitors to join a conversation. The messages are sent when an invitation is created, renewed, revoked, or redeemed.


Messages in the category ASSIGNMENT_REQUEST are sent when an agent declines a conversation request.

Example: com.unblu.conversation.message.conversationRequestDeclinedPersonal

Conversation properties system messages

The categories in this section are related to properties specific to scheduled conversations.


Messages in the category CONVERSATION_PROPERTIES are sent in response to changes in the scheduled time or the topic of a scheduled conversation.


Messages in the category CONVERSATION_ADMISSION are related to requests from visitors to be admitted to a conversation.

Collaboration layer system messages

The categories in this section are related to collaboration layers.


Messages in the category LAYER_LIFECYCLE are sent when a conversation participant activates or deactivates a collaboration layer, or when a participant switches between collaboration layers.


Messages in the category LAYER_ACTION_CONTROL are sent when conversation participants activate or deactivate mark mode or remote control in a collaboration layer.


Messages in the category LAYER_ACTION_SHARING_PAUSE are sent when a conversation participant pauses or resumes co-browsing.

Example: com.unblu.conversation.message.cobrowsingContinuedGeneral


Messages in the category LAYER_INACTIVITY are sent when a collaboration layer is stopped due to inactivity.

Conversation recording system messages: RECORDING_LIFECYCLE

RECORDING_LIFECYCLE is the only category of conversation recording system messages. Messages in this category are sent when conversation recording starts, stops, or fails.

Imminent shutdown system messages

The categories in this section are related to the shutdown of the Collaboration Server a conversation is taking place on.


Messages in the category IMMINENT_SHUTDOWN are sent when a Collaboration Server instance must be migrated for technical reasons.

Example: com.unblu.conversation.message.imminentShutdownCollaborationServer


Messages in the category TERMINATING_INSTANCES are sent when an instance of the Collaboration Server or the Rendering Service has been migrated.