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Dynamic snippet injection

You can configure the SecureFlow Manager (SFM) to decide when to inject the JavaScript snippet into your web pages. This is called dynamic injection as the snippet is injected at runtime according to a set of rules that you define.

Dynamic injection makes the process more efficient, since the SFM decides when to inject which JavaScript files and only does this when a co-browsing session has been started.

The efficiency gains of dynamic snippet injection scale with the traffic to your web site. If, for example, you have instrumented all the Unblu-relevant pages of your web site without the SFM, the snippet loads and executes each time a visitor browser makes a request, consuming bandwidth and resources (bearing in mind that once the scripts are loaded they’re cached and reused). With dynamic snippet injection using the SFM, communication between your web pages and the Collaboration Server only happens for requests specifically related to Unblu.

Unblu Cloud customers should use the static snippet because dynamic snippet injection isn’t supported.

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