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Configuring the whiteboard collaboration layer

The whiteboard collaboration layer provides agents and visitors with a blank canvas. Conversation participants can draw diagrams as well as add text, shapes, and arrows. This is particularly useful if one of the participants has joined the conversation using a tablet.


Before you start configuring the whiteboard in specific conversation templates, you must activate it. If you don’t, the settings for the whiteboard aren’t available in the settings of your conversation templates.

You can activate the whiteboard in the GLOBAL (i.e. server) or ACCOUNT scope with the configuration property com.unblu.conversation.feature.whiteboardEnabled.

General configuration options

For information on general configuration options, refer to the section General configuration options of the article Configuring and manipulating collaboration layers.

Whiteboard configuration properties

This is a preview feature. It may be subject to change or removal with no further notice.

To enable preview features, set com.unblu.platform.enablePreview to true.

For more information on preview features, refer to the Unblu release policy.

The following configuration properties determine how conversation participants may launch whiteboard sessions:

You set the configuration properties listed above in the configuration cascades for visitors and agents. The properties only have an effect if the browser and operating system they’re using meet the technical requirements to launch a whiteboard session.

In conversation templates, the configuration properties for whiteboards are:

Set the following configuration properties to change the appearance of the whiteboard UI elements in Unblu:

You can’t configure the actual whiteboard controls, such as the available shapes or styles.