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We believe that accessibility is a crucial aspect of every website.

Built-in accessibility features

The whole purpose of Unblu is to facilitate conversations between your organization and its customers. To ensure that as many of your customers as possible can benefit from Unblu, we have made the customer-facing Floating Visitor UI compliant with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA. We also use Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) attributes to make the Floating Visitor UI more accessible.

What does this mean for visitors to Unblu-enabled pages of your organization’s website? We treat visitors using screen readers as first-class visitors and strive to put them on an equal footing with those using more common software such as web browsers.

  • We use semantic HTML tags such as <nav> and <dialog> in our interfaces. That way, the Floating Visitor UI is easy to navigate with screen readers.

  • All of the images we use have alt texts.

  • ARIA attributes such as landmark roles make it easier for screen readers to interpret and represent the UI for their users.

  • Important information is never conveyed by color alone. This makes the Floating Visitor UI easier to use for color-blind visitors.

  • Keyboard control: Users can access all the Floating Visitor UI components such as menus, buttons, and text fields without having to use a mouse.

Accessible themes

Color schemes and text size can have a significant impact on accessibility for users with vision impairment. You can influence the Floating Visitor UI’s accessibility by ensuring that the colors you specify for the UI meet the contrast ratios required by WCAG 2.1. The WebAIM Contrast Checker is a simple way to determine the contrast ratios of your color scheme.

One way to provide a high-contrast theme is by leveraging Unblu’s ability to set theme-related configuration properties on API keys. You can create a new API key and and configure it in such a way that it uses larger text sizes and colors with greater contrast ratios than your standard theme. If a user switches to the high-contrast mode, simply use the new API key.

The article on UI theming provides an in-depth overview of the settings available to customize the Unblu UI. you should also review the settings' descriptions in the configuration properties reference.