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Unblu can be extensively configured to suit a wide variety of use cases.

You can define different configuration settings at different levels, known as scopes in Unblu. Configuration scopes span from a superadmin defining global account settings that apply to an entire installation, to specific settings that apply only to a single engagement type or even an individual conversation. For more information on scopes and cascading configuration properties, refer to the configuration property scope and the configuration cascade.

In addition to the different configuration scopes, there are multiple ways of configuring your Unblu system:

Configuration property files

Among other things, Unblu configuration files let you configure the Collaboration Server before it starts. For more information, refer to Using configuration files.

Web-based configuration UIs

Unblu has two user interfaces that let you set configuration properties: the Account Configuration interface and Global Server Configuration interface. For a detailed description of the Account Configuration interface, refer to the Account Configuration interface guide.

Unblu web API

Many web API endpoints include an expand query parameter. If you use the query parameter with the value configuration, you can pass the endpoint the names of configuration properties and the values they should be assigned. For more information, refer to the Unblu web API.

This section of the documentation explains how to configure different aspects of Unblu using these means.