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Reverse proxy integration

Unblu can be used with or without a reverse proxy but there are a number of general benefits to using a reverse proxy such as load balancing or security, and it allows you to remove the need for direct access to your servers.

The main benefit of integrating a reverse proxy, in the case of the Unblu product, is that it allows you to use the SecureFlow Manager. The SecureFlow Manager can be used inside the filter chain of a reverse proxy to inject the snippet dynamically and accommodate co-browsing-specific communication automatically.

For maximum security we recommend SecureFlow Manager integration due to its ability to capture and secure resources (such as CSS, images, session-specific pdf).


Custom proxies

If you have your own proxy setup in Apache, make sure that it is a non-caching reverse proxy that does not deliver its own (cached) content. Cached content is not processed by mod_unblufilter and cannot be co-browsed.

Only symmetric mappings should be used. Do not use asymmetric mappings!

Examples of symmetric mappings:

map / to <unbluServer>/


/unblu/ to <unbluServer>/unblu)

System path information

Unblu path mappings. Configure according to your setup

set static::${env_prefix}unblu_public_path "/unblu"
set static::${env_prefix}unblu_system_path "/system"
set static::${env_prefix}unblu_restricted_path "/app"