Real-time collaboration for meaningful conversations

Co-browsing software lets you collaborate in real-time with your customers.  A Relationship Manager can work with a customer to discuss opportunities, fill out forms or purchase products online.

Nothing to download

There are no downloads, no installations, no plug-ins. Just instrument your website with a single line of Javascript code and customers can share their browser tabs with a single click.

120+ financial services implementations

Integrating secure Co-Browsing into an existing banking or insurance infrastructure can be challenging. We partner with the most popular front-ends in the financial services space.

Private and Secure

The co-browsing modules are completely encrypted and secured. Sensitive information is masked and is never seen by the agent or even sent to the server.

Types of Co-Browsing tools

There are different ways co-browsing technology can be implemented in a bank or insurance company to meet their conversational banking aspirations and deliver a world-class customer experience to their customers and prospects.

Agent's view Agent's view

Embedded Co-Browsing

Designed for highly secure environments. Join customers on a web domain or application you own. 

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Universal Co-Browsing

An extra layer of flexibility, Universal Co-Browsing enables participants to navigate to anywhere on the web together.

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Document Co-Browsing

Share and view documents simultaneously with your customers.

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Mobile App Co-Browsing

Join customers on their mobile apps when they need support or advice.

Why Unblu Co-Browsing for financial services

Nothing to download

Unblu is completely browser-based and works inside the browser without any software installation. Neither the agent nor the end customer needs to install any software.

No server side storage of sensitive data

By tagging elements of the website/customer portal, Unblu allows to exclude data or skip elements from the capturing process. Sensitive data is never transmitted from the customer's browser to the Unblu server. 

Existing security setup is not compromised

Unblu co-browsing is integrated behind the Web Application Firewall of the instrumented application and becomes part of the application infrastructure.

Render complex e-banking pages

Unblu’s patented Co-Browsing technology can handle most modern e-banking systems that rely on HTML 5 logic.

Able to support cross-domain use-cases

With an Unblu cross-domain setup you can instrument both websites with the same Unblu account and allow sessions to continue from one domain to the other.

Keep the context

There is no transfer of the session to a proxy server— the client remains in the context of their original session on your web application and request IPs do not change in flight.

We’ve used Unblu since 2011, and our customer experience has improved significantly. We have reduced average call duration by 50% while improving customer satisfaction!

Providing the same level of personalized service and advice to our clients online as we do in our retail branches is essential to our business success. With its live customer engagement solutions, Unblu has become a strategic partner in delivering an online experience that truly rivals our branch based services.

We believe the combination of digital services, accessibility, and personal advice is the key to a true omnichannel operating model for the company. Being able to visually communicate with the customer without any disruption or having to download separate software, makes a big difference. It is a seamless experience for the end user – just as omnichannel should be.

As a key part of our digital banking initiatives, Unblu’s co-browsing has enabled us to provide unrivalled customer support, allowing our customer care and financial advisors to reach “through” the screen and be right there alongside our customers, whenever and wherever they need us.

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