LiveView & Co-Browsing

Real-time collaboration for meaningful conversations

Co-browsing software lets you collaborate in real-time with your customers and make things simpler and easier for them.  A Relationship Manager can work with them to fill in forms, discuss opportunities or purchase products online.

Nothing to download

There are no downloads, no installations, no plug-ins. Just tag your website with a single line of Javascript and customers can share their browser with a single click.

Connect instantly

Access your customer’s web screen instantly just with single click co-browse and no other URL’s or embedded codes required.

Private and Secure

The co-browsing tool is completely encrypted and secured. Sensitive information is masked and is never seen by the agent.

A simple way to support and advice

A simple way to support and advice

Whether you start a conversation through live chat, video or audio call, you can view the immediate context of your customer. Seeing what they see makes all the difference to the customer experience.

Better conversions rates

Engaging with customers at the right time and guiding them through the process can make a huge difference to conversion rates and repeat sales.

Satisfied and loyal customers

When customers know that you are willing to go the extra step to ensure their best experience, they tend to show their appreciate with loyalty and repeat visits.

Types of Co-Browsing tools

There are different ways co-browsing technology can be implemented in a bank or insurance companies to meet their conversational banking aspirations and deliver a world-class customer experience to their cusotmers and visitors. 

Co-browsing software

Embedded Co-Browsing

Designed for highly secure environments. Join customers on your website or application.

Universal Co-Browsing

Universal Co-Browsing

An extra layer of flexibility, Universal Co-Browsing enables participants to navigate to anywhere on the web together.

Document Co-Browsing

Document Co-Browsing

Share and view documents simultaneously with your customers.

Mobile App Co-Browsing

Mobile App Co-Browsing

Join customers on their mobile apps when they need support or advice.

Co-Browsing software features

Co-Browsing software features

Private Browsing

If the agent or the visitor do not want the other party (or parties) in a session to see what is being browsed, they can hide the browser content from the other party.

Field Masking

Protect passwords and sensitive information through simple tagging of the instrumented web application.

Draw or highlight

Mark mode enables you to draw or highlight on the visitor's webpage—all in real time.

We are the industry leaders in Co-Browsing solutions

  • 100+ financial services implementations

    Integrating a secure Co-Browsing into an existing banking infrastructure can be challenging.

  • Fully compliant

    Our solution is designed to meet current and future compliance regulatory requirements (GDPR, Mifid 2, Finma, etc.).

  • SecureFlow Manager (SFM)

    SecureFlow Manager is our proprietary software component  which allows complete control over your data flow, security architecture, and data storage.

  • Ready for Authenticated Environments

    We can serve private, authenticated environments as well as public websites. Deployments can also be on-premises or in the cloud.

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