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With Unblu’s co-browsing technology, banks and insurances can provide a remote customer experiences that’s as engaging as a face-to-face meeting with the added benefit of convenience.

Agile digital advice

Agile digital advice

Financial institutions that have deployed Unblu co-browsing for advisory services see a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Efficient experiences

Efficient experiences

Co-browsing implementations boost the effectiveness of customer interactions. It usually leads to a 25% increase in first call resolution, and a 16% reduction in future support calls on average. Customers come away more satisfied, while banks and insurances boost their bottom line.

Leverage the moment of truth

Leverage the moment of truth

With agents able to jump into a customer’s browsing session at just the right time, co-browsing technology translates to fewer drop-offs. Among our clients, that stimulates a 20% increase in total transactions. 

Convenient and collaborative experiences

Great CX is about meeting customers where they are. By starting a co-browsing session, a customer service agent can swiftly join a customer in real time—whether that be on the web, an online application, or a digital document. The agent can then guide the customer through difficult processes and offer customized advice.

More secure than screen share

Like screen-sharing, co-browsing software enables interactive discussions — but co-browsing is 100% secure. With co-browsing all sensitive customer information is masked so that it is never seen by the agent or sent to the server.

Private and authenticated

Co-browsing software is completely browser-based, which protects customer privacy as it avoids sharing the entire desktop. When taking place within a secured online environment, co-browsing ensures both agent and customer are authenticated before a session gets off the ground.

No downloads

With high-quality digital tools at their disposal, specialist staff can be available at convenient times for the customer without the limitations caused by branch locations.

Recording for quality and compliance

Our conversation recording feature allows you to record all types of co-browsings independently of the support used (desktop, tablet, or mobile phone).

160+ financial services implementations

Unblu has a broad base of knowledge and experience when it comes to implementation. We collaborate with the most popular front-ends in the sector to seamlessly integrate our co-browsing solution into an existing banking or insurance infrastructure.

A co-browsing tool for every situation.

Co-browsing technology can take several forms for unique situations. These different co-browsing tools offer a financial institutions unparalleled agility in their digital offerings.

Agent's view Agent's view

Embedded Co-Browsing

Operating in secure digital environments, the embedded co-browsing tools allows agents to join customers on a web domain or application owned by the bank or insurance company.

Agent's view Agent's view

Universal Co-Browsing

Add an extra layer of flexibility. Universal co-browsing enables agents and customers to jointly navigate anywhere on the web.

Agent's view Agent's view

Document Co-Browsing

To support customers every step of the way, document co-browsing lets agents share, view and edit documents alongside customers.

Agent's view Agent's view

Mobile App Co-Browsing

Connect with customers anywhere. Mobile co-browsing lets agents securely join customers in their mobile apps when they need support or advice.

Enhanced experience. More convenience. More transactions.

Remote one-to-one advice

Our clients use co-browsing to augment the digital customer experience, adding a personalized communication feature that helps to close transactions. An online booking module on your webpage lets customers pick their preferred time and agent for a consultation.

Multi-channel interactions

Easily combine co-browsing software with Unblu messenger, audio and video chat tools, and you're able to connect with customers whenever and wherever it suits them.

Deepen customer relationships

By providing support and advice that's a cut above, you'll energize and engage customers at each step of their journey. Co-browsing turns everyday customer interactions into meaningful touchpoints, creating relationships that secure customer loyalty.

Expertise from everywhere

With high-quality digital tools at their disposal, specialist staff can be available at convenient times for the customer—without the limitations caused bv branch locations.

Faster resolution times

When there's a customer issue, co-browsing provides valuable visual context that educates them on the problem. As agents use co-browsing to both show and tell. firms tvpically see a decrease in average handle time and higher customer satisfaction.

High-touch for complex products

For interactions about a mortgage, investment, or loan, customers need more from their financial provider. Video banking supported by co-browsing gives agents the tools to deliver stand-out customer service for every level of request, from investment research to completing complex forms.

Using Unblu's Conversational Platform, we can provide our clients with a way to support and guide members at every step of their digital journey.

Dean Rathwell General Manager, Digital Banking

With this new online function, LUKB's advisors can make the documents on their screens visible on their customers' devices. That way, the documents or online applications can be clearly explained in a conversation.

Stefan Lüthy Head of Digitization and Multichannel Management at LUKB

More than 250 specialist investment advisors in our network, distributed throughout Spain, have been equipped with this new technology which allows them to attend and advise their clients remotely.

Carlos Ruiz Network Director of Renta 4 Banco

As a key part of our digital banking initiatives, Unblu’s co-browsing has enabled us to provide unrivalled customer support, allowing our customer care and financial advisors to reach “through” the screen and be right there alongside our customers, whenever and wherever they need us.

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