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How Unblu takes the pain out of claims

If you succeed in delivering a great customer experience during the prove-it claims process, you reap considerable rewards. Join us to find out how Unblu can increase customer satisfaction and process efficiency through this important customer engagement journey.

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Unblu clustering: scalable by design

In this 60-minutes webinar, we explain how to deploy Unblu 5 as a clustered environment using OpenShift as container-orchestration system, and Kubernetes for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.

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What's new in Unblu 5?

Unblu 5 is the new version of the Unblu suite. Discover the new features and the product enhancements in this webinar.

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How co-browsing can differentiate your customer service

Discover how co-browsing helps banks to build bridges between online self-service interaction and traditional communication methods. Co-browsing implementation has a direct positive effect on customer satisfaction, sales conversion, and customer loyalty.

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