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Conversational AI: Welcome to the age of superior customer service

Discover how Unblu’s AI-empowered chatbot can lower the cost per case in a retail banking and insurance customer services context.

The chatbot experience we imagined is now a reality!

Chatbots have had a shaky reputation when used in customer services. 

When implemented well, they have always represented a key value driver for organizations. However, every success was plagued with complaints of poor issue resolution, inability to escalate, or query misunderstandings. 

Hosted by Hakan Kocabeyoglu, VP of Product at Unblu, this webinar explores how our AI-empowered chatbot can deflect service and support enquiries away from the call center – helping to lower costs.

Join us for this half-hour deep dive to discover why the future of effective chatbots is finally here.

Webinar breakdown: What to expect

This coffee-break webinar covers a lot of ground in just 30 minutes.

  • AI impact – Discover the potential impact of AI within the retail banking and insurance sectors.
  • Demo – We’ll demonstrate Unblu’s AI-enhanced bot to show how it improves customer service and support.
  • Bonus – Get a glimpse of how AI can augment and enhance agents and advisors.
Presented by
Hakan Kocabeyoglu
Hakan Kocabeyoglu EVP Product
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