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Security & Compliance

Security is our top priority

Here at Unblu, we take security seriously. Our technology has passed rigorous security reviews and penetration tests at many leading global banks and financial services institutions. With Unblu information is safe, interactions are secure and our clients' businesses are protected.

Product Security
Single sign-on (SSO) for web and mobile Unblu uses existing authentication mechanisms already in place in the infrastructure of the customer. 
TLS Encryption All communications with Unblu servers are encrypted using industry-standard TLS over public networks, meaning the traffic between you and Unblu is secure.
Sensitive information redaction     HTML fields marked as ‘Password’ are automatically protected. Content can be excluded or protected by simply adding a HTML attribute.
Masking sensitive information The Unblu site embedded setup determines which content is accessible for viewing and collaboration through simple tagging of the instrumented web application, giving you a high degree of flexibility in managing interaction compliance in addition to broad system-based settings.
Privacy mode In private mode, the other party can no longer follow activity. Useful when clients want the agent's view masked.
iFrame Support Support for same-origin iframes as a standard. Cross-origin iframes are also supported if the remote source is also tagged with Unblu code.
Blacklisting and whitelisting of URLs The administrator can configure the system to either blacklist certain URLs so they cannot be visited, or whitelist so that only specified URLs can be visited, during a Universal Co-browsing session.
Secure archiving Interaction logs along with any message data (text, media, files) of every conversation is stored in the system. Standard APIs expose the information for downstream processing and archiving.
Full session recording

Communicate with customers in a 100% secure environment with a full session audit trail of all the interactions and access them when you or your customers need it. Each layer of the conversation can be recorded and made available for the financial institution and the customer. Our flexible solution allows you to define where you want to initiate the recording of a conversation.

Secure Flow Manager

The Unblu SecureFlowManager (SFM) is our patented software component that ensures highly secured applications like banking apps can be safely accessed and Co-Browsed. The security of the application and confidentiality of the customer's data is not compromised at any time.

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