More sales thanks to a better digital customer engagement

Insurance companies that offer consistent customer experience grow faster and are more profitable.

Put the customer at the heart of your strategy

Most people interact with their insurers less than once a year. With so few customer interactions, it’s critical that insurers deliver these experiences well. Each interaction needs to be treated like a critical moment of truth, particularly in the claims process which is often the one-shot insurers have to prove themselves.

So, what makes a positive experience? Convenience, personalization, human interaction, and reassurance. These meaningful experiences occur when the customer can seamlessly weave in and out of automated and human interactions.


Customers want the convenience of filing claims online but they also want the personal touch that comes with speaking to their insurance agent. They want to be able to upload and manage their paper trail online with a dashboard that can track everything related to their policy and coverage.


They expect pricing and product offerings that are relevant and personalized for their unique situation. They want online tools to make things simpler and easier when they find themselves in difficult circumstances.

Human interaction

They want to move between devices and to shift from self-service to human help whenever it suits them.


When a customer contacts their insurer, they are often in distress and have questions; they need to talk to someone who understands. At every touchpoint they expect their insurer to know who they are and their personal preferences so they can pick up the conversation where they last left off.

A conversational interface that fits into the customer’s life

We work with more than 150 financial institutions in the world, helping them to optimize their processes of advice, sales and online support. Customers want the convenience of the digital and self-service experience, but they also want the personal touch that comes with speaking to their insurer when they need it. Our platform is used for topics such as:

Optimize Conversion Rates on marketing campaigns

If, as an insurance company, you have invested a large part of your budget in bringing traffic to your online channels, it seems logical that you should invest money to optimize the conversion rate. In the case of the financial sector, products are often complex and contracting complicated. The self-service concept is therefore not always 100% applicable. Our customers are using solutions like live chat, video chat or co-browsing to establish mechanisms that allow them to retain and convince customers at the moment of truth – just at that point when they are ready to buy.

Advise customers online on complex topics

Talking to a chatbot may offer a starting point for customers looking into complex issues like a pension plan. But when it comes to the final decision on these complex long-term decisions, customers will want to speak to a real human who can offer specific advice and reassurance. Chatbots provide the bridge from digital to human. Then the advisor continues online for however long it takes, with solutions such as messenger, video, and co-browsing.

Visually support customers online

With solutions such as Live Chat and Co-Browsing our advisors improve efficiency in the customer support process and issues resolution from the Contact Center. They report up to 40% reduction in the time needed to solve a customer issue.

Improve the claims experience

A customer experience that flows easily enables an agent to better resolve issues and care for the customer’s unique needs. Rather than keeping a customer on the phone for twenty minutes or more as they explain the incident, the entire process can be handled via mobile, using chatvideo and document sharing functions. For the customer who is stranded by the side of the road or in a daze in a hospital corridor, this level of convenience and simplicity can give peace of mind and even build loyalty.

Business value for Unblu’s customer

Financial institutions bridge the gap between online self-service interactions and traditional communication methods in order to have a directly positive effect on customer satisfaction, sales conversion and customer loyalty.

Humanize and simplify the claims process

During life’s most difficult times, customers need guidance and understanding. Unblu takes the hassle out of the claims process by giving you the right tools, so you can support your customers wherever and whenever they need assistance – at the roadside, at the airport, or in a hospital corridor.

Help them easily compare and purchase products

Purchasing insurance products can sometimes be challenging for customers. With Unblu’s LiveView and Co-browsing features, agents can guide customers through the end-to-end process. Because they can see what the issue is, they can help customers more efficiently. Contextual help means higher first-call resolution rates, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction.

Design new services and interact more often using more platforms

Unblu enables insurance companies to build new services for end-customers, allowing them to multiply customer touchpoints and interactions on their websites, mobile apps and customer portals.

Why Unblu for Insurance Companies

The Unblu Platform provides a complete conversation and collaboration platform especially focused on the financial services industry. It has been architected to scale across large businesses, address regulatory needs and provide a seamless migration from function to function within the same customer journey. The system has been in use in the banking industry for more than 10 years and features an extremely high degree of configurability.

We are the only company in the space that is 100% focused on the financial services industry. With over 150 banking and financial services implementations worldwide in institutions such as AON, Helvetia, and Prudential, Unblu is transforming how insurance companies engage and collaborate with customers and prospects.

End to end capabilities

Our core platform integrates into existing digital channels (i.e does not require its own app). It turns a self-service platform into a multi-user application without changing the underlying software application. All the technology is built and owned by Unblu and is technically delivered through one encompassing platform.

Easily embedded

Unblu can easily be embedded in all the insurance company’s web and mobile assets, from public websites to secured portals and mobile apps.

Proven business value across many customers

Unblu is proven to reduce support time and costs, improve NPS, and increase client engagement and conversion rates.

High-security standards

Unblu is designed to meet stringent data security and compliance requirements in the financial industry. The platform can be deployed on-premise or customers can use our Financial Cloud. Our technology is patent protected.

Supporting a highly regulated industry

Unblu understands Financial Services regulations and is built to meet required standards – whether stipulated by the local Market Regulator (Finma, Bafin, FCA, etc.) or through Pan European Regulations (GDPR, Mifid2, PSD2).

Designed for complex implementations

As our platform has been designed with complex implementations in the financial industry in mind, it can integrate with existing systems. This spans CRMs, Call Center Applications, or External Messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

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