The Conversational Platform for Financial Services

Unblu is a privately held Swiss company, founded in 2008, that helps the world's leading banks and insurance companies to improve customer experience and boost transactions.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop software for financial services institutions which enables meaningful conversations between financial service providers and their customers.


Foundation of Unblu.

First project based implementations of Co-Browsing with SAP, HP and UBS.


From Services to standard software package.

Release of Unblu 2


First patents granted.

Release of Unblu enterprise for embedded and Universal Co-Browsing.


First commercial success as a product company.

US patent US839154 granted.

Release of Unblu 3.


Company expansion with operations in Germany, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

More than twenty clients using Unblu at enterprise level.


Release of Unblu 4, featuring Text, Video and Audio Chat.

Unblu partners with major Core Banking vendors.


More than 50 clients in the Financial Services Sector.

Unblu featured in Finovate London and later NYC.


Release of Unblu 5 as Conversational Platform

US and UK subsidiaries established.


More than 120 financial services firms using Unblu.

Launch of Unblu 6: BOT Integration, Screen Sharing and 3rd party Messaging Integration.

Our leadership team

With a wealth of financial and software experience, we've got a well-seasoned team at the helm.

  1. Luc Haldimann

    Luc Haldimann

    Chief Executive Officer

  2. Jens Rabe

    Jens Rabe

    Chief Operations Officer

  3. Mirko Tschäni

    Mirko Tschäni

    Chief Technology Officer

  4. Patrik Hug

    Patrik Hug

    Chief Sales Officer

  5. Arnold Christe

    Arnold Christe

    VP Consulting Services

  6. Javier Puga

    Javier Puga

    VP Marketing

  7. Ramona Swadling

    Ramona Swadling

    VP Human Resources

  8. Reto Ackermann

    Reto Ackermann

    VP Finances

  9. David Eberlein

    David Eberlein

    Lead Engineer Core Product

  10. Kaspar Schiess

    Kaspar Schiess

    Lead Engineer QA

  11. Michael Gysel

    Michael Gysel

    Lead Engineer SRE

Looking for your next challenge?

We are a young, innovation-savvy company. The technologies we develop help change the way that clients interact with their banks and insurance companies. We are proud to name some of the world´s most reputable financial institutions our customers. If you are up for a challenge, come and join our team.

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We’ve used Unblu since 2011, and our customer experience has improved significantly. We have reduced average call duration by 50% while improving customer satisfaction!

Providing the same level of personalized service and advice to our clients online as we do in our retail branches is essential to our business success. With its live customer engagement solutions, Unblu has become a strategic partner in delivering an online experience that truly rivals our branch based services.

We believe the combination of digital services, accessibility, and personal advice is the key to a true omnichannel operating model for the company. Being able to visually communicate with the customer without any disruption or having to download separate software, makes a big difference. It is a seamless experience for the end user – just as omnichannel should be.

As a key part of our digital banking initiatives, Unblu’s co-browsing has enabled us to provide unrivalled customer support, allowing our customer care and financial advisors to reach “through” the screen and be right there alongside our customers, whenever and wherever they need us.


  1. Celero Enables Member-Centric Digital Banking Experiences for Credit Unions with Unblu

    Celero Enables Member-Centric Digital Banking Experiences for Credit Unions with Unblu

    Celero is pleased to announce its agreement with Unblu Corp, a leader in conversational communication and collaboration software tailored to the needs of the financial industry, to deliver highly-personalized and engaging member experiences through its digital banking platform, Celero Xpress™, powered by ebankIT.

  2. LUKB launches online customer advice with Unblu's Conversational Platform for Financial Services

    LUKB launches online customer advice with Unblu's Conversational Platform for Financial Services

    Luzerner Kantonalbank started its pilot phase for online customer advice in September. Private and business clients who wish to use this service can request a consultation via the "Make Appointment" function on the LUKB website.

  3. Swiss Post implements Live Chat in contact center

    Swiss Post implements Live Chat in contact center

    Since May 2020, Swiss Post has offered Unblu's Live Chat nationwide to its customers. For Unblu, "having Swiss Post as one of our customers is very important to us as a Swiss company and is a strong endorsement of our software," said Luc Haldimann, CEO of Unblu. "We are looking forward to future cooperation and upcoming projects".

  4. Glarner Kantonalbank installs Unblu’s Co-Browsing

    Glarner Kantonalbank installs Unblu’s Co-Browsing

    "We wanted a technology that would make our customer journeys more efficient and at the same time promote interactions with customers. Our advisors should be able to provide the best possible service to our customers, regardless of the device, channel, or type of advice," says Roman Gassner, Head of Digital Channels at Glarner Kantonalbank.

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