What trends are defining the wealth management industry?

What do advisors need to focus on in 2024? Discover the most wealth management trends that are defining the digital wealth management landscape.

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How to get clients as a financial advisor – and keep them

For financial advisors, attracting and retaining clients is a significant ongoing challenge. What steps can they take to secure long-term relationships?

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PostFinance: The road to conversational maturity with a long-term Unblu customer

Our partnership with PostFinance has been growing since 2016. Discover our story so far.

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Do AI financial advisors have a place in the future of advisory?

AI financial advisors are all the rage – but what are their limitations and how should wealth management firms respond?

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Unblu Spark: The art of authentic client relationships

How can the Unblu Spark digital engagement platform improve client relationships?

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Unblu brings Unblu Spark to IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Unblu brings Unblu Spark to IBM Cloud for Financial Services; Helps Enterprises Deliver Meaningful Customer Conversations

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How to improve your customer service experience with Unblu Spark

Discover an engagement platform that helps banks and credit unions to enhance customer relationships over digital channels and beyond

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Why omnichannel customer service should be a strategic priority

Investments in customer service don’t always achieve the desired results. Here’s why you may be throwing money down the drain.

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Unblu Spark 8 is here: Everything you need to know

Unblu Spark 8 is here. Find out exactly what this means for your team to provide customers with a more authentic interaction experience.

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Stop using email with your clients

There are many vulnerabilities associated with email channels. Protect your clients with secure messaging apps.

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The most important customer experience trends in banking in 2024

Customer experience trends allow banks to better focus their digital transformation journeys. Here’s what’s important

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Digital receptions: The technology to unlock branch expansion

One thing is for certain – bank branches are changing. As in-person footfall declines and digital or hybrid experiences become the norm, banks are faced with a do-or-die dilemma. That is to say, do you invest in branch transformation or allow your branch network to slowly fade away? Most customers and the banks themselves would

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Customer service statistics and trends in digital banking

As financial institutions push for digital transformation, CX strategists should keep these customer service statistics in mind.

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Drive agent efficiency with a real-time bot sidekick

Banks and financial services institutions always need to improve efficiency. The Unblu bot sidekick can help agents find information mid conversation.

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Launching a new ebanking app? Facilitate adoption with Co-Apping

Updating or launching a new ebanking app? Help customers to get the most out of it by guiding them with Unblu Co-Apping.

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Can bank branches ensure customer service excellence and remain viable?

Bank branches offer unique value for customer service during key moments. But they need to transform to remain financially viable.

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