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Unblu Spark 8 is here: Everything you need to know

Unblu Spark 8 is here. Find out exactly what this means for your team to provide customers with a more authentic interaction experience.
Conversational Banking, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Unblu Platform

Can bank branches ensure customer service excellence and remain viable?

Bank branches offer unique value for customer service during key moments. But they need to transform to remain financially viable.
Customer Experience, Retail Banking, Unblu Branch, Unblu Platform

PostNetz: Driving innovation with in-branch video consultations

In-person and digital environments are blended. To meet customer expectations, PostNetz have launched in-branch video consultations in eight test branches.
Customer service, Digital Advisory, Unblu Branch, Unblu Platform

Ease the pressure on credit union contact centers – without alienating members

Credit unions must embrace conversational engagement to reduce contact center strain and serve all members, regardless of age.
Co-Browsing, Live Chat, Retail Banking, Unblu Platform

How should Swiss banks respond to the SBA’s “Memorandum of Understanding”?

With the SBA’s “Memorandum of Understanding” that promises to introduce multibanking to Switzerland, banks based in the country need to take action.
Retail Banking, Unblu Platform
Digital branch banking

Bank branches have been given a new lease of life (ft. Valiant Bank case study)

Digital branches can be the answer to the growing challenge of branch closures – according to what Valiant Bank achieved alongside Unblu Branch.
Retail Banking, Unblu Branch, Unblu Platform
Co-browsing technology for financial services

How Co-Browsing improves team performance and satisfaction

Giving your customer service team the right tools – such as Co-Browsing technology – can boost satisfaction and performance.
Co-Browsing, Unblu Platform
Secure instant messaging in banking

Convenience vs. compliance: Secure instant messaging in the financial services industry

Convenience vs. compliance – secure instant messaging shouldn't be one or the other in the financial services industry.
Private Banking, Secure Messenger, Unblu Platform, Wealth Management

Co-Browsing best practices to improve customer experience

Leveraging Co-Browsing best practices can take your customer service experience to the next level and increase profit as a result.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Unblu Platform

The difference between Co-Browsing and Screen Sharing

Co-Browsing vs. screen sharing – while similar, Co-Browsing offers financial institutions a more collaborative and safer experience.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Unblu Platform