Customer demand for digital banking services is growing daily

The personal touch has never been more vital than it is now in our digital world

Watch our video to see how unblu can deliver an in-person experience
  • Reduce onboarding friction and acquire more business
    Video + Chat + Co-Browse

    Reduce onboarding friction and acquire more business

    Customers expect modern banking tasks to be simple, fast and convenient. The important human touch is also becoming more important.

    • Video, chat, and co-browse combined provide a secure, compliant process to gain customers via your existing digital channels
    • Existing clients can be personally consulted, driving up- and cross selling opportunities
  • Lift conversion rates through a human digital experience
    Live View Chat + Co-Browse

    Lift conversion rates through a human digital experience

    Whilst digitisation of processes has brought about efficiencies through customer self-service, the all important human touch is occasionally missing, leading to abandonment.

    • Engage with your customers personally, through digital channels at the right moment.
    • Your company can differentiate itself through unparalleled human customer service via your digital channels.
  • Enable advisors to efficiently serve your customers’ needs
    Co-Browse + Document Sharing

    Enable advisors to efficiently serve your customers’ needs

    Relationship managers provide a personalised consultation to customers face to face due to the high value of the personal relationship. However, efficiency is low and costs high due to travel and inefficient use of time. 

    • We enable your advisors to maintain the valued personal relationship whilst allowing more effective use of time and lowered cost by reducing travel.
    • Document sharing enables rapid collaboration on the necessary forms and documentation when taking action upon the advice provided.
  • Drive adoption of digital channels
    Live View Chat + Co-Browse

    Drive adoption of digital channels

    Payback of investments in digital self-service channels heavily depend on customer adoption. This is especially true when rolling out new platforms, but also when enhancing the service portfolio.

    • Live View Chat ensures that agents immediately see the context of a client inquiry, increasing the quality of the conversation and driving customer satisfaction
    • Co-Browsing is an efficient way to help guide the customer through the platform, creating an in-person experience online
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The impact of unblu on our ability to generate revenue has been nothing short of revolutionary

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