Create an in store experience online

Our co-browsing & customer engagement solutions increase sales, get new business from referrals and win back lost customers.

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Bring back human connections and make your website personal.

  1. Chat with your customers

    Ensure you make the most out of the traffic you generate to your webpage by starting a conversation.

  2. Help close transactions

    Generate additional revenue by seeing a customer through to the sale.

  3. Guide them through your website

    With co-browsing you can help guide your customers to find the right product or service on your website.

  4. Share documents

    Send and share documents, like if you were in the same room, but without the travel.

The result

Happy Customers

A better customer experience, greater trust and loyalty, and happy customers that bring their friends to you.

Increase Sales

The advantage is huge: you can reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate by personally leading customers to the sale.

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Trusted by businesses of all sizes serving thousands of online customers every day

Learn how innovative companies use unblu to deliver hero-quality online service

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    We were nothing but impressed with the unblu technology

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    Our support staff can no longer imagine what live would be like without co-browsing

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    Thanks to unblu, our support got even closer to our members

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