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Keep in touch with customers through a natural and ongoing conversation.

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Save customers a trip to the branch without losing the human touch.

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Turn self-service browsing into a meaningful experience.

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Put an advisor in your customer's pocket

Put an advisor in your customer's pocket

The Unblu Platform includes core digital capabilities that empower advisors to provide personalized digital advice - flexibly and efficiently. Our solution is designed for wealth managers and personnel who are looking after your customer’s financial plans.

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Increase customer-facing time

Increase customer-facing time

Security is a top priority in finance. While convenient, the collaboration tools we use privately, or for internal collaboration - cannot be relied on to protect personal data. Unblu provides a proven solution that meets the security requirements of financial services.

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Level up your digital customer service

Level up your digital customer service

The Unblu Platform transforms the customer journey by giving advisors, sales and support teams the digital tools that enhance their performance - resulting in increased satisfaction, and a more personalized experience for your customers.

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160+ implementations in the Financial Industry

Financial Focus. Proven value.

Using Unblu's Conversational Platform, we can provide our clients with a way to support and guide members at every step of their digital journey.

Dean Rathwell, General Manager, Digital Banking

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Member-Centric Experiences

Celero, a leading provider of digital technology and integration solutions to credit unions and financial institutions across Canada, has chosen Unblu’s Conversational Platform to enable their credit union clients to deliver member-centric experiences via digital channels that are as equally engaging as those within the credit union branch.

Sometimes customers have questions they are not quite sure how to formulate. This is why we offer co-browsing.

Chris Einsele, Head Client Advisor Channels at UBS

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During a co-browsing session, your client advisor telephones with you and is able to take a quick look at what you can see in E-Banking. They can then discuss new investment ideas and the latest research information with you or optimize your portfolio growth directly.

As a key part of our digital banking initiatives, Unblu’s co-browsing has enabled us to provide unrivalled customer support.
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Human Touch

Using Unblu ’s Co-Browsing, the bank introduced the human touch to digital channels, turning a self-service interaction into a personal exchange and the potential for additional revenue.

Thanks to Unblu, we can support our customers even better, faster and easier. Moreover, we are overcoming current barriers and creating a human interaction digitally as well.

Pierangelo Campopiano, CEO of Smile

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Better, Faster, Easier

Smile integrated Unblu's technology on its website and Smile app in a very short time. In these places, the online insurance company offers its customers a wide variety of digital insurance solutions.

Video Banking is another market-first for QIB, which merges the online and offline world, taking our digital customer experience to a new level.

D. Anand, QIB’s General Manager – Personal Banking Group

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Customer Experience

With Unblu’ Video & Voice, Chat and Mobile Co-browsing capabilities added to QIB mobile App, clients will be able to benefit from a Video Banking service.

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