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The top 3 ways to drive revenue through excellent customer service 

Do you consider your customer service to be an expense – or a source of revenue? Turn your customer service center into a profit machine.
Customer service, Insurance, Retail Banking, Secure Messenger

Diagnose and fix common chat channel issues for enhanced service success

Launching and maintaining a successful chat channel isn’t without its challenges.
Chatbots, Customer service, Live Chat, Retail Banking

Benefits of Co-Browsing to improve customer service

Co-Browsing empowers financial services institutions to maximize their customer service potential – and boost profitability as a result.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Customer service

How retail banks benefit from Unblu’s Conversational Engagement Platform

Retail banks must deliver an outstanding customer experience to meet changing service expectations – and Unblu plays a key role in achieving this.
Customer Experience, Customer service, Retail Banking

Key digital banking statistics – and what they mean for banks in 2023

Digital banking statistics are showing a back and forth between challenges and opportunities. What will it take to come out ahead in 2023?
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Top 10 call center KPIs in digital banking (and how to improve them)

There are multiple ways of measuring customer satisfaction and team performance—including call center KPIs like abandonment rate, service level, or NPS.
Customer Experience, Customer service, Industry Trends

Swiss Post takes a leap forward by enabling clients to receive support via WhatsApp

Swiss Post has been working with Unblu to deploy a new means of client engagement and support. Acting as the main Swiss Post employee interface, Unblu enables diverse means of client engagement through either embedded features or dedicated APIs.
Customer Experience, Customer service, Unblu Platform

CPIs in digital banking: evaluate your organization’s performance through the customer’s eyes

Adopting CPIs could put customer-centricity at the core of your digital banking business. Help your organization ensure that customer needs come first.
Customer Experience, Customer service, Industry Trends

Help first, sell second: how financial education can become your next best digital marketing tool

With targeted online ads being restricted by the likes of Google and Facebook, could financial education represent a powerful alternative for digital marketing?
Customer Experience, Customer service

How to develop a truly digital customer-centric financial organization

What does it mean to put the customer first in today’s world? Here’s how to humanize the customer experience and foster trust in financial services.
Customer Experience, Customer service