How to stay ahead of customer expectations? A Compendium of insight from the Bezos stakeholder letters

Discover what Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos's shareholder letters can teach us about creating a great customer experience.

Customer Experience
The Digital Frontier: Have we left seniors behind?

Senior citizens are the last adopters in digital banking. Banks must support this important customer segment by encouraging seniors to adopt digital tools.

Conversational Banking, Customer Experience
In Pursuit of Loyalty in Financial Services

Loyalty is gained through the strength of a bank's everyday customer experience. Here's how you should foster it.

Customer Experience
Caught up in Disruption: Let’s challenge our digital assumptions

Digital vs. human: Customers still want to see and talk to other people. Apply this to understanding the entire customer journey.

Customer Experience, Digital Transformation
The ROI of Customer Satisfaction: It’s time to align with customer values

Transforming the customer experience is a huge commitment for a bank. How can we estimate the economic benefits of a satisfied customer?

Conversational Banking, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation
The Need is Real: Customers need help with their finances

How can banks help their customers become better planners and savers? By finding the right balance of automated and human advice.

Conversational Banking, Customer Experience, Unblu Platform
Video Banking: more meaningful meetings & lessons from early adopters

Find out how the latest in video banking technology is improving customer interactions, and what we can learn from early adopters.

Conversational Banking, Customer Experience, Unblu Platform
What do millennials expect from a bank?

Millennials and banking: How can banks align their business strategies with the demands of this next generation of investors?

Customer Experience, Digital Transformation
Three Tips for Delivering a Superb Retail Banking Experience

To provide a truly customer-centric experience, banks must take on the role of a supportive financial partner. How can they achieve this?

Customer Experience
Personal and Relevant Relationships: making the shift to the Individual

Banks need to focus on the individual. But where should they start? By getting ahead of your customer and using their data wisely.

Customer Experience
Delivering Personalised Experiences: are customers getting what they expect?

Over a third of business customers have walked away from a banking relationship because the personal touch was lacking. How should banks address this?

Customer Experience, Digital Transformation
Energising & engaging customers with Co-browsing

Discover how Co-Browsing helped a Swiss financial service provider create buzz and enthusiasm for a new product offering and for the bank itself.

Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Customer Experience
Mapping out the customer journey: where are the obstacles?

Only 16% of customers are satisfied with their digital experience. By mapping customer journeys, banks can identify and resolve their pain points.

Customer Experience
What makes for a meaningful customer experience?

To remain competitive, banks need to fundamentally shift their perspective and tactics to provide truly meaningful customer experiences.

Customer Experience
Secure Messenger: get in sync with your clients

With over one hundred clients in the private wealth banking space, Unblu is a leader in facilitating secure and compliant client support.

Conversational Banking, Private Banking, Secure Messenger
Imagining the branch of the future

Branches across the EU are closing at an increasing rate. In response, forward-thinking banks are creating memorable, relevant experiences for customers.

Customer Experience, Digital Transformation