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Secure messaging for banking: Why does it work?

Secure messaging is a safe and convenient solution for banking interactions that boosts trust and drives long-term loyalty.
Conversational Banking, Secure Messenger

Reinventing the role of the financial advisor (ft. real case)

Financial advisor client engagement is more difficult to achieve than ever before – requiring a complete rethink of the nature of the role.
Conversational Banking, Private Banking, Secure Messenger

Is co-browsing safe? Here's what financial institutions should know

Unlike screen-sharing, co-browsing only shares the web or mobile application—so the customer's data is never compromised.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking

What is Secure Messaging – and what role does it play in private wealth? 

Secure text messaging eliminates risk and creates trust – while providing customers with extra convenience.
Conversational Banking, Private Banking, Secure Messenger

What is Co-Browsing? Different types and use cases

Co-browsing is helping banks to improve their customer service, increase their sales and promote customer engagement.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking

How to drive conversions from your bank’s website with Unblu Co-Browsing

Looking to drive conversions from your bank’s website? Unblu Co-Browsing can help leverage the moment of truth.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Customer Experience

Why is corporate banking struggling to achieve digital transformation?

Most financial institutions are making progress in their transformation initiatives. Why is digital corporate banking proving so difficult to achieve?
Conversational Banking, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation

Benefits of Co-Browsing to improve customer service

Co-Browsing empowers financial services institutions to maximize their customer service potential – and boost profitability as a result.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Customer service

Co-Browsing best practices to improve customer experience

Leveraging Co-Browsing best practices can take your customer service experience to the next level and increase profit as a result.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Unblu Platform

Co-Browsing vs. Screen Sharing: what’s the difference?

Co-Browsing vs. screen sharing – while similar, Co-Browsing offers financial institutions a more collaborative and safer experience.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Unblu Platform