MiFID 2: The Catalyst for a Truly Customer-Centric Model

MiFID came into effect in January. What does this mean for financial institutions looking to build a truly customer-centric business model?

Customer Experience, Private Banking
Creating in-person experiences online

Join Jens Rabe in conversation as he shares his insights into how unblu is partnering with banks to change the future of banking.

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From Silos to Seamless: How do we get there?

There are different approaches to customer experience across an organization. Discover some in this article.

Customer Experience, Digital Transformation
The best of both worlds: how digital tools can enhance client relationships

Customers want to connect with their advisor and their investments at any time and on any channel - effortlessly and seamlessly.

Conversational Banking, Customer Experience, Unblu Platform
How collaborative tools can make your digital transformation personal and profitable

Banks are increasingly offering digital self-service platforms to keep up with customer preferences – but they still require human interaction.

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Loyalty, the ultimate goal in the financial sector

Customer loyalty is the end goal of any CX strategy. Banks are working hard to modernize themselves, offering innovative services to keep customers happy.

Customer Experience
Tech changes have impacted business; finance is not an exception

Can customer engagement solutions help banks to convert and engage customers leading to increased loyalty? Read to find out.

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APIs and Fintech ecosystem: the vehicles to evolve in the financial industry

Banks must find a way to use APIs and leverage the Fintech ecosystem to enhance digital customer experiences—and importantly, remain compliant.

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PSD 2 “mandates” banks to invest to gain control over the customer experience

Improve your interfaces, change your culture and innovate in an agile way in order to better serve your customers.

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Bank branches, an archaic phenomenon

There was a time when all transactions required that the customer visit the bank. But today’s customer is more interested in services on the go.

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Primary research shows: Co-Browsing delivers strong ROI

A leading European Bank has reported that the cost of an inbound customer call was cut by 25% thanks to Unblu Co-Browsing.

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