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Wealth & relationship managers should prioritise secure messaging in 2023

Secure Messenger used correctly is a power tool to engage with Wealth clients and grow AUM.
Secure Messenger, Wealth Management

Building stronger client relationships with Unblu’s conversational platform

Unblu’s conversational platform empowers wealth management firms to strengthen client relationships by delivering an outstanding service experience.
Private Banking, Wealth Management

Shifting demographics: Understanding new wealth management client expectations

To ensure ongoing success, firms need to meet wealth management client expectations. But who are the new demographics and what do they care about?
Industry Trends, Wealth Management

How Co-Browsing helps the investor – and the advisor

High-touch Co-Browsing software enhances the relationship between investors and advisors at every stage of the client journey.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Wealth Management

Where Compliance Meets Convenience in Advisory Communications

Within the financial services sector, it would be fair to say that the words compliance and convenience are not often associated with each other.
Customer Experience, Wealth Management

Top digital wealth management trends

Digital transformations are redefining how clients engage with wealth managers. These are the 13 trends drawing new industry frontiers.
Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Wealth Management

Wealth firms should invest in hybrid CX to stay ahead of the curve

Unblu’s Wealth Management Outlook traces the emergence of a new industry landscape, finding that the rise of Millennial and Gen Z investors, digital assets and agile advisors are defining the direction of the sector in 2022
Industry Trends, Private Banking, Wealth Management

The impact of COVID-19 in the wealth industry: mistakes, lessons and opportunities

COVID-19’s impact in the wealth industry demanded client-advisor relations go digital. The new standard? Multiple touchpoints for unique client needs.
Industry Trends, Private Banking, Wealth Management

What do affluent clients expect from future-proof private banks?

In private banking, digital transformation developments have shaped client expectations. Banks must know what they are and build hybrid, customizable solutions.
Industry Trends, Private Banking, Wealth Management

6 key features of future-ready private banking digital platforms

Digital innovation has rewritten the rules of client engagement. Here’s what digital private banking platforms can do to stay ahead of the curve.
Conversational Banking, Private Banking, Wealth Management