View, interact, and collaborate

Secure, side-by-side collaboration for the ultimate remote assistance. Enjoy complete peace of mind to launch Embedded Co-Browsing even in protected areas, such as client portals or apps.

A tailored Co-Browsing experience

Co-Browsing offers distinct functionalities, allowing financial institutions to ensure an enhanced collaborative experience in every situation.

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    Embedded Co-Browsing

    Embedded Co-Browsing allows agents to join customers on a proprietary web domain or application – without ever leaving a secure digital environment.

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    Universal Co-Browsing

    Add an extra layer of flexibility. Universal Co-Browsing enables agents and customers to jointly navigate anywhere on the web.

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    Document Co-Browsing

    Explore complex products or proposals, fill out forms, and even get secure signatures. It’s a side-by-side collaborative experience, wherever your client happens to be.

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    Mobile App Co-Browsing

    Securely view and interact with customers’ mobile apps together whenever they need support or advice.

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Co-Browsing for Banks and Insurance - Unblu

Agile digital advice

With Unblu Co-Browsing, financial institutions experience a significant increase in customer satisfaction for advisory services.

Efficient experiences

Enjoy up to 25% increase in First Call Resolution and a 16% reduction in future support calls on average – boosting customer satisfaction and organizations’ bottom lines.

Co-Browsing field masking - Unblu
Embedded Co-Browsing - Unblu

Leverage the moment of truth

Soothe frustration and reduce drop-offs by joining a customer’s browsing session at exactly the right time – which leads to a 20% increase in total transactions according to current Unblu customers.

100% focused on Financial Services

Convenient and collaborative experiences

Co-Browsing empowers agents to swiftly join a customer in real time, whether they’re browsing the web, a mobile app, or viewing a digital document. The agent guides the customer through difficult processes to offer customized advice and boost conversions.

More secure than screen sharing

Co-Browsing offers a more secure alternative to screen sharing. Not only does it offer enhanced collaboration tools, but all sensitive customer information is masked so it’s never sent to the server or seen by the agent.

Private and authenticated

Co-Browsing is completely browser-based, protecting customer privacy as it avoids sharing the entire desktop. When in a secure environment, Co-Browsing ensures the agent and customer are authenticated before the session takes place.

No downloads

Unlike popular video conferencing software, there’s never any need for downloads or installs. An agent can quickly and smoothly launch a Co-Browsing session no matter the device, channel, or browser the customer is on.

Recording for quality and compliance

Every interaction is recorded and stored in an encrypted environment to help institutions ensure ongoing service quality – and adhere to all compliance requirements.

170+ financial services implementations

The Unblu team’s knowledge and experience is available to ensure optimum implementation. Over the years, the team has worked with the most popular sector front-ends to seamlessly implement Co-Browsing into an existing banking or insurance infrastructure.

CO-BROWSING factsheet

Streamline Customer Service

Co-Browsing empowers agents to swiftly join a customer in real time. The agent guides the customer through difficult processes to offer customized advice and boost conversions.

  • E-banking migration without hiccups

    Decision-makers identified a key moment of friction in the customer journey that put their reputation at risk – the limitations of phone calls in meeting new clients’ needs.

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    Better than the projected Average Handling Time (due to the migration)

    Average satisfaction rating from clients after a Co-Browsing session

    % of phone calls used embedded Co-Browsing in key moments

  • Increase Digital Sales

    As a happy client is more likely to make a purchase, at the end of each successful interaction, agents offer product services based on a recommendation from the bank’s CRM.

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    Digital Sales Conversion rate after 9 months

    Agent productivity

    Customer satisfaction in 2022

  • Outstanding client service

    The best combination of messaging solutions: chatbot, Live Chat, and WhatsApp in order to adjust to a very diverse clientele and improve the efficiency in the contact center.

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    Success rate of the Chatbot after 3 months.

    Request transferred to more efficient channels in the first 3 months

    Agent productivity

Unleash the full power of conversations

Enterprise-ready conversational technology to ensure an exceptional customer experience, every time.

Advise with Secure Messenger

Increase client interaction with our secure in-app text messaging solution.

Ai and Live Chat - Unblu

Support with AI and Live Chat

The support your customers love. Fast, efficient, and human when it has to be.

Video and voice - Unblu

Connect with Video & Voice

A quicker, cost-effective way to connect with customers and close deals.

Collaborate with Co-Browsing

View and interact with a customer’s application in a compliant way – no downloads required.

Document Co-Browsing - Unblu

View and sign documents together

Be more efficient by sharing, navigating, and signing documents together.

WhatsApp Integration - Unblu

Third-party messaging integration

Unblu’s messaging features can be integrated with popular social messaging applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, or more.

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