Instant customer service

Provide swift issue resolution and enhanced customer care to build trust and boost conversions.

Live Chat - Unblu

Communicate on their terms

People love texting. Why? Because it’s easy, fast, and one of the most convenient ways to communicate with our friends and family. Unblu provides state-of-the-art texting capabilities that cater to these customer needs.

Triage inbound requests

The Unblu Chatbot can welcome new visitors, helping to handle tasks, answer questions, triage requests, and prioritize high-value customers.

Do you have a bot framework? Integrate it!

Provide human support

Automatically assign incoming chats to active agents or departments – ensuring prompt support while avoiding agent overload.

Be compliant

Our on-premises or cloud deployments give you complete control over data flow, data storage, security, and compliance.

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  • Increase Digital Sales

    As a happy client is more likely to make a purchase, at the end of each successful interaction, agents offer product services based on a recommendation from the bank’s CRM.

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    Digital Sales Conversion rate after 9 months

    Agent productivity

    Customer satisfaction in 2022

  • Outstanding client service

    The best combination of messaging solutions: chatbot, Live Chat, and WhatsApp in order to adjust to a very diverse clientele and improve the efficiency in the contact center.

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    Success rate of the Chatbot after 3 months.

    Request transferred to more efficient channels in the first 3 months

    Agent productivity

  • E-banking migration without hiccups

    Decision-makers identified a key moment of friction in the customer journey that put their reputation at risk – the limitations of phone calls in meeting new clients’ needs.

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    Better than the projected Average Handling Time (due to the migration)

    Average satisfaction rating from clients after a Co-Browsing session

    % of phone calls used embedded Co-Browsing in key moments

Be productive and organized

  • Agent's view
    Visual troubleshooting

    See what your customers see to quickly understand their context and provide helpful, proactive support.

  • Agent's view
    Handle multiple conversations

    Juggle multiple conversations at once. See who’s online, who’s typing, and who’s replied – all in real time.

  • Agent's view
    Personalize your response

    Use canned responses to automate without losing that personal touch.

  • Agent's view
    Session information

    Customer interaction archive. Get statistics, share or export information, integrate with your CRM – or analyze it all to enhance the experience.

  • Agent's view
  • Agent's view
  • Agent's view
  • Agent's view

Unleash the full power of conversations

Enterprise-ready conversational technology to ensure an exceptional customer experience, every time.

Advise with Secure Messenger

Increase client interaction with our secure in-app text messaging solution.

Ai and Live Chat - Unblu

Support with AI and Live Chat

The support your customers love. Fast, efficient, and human when it has to be.

Video and voice - Unblu

Connect with Video & Voice

A quicker, cost-effective way to connect with customers and close deals.

Collaborate with Co-Browsing

View and interact with a customer’s application in a compliant way – no downloads required.

Document Co-Browsing - Unblu

View and Sign documents together

Be more efficient by sharing, navigating, and signing documents together.

WhatsApp Integration - Unblu

Third-party messaging integration

Unblu’s messaging features can be integrated with popular social messaging applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, or more.

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