Live chat

Effortless live engagement

Live Chat software enables you to be available and helpful in the moment that customers need help. Resolve issues quickly and provide the kind of customer care that builds trust and converts visitors into customers in real-time.

Visual Troubleshooting

Understand your customer’s context quickly by seeing what they see and proactively offer support to visitors who need it.

Support and sell

Engage with customers at the right time and guide them through the process.

Secure peace-of-mind

Our on-premise or cloud deployments give you complete control over data flow, data storage, security and compliance.


Learn more on security and compliance.

Get inside the context of a conversation with Co-browsing

See what they’ve done and seen so far - and proactively offer support to visitors who need it. Unblu’s Live Chat software together with our Co-browsing solution leads to better customer experience, accelerates the sales process, and generates more customers to your business

Agent View

Be productive and organized

Save customer support time by focusing on the visitor’s unique needs. A world-class customer experience starts with a more efficient usage of your agent’s time

Handle multiple conversations

Juggle multiple conversations at once, by seeing who’s online, who is typing and who's replied - all in real-time.

Personalize your response

Use canned responses and macros to automate without losing that personal touch. Unblu’s Live Chat solution takes conversational banking to the next level. 

Integrate internal systems

Using Unblu API, integrate with internal systems to deliver key information for day-to-day work.

Leverage a conversation session

Securely archive all chat conversations. Get statistics, share the information by mail, integrate it with your CRM, export it, make it available for customers, or analyze it for a better customer experience.

Chat Concierge

Ask your visitors for their information before starting a chat. This helps you triage requests and prioritize high-value customers.

Chat Routing

Automatically assign incoming chats to active agents or departments, ensuring customers receive prompt support and your agents aren’t overloaded.

Insight into performance

Insight into performance

Listen to your customers

Satisfaction ratings allow a customer to provide feedback for every conversation.

Analyze the customer experience

Unblu provides you with all the information needed to analyze and deliver an effortless customer experience.


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