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Scheduled Conversations

Grow revenue with client-convenient conversations

Create conversations that remain open as long as needed by the client or the financial institution.


Regular appointments

Unblu allows agents and advisors to proactively engage with their clients on a regular basis, embedding financial advice in their daily lives.


With Unblu the channel can remain open after the meeting ends. Clients and advisors can continue the exchange, sharing research, messages, files or scheduling follow-up discussions.

Shift in client preferences accelerated by Covid-19

15% had used a video call to communicate with an advisor

46% are willing to do a video call to communicate with an advisor

35% prefer a video solution to a face-to-face meeting

Source: Accenture

An experience designed for discussing complex financial topics


Invite your customers

Schedule meetings with your clients in a secure and easy way. Your clients will receive an invitation with access to all the information about the meeting.

Secure and authenticated

Unblu scheduled conversations supports both public and private scheduled conversations. When it needs to be secure, leverage your existing authentication mechanism to ensure compliant conversations with your clients.

Prepare your meetings

Clients are only allowed into the conversation when the advisor starts it and admits them. Until then, the advisor can prepare the conversation. They can, for example, upload files, or prepare a website or document that they want to share with a client during the meeting.

Focus on your customer needs

When the meeting starts both clients and advisors have access to all Unblu conversational capabilities: Video, voice and all the collaboration functionalities that the Unblu platform offers.

Leave compliance to us

To comply with all the financial regulations, such as MiFID 2, all interactions that take place in Unblu are encrypted and stored securely, and can be recorded as well.

Learn more about our recording capabilities
One step further by adding online appointment scheduling to your website

One step further by adding online appointment scheduling to your website

Increase the conversion rate of inbound leads into meetings by asking less of your prospects.

Let visitors on your website decide how they want to engage

Contact forms are an easy way to interact but some of your visitors might be ready for a stronger engagement. On the other hand, hotlines and support centers are perhaps too much. An increasing number of people get anxious at the idea of speaking to a stranger over the phone. And very few like to wait in line for a call to occur.

Thanks to the solution in our ecosystem, you can allow your customers to book a consultation when they are online.

“…consultation meetings from online appointments tend to have significantly higher conversion rates than meetings arranged in other ways


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