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Author: Luc Haldimann
Digital branch banking

Bank branches have been given a new lease of life (ft. Valiant Bank case study)

Digital branches can be the answer to the growing challenge of branch closures – according to what Valiant Bank achieved alongside Unblu Branch.
Retail Banking, Unblu Platform

Top 9 tips on how to improve customer experience in banking

How to improve customer experience in banking? It’s the question all banks are asking – and the answer involves every aspect of your strategy.
Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Retail Banking

Shifting demographics: Understanding new wealth management client expectations

To ensure ongoing success, firms need to meet wealth management client expectations. But who are the new demographics and what do they care about?
Industry Trends, Wealth Management

Millennials and financial advisors: what can wealth managers learn from growing disruptive competition

Millennial’s inheritance will be the largest wealth transfer in history. Financial advisors need to build the right value proposition in order to engage them.
Customer Experience, Industry Trends, Wealth Management

Lessons learned from successful digital transformations

Digital transformation in banking extends the physical world, weaving together the offline interactions and conversations with digital collaboration.
Customer Experience, Digital Transformation

Beyond the buzz: what is digital transformation, really?

Going digital doesn’t mean leaving the physical world. A digital transformation enables an extension of the physical world, and it includes all the interactions and conversations we have in the physical world.
Customer Experience, Digital Transformation

Make 2019 the year of meaningful conversations

This year, I challenge you to consider each conversation an opportunity to add value. It’s time to transform interactions and transactions into meaningful conversations.
Conversational Banking

Transactional Sameness or Relational and Relevant?

The customers have spoken – and in their mind, banks are all the same, focused on transactions, not relationships. Then there’s fintech and new regulations that are re-shaping the market landscape. These unstoppable market forces combined with customers’ dire indictment of the industry should be a rousing wake-up call to improve the customer experience before someone else does.
Customer Experience, Digital Transformation

How to stay ahead of customer expectations? A Compendium of insight from the Bezos stakeholder letters

For the past twenty years, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has published a shareholder letter outlining the company’s operations throughout the year. His letters are thought-provoking and concise, with insightful gems into the relentless pursuit of creating a great customer experience.
Customer Experience

Imagining the branch of the future

While branches across the EU are closing at an increasing rate, the ones left standing have to redefine their raison d’être. Rather than pushing products, forward-thinking banks are now creating memorable, relevant experiences for customers.
Customer Experience, Digital Transformation