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Secure Messenger

Build stronger relationships through convenient, secure, and compliant messaging

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Text-based conversations that are convenient, secure, and entirely natural

Securely exchange ideas, information, and documents to build stronger client relationships.

Personalized, ongoing conversations

Clients can get access to dedicated, ongoing, and personalized advice or support after signing into a mobile platform, web portal, or other secure areas.

Secure exchange of documents and messages

Keep ongoing interactions in a single thread. Exchange documents in an easy and secure way.

Multiple conversation

If needed, clients can open different threads with different advisors – mirroring the WhatsApp messaging experience.

Mobile-first experience

Fully integrated into your mobile apps

Put your advisor in your clients’ pockets with secure and compliant in-app calls or text messaging that maximizes quality interaction.

Out-of-the-box mobile app for advisors

Equip your advisors with an easy-to-use brandable mobile app that offers an intuitive, in-app call or texting experience.

Mirror client preferences

Talk to clients in the way they prefer with a secure messaging app that provides an easy and natural conversational experience.

Authentic client-advisor collaboration

Side-by-side collaboration

Launch a Co-Browsing session to safely view and collaborate on documents or web pages, without putting sensitive information at risk.

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Always in the loop

Keep the client in the loop with immediate feedback systems and leverage deputy delegation when the advisor is not available.

Guest joining

Invite experts or teams to take part in specific conversations that require added insights or expertise.

Switch to voice or video

Transition seamlessly between text, video, and voice with the click of a button to match the necessary advice level at any time.

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Embeddable UI

Gain complete control over the user interface to provide a secure messaging experience that is comfortable and convenient for clients to use.

Workflow Management

Integrate Unblu with other platforms such as CRM or e-signature solutions, enabling clients and advisors to trigger workflows or other actions.

Balance between automation
and personalization

Advisor Assistant

Leverage the power of AI to offer insightful in-conversation prompts that boost efficiency, summarize chat conversations, enhance the experience and add real value.

Handle simple, routine requests

Let AI take care of simple requests and transactions, freeing agents and advisors up for more complex interactions.

Security and compliance guaranteed

Data security standards

Data is safely stored and never shared with third parties to protect client privacy and streamline regulatory compliance.

Secured authentication

Ensure user authentication by leveraging your financial organization’s current KYC security protocols such as passwords or biometrics.

Native call solution

Retain full data control with no third party data processing for any elements of voice and video calls.

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

Intercept sensitive data such as credit card numbers to avoid transmission – or integrate with your existing DLP solution.

Flexible recording options

All interactions – whether texts, calls, or beyond – are recorded and stored to comply with industry regulations.

Cloud or On-prem

Whether On-premise or on the Unblu Financial Cloud, you can choose the data hosting location and stay compliant with the highest level of security standards.

Unblu Integrations

Achieve centralized management and administrative harmony for your advisors with an out-of-the-box integration for Outlook Calendars and Teams.

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Link your Salesforce CRM to Unblu to see the full effect of your Co-Browsing capabilities.

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Enhance your wealth and asset management services with Unblu’s products.

Combine the power of WD with your Unblu Conversational Engagement Platform.

Simplify meeting organization with the pre-built MS booking integration. Customers pick a time when everyone is available, directly from your website.

Integrate Unblu into your Pershing solution for an advisory experience that excels.

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Unblu for Wealth Management

Clients need to trust that their advisors are able to answer their questions in a timely manner and ensure access to relevant information when necessary.

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