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Unblu Secure Messenger

Communicate on their terms

Secure Messenger empowers financial institutions to provide an enhanced messaging experience that can be embedded into any mobile or web-based application. It is convenient, secure, and compliant – with all interactions recorded in an encrypted environment.

Secure Messenger - fully integrated

Fully integrated

Integrated into the existing channels of the firm, leveraging their existing investments: portals and mobile apps.

Secure Messenger - asynchronous exchange

Asynchronous exchange

Possible to exchange text messages, documents, files, and images. By nature, the conversation is asynchronous, and the parties will reply when possible.

Secure Messenger - Manage availability

Manage client expectations

Systems for immediate user feedback. Users see who is online or typing, and the advisor can change the status to manage client expectations properly.

Secure Messenger - Notifications

Native notifications

Unblu also allows for native mobile and browser notifications for new messages.

Secure Messenger - Hidden participants

Hidden participants and Internal Messages

Invite other people to join the conversation and support you in assisting your clients.

Secure Messenger - Security

Security first

Single Sign On for easy access that’s fully secure.

Secure Messenger - Deputies

Designate rules

Advisors can designate back-up representatives and rules for them to take over when they are not available to assist clients.

Secure Messenger - Inbox

All conversations at a glance

Advisors have access to all their conversations on a single desktop application or via mobile app.

Secure Messenger - Invitations

Internal and visitor invitations

Advisors can invite experts or teams into the client conversations to discuss specific topics.

Secure Messenger - Video and voice

Video & Voice

Escalate to a video call with one click. Provide the right advice at the right moment. Don’t have time for a call now? Schedule a meeting for later.

Secure Messenger - Co-Browsing

Collaboration capabilities

Explain complex topics with ease. Unblu offers the most complete set of collaboration capabilities: embedded, mobile and document Co-Browsing, whiteboarding, screensharing, and more.

Secure Messenger - WhatsApp integration

Integrate with other systems

Unblu’s messaging solution can be integrated with other systems like CRMs, CBSs, bots, etc.

Grow assets under management
and build trust

Unblu unlocks more meaningful client-advisor interactions by giving advisors tools that foster trust and understanding by offering a superior service experience.


Unblu for Wealth Management

Clients need to trust that their advisors are able to answer their questions in a timely manner and ensure access to relevant information when necessary.

Secure Messenger - Product Guide

Stay secure with compliant communications

Unblu makes advisors’ lives easier by streamlining record-keeping for digital communications. The Unblu platform complies with the highest information security standards, certified by ISO 27001 and SOC-2 Type 2 audited, so you and your clients can trust that sensitive data is never at risk.

More on Security & Compliance
Secure Messenger - Security and compliance

Unleash the full power of conversations

Enterprise-ready conversational technology to ensure an exceptional customer experience, every time.

Advise with Secure Messenger

Increase client interaction with our secure in-app text messaging solution.

Chatbots and Live Chat - Unblu

Support with AI and Live Chat

The support your customers love. Fast, efficient, and human when it has to be.

Video and Voice - Unblu

Connect with Video & Voice

A quicker, cost-effective way to connect with customers and close deals.

Collaborate with Co-Browsing

View and interact with a customer’s application in a compliant way – no downloads required.

Document Co-Browsing - Unblu

View and Sign documents together

Be more efficient by sharing, navigating, and signing documents together.

Fully integrated and secure

Unblu uses the financial institution authentication process. We integrate into e-banking applications, customer portals, and mobile apps.

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