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Wealth firms should invest in hybrid CX to stay ahead of the curve

Unblu’s Wealth Management Outlook traces the emergence of a new industry landscape, finding that the rise of Millennial and Gen Z investors, digital assets and agile advisors are defining the…
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The Top 5 Digital Tools for Financial Advisors

For firms, leveraging digital can lead to high-value relationships with clients. How? Here are the top 6 digital tools for financial advisors.
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The impact of COVID-19 in the wealth industry: mistakes, lessons and opportunities

COVID-19’s impact in the wealth industry demanded client-advisor relations go digital. The new standard? Multiple touchpoints for unique client needs.
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What do affluent clients expect from future-proof private banks?

In wealth management, digital developments have shaped client expectations. Banks must know what they are and build hybrid, customizable solutions.
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6 key features of future-ready private banking digital platforms

Digital innovation has rewritten the rules of client engagement. Here’s what digital private banking platforms can do to stay ahead of the curve.
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Private Banking proposition: Interview with our COO

We sat down with The Wealth Mosaic, who came all the way over to Switzerland in order to get the ultimate and up-to-date insight of Unblu.
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What is Secure Messaging?

Customers want to communicate with their bank the same way they communicate with their mom - by text. Secure Messenger takes the risk out of texting for banks.
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Disruptive Innovation: Banking 2030 (Davos)

Where are we headed and how will we get there? Industry leaders guide this engaging conversation in Davos that covers the potential of cryptocurrency, the critical element of consumer trust, the…
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Re-inventing the Role of the Financial Advisor

Clients want to speak with their advisor on their own terms, offline and online. The client-manager relationship is evolving, and advisors need to be well-positioned to guide today’s well-informed…
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Secure Messenger: get in sync with your clients

With over one hundred clients in the private wealth banking space, unblu is a leader in providing secure and compliant support for the one to one relationship between a relationship advisor and their…
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MiFID 2: The Catalyst for a Truly Customer-Centric Model

The overarching spirit of the regulation demands the kind of behaviour that is required to build a truly customer-centric business model, with transparency and suitability as its cornerstones.
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