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Retail Banking

Digital customer service for banks

Balance automation and human advice on your existing digital channels and self-service applications. Leverage your existing investments. 

Customers need help and advice with their finances

People aren’t dealing with their finances - because they either lack time, knowledge or simply interest.  It’s no longer enough to provide basic payment and transaction information or a budget and goals dashboard in your mobile app. Banks need to make every conversation and every interaction count.

Banks should be able to humanize the technology along the entire customer journey. Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solutions, like the one Unblu provides, allow banks to serve their customers in a fluid way regardless of the device, the channel, or the type of consultation or advice they need. It’s a solution that allows internal teams to explore new business models and serve the customer in a more efficient way. Basically, it’s technology that enables you, as a bank, to:

  • Offer added value and differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Increase sales or interaction with our channels
  • Increase loyalty
  • Improve general service


From this technological approach, we recommend the choice technologies that meet current customer needs, and which can also become allies in the face of future challenges. Technologies that are sufficiently flexible and dynamic to facilitate innovation and to allow the user to come along for the journey.

How our Retail Banking customers use Unblu

We work with more than 150 financial institutions in the world, helping them to optimize their processes of advice, sales and online support. 

Accept transactions and answer frequent questions

For everyday banking operations, chatbots are the ideal first port of call. If a customer wants to pay a bill or transfer money, self-service is more than enough. Conversational interfaces are a great fit because they allow customers to operate in a way they know well: texting. 

Advise customers online on complex topics

Talking to a chatbot may offer a starting point for customers looking into complex issues like mortgages. But when it comes to the final decision on these complex long-term investments, customers will want to speak to a real human who can offer specific advice and reassurance. Chatbots provide the bridge from digital to human. Then the advisor continues online for however long it takes with solutions such as messenger, video and co-browsing

Optimize Conversion Rate on marketing campaigns

If, as a bank, we have invested a large part of our budget in bringing traffic to our online channels, it seems logical that we would invest money to optimize their conversion rate. In the case of the financial sector, products are often complex and contracting complicated. The self-service concept is therefore not always 100% applicable. Our customers are using solutions like live chat, video chat or co-browsing to establish mechanisms that allow them to retain and convince customers at the moment of truth, when they are ready to buy.

Visually support customers online

With solutions such as Live Chat and Co-Browsing our advisors improve efficiency in the customer support process and the issues resolution from the Contact Center. They report up to 40% reduction in the time they need to solve a customer issue. 

Business value for Unblu’s clients

Unblu’s retail banking clients are bringing the human touch to online customer interactions by allowing the advisor and customer to simultaneously engage and collaborate around their online banking applications. Our clients bridge the gap between online self-service interactions and traditional communication methods in order to have a directly positive effect on customer satisfaction, sales conversion and customer loyalty.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs

    Using Co-Browsing or LiveView Chat, customers and bank agents can understand one another quickly, which speeds up resolution times. Shorter resolution times not only cost less, but it also boosts customer satisfaction.

  • Keep high-end advice personal

    When important decisions are at stake, customers expect expert advice – but without having to visit a branch. They want to stay in touch with their advisor in the same way they communicate with everyone else - easily, quickly and efficiently.

    Secure Messenger opens up a secure communication channel that allows for continuous and natural conversation. And with more personal communication, more transactions follow.

  • Make every conversation count

    Unblu can help banks push forward with their digital transformation initiatives and create customer experiences that lead to improved loyalty. With shorter interaction times and personal advice available online, customer satisfaction grows – all at a lower cost basis than a traditional bank’s business cost.

Discover the Unblu Platform

Why Unblu for Retail Banks

The Unblu Platform provides a complete conversation and collaboration platform, focused on the financial services industry. It has been architected to scale across large businesses, address regulatory needs and provide a seamless migration from function to function within the same customer journey. The platform has been in use in the banking industry for more than 10 years and features an extremely high degree of configurability.

We are the only company in the space that is 100% focused on the financial services industry. With over 150 financial services implementations worldwide in institutions such as UBS, Deutsche Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo and Barclays, Unblu is transforming how banks engage and collaborate with customers and prospects.

  • End to end capabilities  

    Our core platform integrates into existing digital channels (i.e does not require its own app). It turns a self-service platform into a multi-user application without changing the underlying software application. The technology is built and owned by Unblu and is technically delivered through one encompassing platform.  

  • Easily embedded

    Unblu can easily be embedded in all the banking web and mobile assets, from public websites to e-banking secured portals and mobile apps. 

  • Proven business value  across many customers

    Unblu is proven to reduce support time and costs, improve NPS, and increase customer engagement and conversion rates.

  • High-security standards 

    Unblu is designed to meet stringent data security and compliance requirements in the financial industry. The platform can be deployed on-premise or clients can use our Financial Cloud. Our technology is patent protected.

  • Supporting a highly regulated industry 

    Unblu understands Financial Services regulations and is built to meet required standards - whether stipulated by the local Market Regulator (Finma, Bafin, FCA, etc.) or through Pan European Regulations (GDPR, Mifid2, PSD2). 

  • Designed for complex implementations

    As our platform has been designed with complex implementations in the financial industry in mind, it can integrate with existing systems. This spans CRMs, Call Center Applications, External Messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and, of course, the Core Banking System.

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