Co-Browsing that provides the in-person experience

Unblu's co-browse solution enables companies to create more personalized engagements with their customers – leading to increased online conversions, improved customer support, and greater customer success.

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How does Co-browsing work on websites and applications?

  • Join customers browsing session in real-time
  • Securely share and view documents together
  • Guide your customers with Draw & Highlight
  • Upgrade a phone or chat interaction with co-browse
Co-browsing and security

Co-browsing and security

Unblu exceeds every security requirement for the banking and financial industry and guarantees protection of your information. You only see the website, nothing else.

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What are the benefits of Co-browsing?

Customer Support

Resolve customer issues faster

Co-browsing provides valuable visual context and allows companies to “show” not just “tell - leading to decreased average handle time and more satisfied customers.

Create loyal customers

Energize & engage customers by showing you are willing to go that step further for them to make sure they have the best experience has a natural effect on their loyalty and promotes repeated visits.

Observe customer in real-time

Leveraging Unblu’s Co-browsing “LiveView” mode, companies can see customer issues before the engagement even begins.

Better resolution times

Co-Browsing improves First Contact Resolution scores as agents provide hands-on guidance to the customer during their online experience.


Better conversions

Engaging with customers at the right time and guiding them through the process can make a huge difference to conversion rates and repeat sales.

Stop abandonment and drop-offs

Confusing forms or complex transactions often provide customers with numerous opportunities to abandon. Co-browsing allows agents to guide customers through these drop-off points — increasing conversion significantly.

Transform the way you interact

Using co-browse with audio or video chat, increases your cross-selling and upselling opportunities with more personalized service.


Remote one-to-one advice

Use Unblu co-browse to deliver expert and personalized information to customers in any geographical region. Giving your customers an experience that equals that of a face-to-face meeting.

Transform the way you interact

Couple Unblu’s co-browse with Unblu messenger, audio and video chat, and you’re able to start connecting with customers in a more personalized manner.

Co-Browsing features that build relationships with customers

Navigate the web together

Co-browse: Instantly see your customers issues or deliver your sales pitches and demos in a joint web session.

Collaborate online

Document Co-browse: Securely share and view documents simultaneously with your customers.

Communicate visually

Draw and Highlight: Visually guide customers to specific information on their webpage — instantly.

Switch Control

Guide your customers or let them guide you: Either the agent or the participant can take control in seconds and guide.

Field Masking

Governs what an agent can see when customers input their personal information during a session.

Audit Trail

Our audit log tracks all session actions, user events and shared files. Track if an agent impacted a conversion, or if your customer clicked a certain button.


unblu Integrates easily into your website or app. You can now deliver your sales pitches and demos instantly from your own website, without needing to switch platforms.

Works on mobile

Your customers are mobile, so should you. Unblu lets you co-browse with customers on your mobile app or website with ease.


Zero latency and optimised performance allows you to interact with customers knowing your always seamlessly synchronized.

50% reduction in time to convert new customers to new products.

25% Increase in first call resolution with co-browsing.

16% Reduction in future support calls when using co-browsing.

Unblu Co-Browsing: the ultimate guide How co-browsing can differentiate your customer service Co-browsing implementation in the financial sector

An unrivalled and unique Co-Browsing experience

With Unblu’s high quality and super fast co-browsing technology of differing types, you can provide a customer experience that equals that of a face-to-face meeting, without any barriers in the service cycle. Just click a button or share a link to browse the web together with your customers.

Unblu distinguishes itself by overcoming cross-domain policies and having all elements on the site (including iframes) function correctly within the co-browsing session. This means that audio and video are synced as well. In addition, all visual updates can be efficiently captured. Our proxy approach also allows us to provide both the user and the agent with a very smooth co-browsing experience that is much faster than other solutions.

By integrating Unblu you will integrate a high-quality co-browsing solution that is fast and full-featured. The co-browsing session works without any delay, and the content maintains the quality of the original website.

ComparisonUnblu Co-BrowsingScreen Sharing
Nothing to download or install yes  no
Can be integrated in existing app yes  no
Highlight the user's screen yes yes
Securely limited to the browser yes  no
See the entire screen  no yes
Doesn't slow down bandwidth yes  no
High Quality yes yes
Works with iFrames yes  no

Co-Browsing vs Screen-sharing: what is the difference?

Unlike screen-sharing, co-browsing only shares your web browser, not your complete desktop. Unblu’s co-browsing is 100% browser-based with nothing to download. Meaning it is safer and faster for you and your customers.

Screen-sharing solutions typically require an application to be downloaded. These applications take screenshots and send that over the network to the other participants — usually frame by frame and taking large amounts of bandwidth.

The downside to this approach is that screen updates are slow and poor quality. Co-browsing, actually lets you browse the internet together, and not look at an image of a website on someone else’s computer.

Read more about the comparisons in our blog post: Co-browsing vs. Screen Sharing: what’s the difference?


What is the price for the enterprise solution?

We offer a number of licensing options for our enterprise solution - please get in touch with us to help you find the best plan.

Do any of the system users need to download software to use the system?

No. unblu works completely without downloads - not even a java applet or other plugin software for your browser. This is true for both agent and website visitor.

What is my minimum commitment?

You can signup for unblu starting with 10 users and a yearly subscription.

What is the difference between Co-Browsing and Screen Sharing?

You can read about the difference in our Blog post: Co-browsing vs. Screen Sharing: what’s the difference?

Download the co-browsing guide

Learn more about Unblu by reading the co-browsing guide.